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  1. The USAF are refusing to hand over nearly $900 million on the KC46 program which has currently a $4.6 BILLION overrun. With the max problems as well as the 787 and Apache problems, Boeing does not need another $100 million bleed now. Think back to when Boeing spat out the dummy after losing to the KC30. you can bet that they never considered that winning would cost them 4.6 Billion
  2. looks like the F117 may just be back from the dead From Airforces Monthly Recent flying activity by F-117A Nighthawk stealth fighters over southern California and Nevada has revealed a possible new operating unit. One of the aircraft has been seen carrying a fin band bearing the name ‘Dark Knights’ together with a Nighthawk symbol. If this is indeed a unit designation, it’s not one known to have been connected to the F-117 in the past. However, the fin band seems to suggest that the unit operating the jets from Tonopah may have received this name, unofficially or otherwise.
  3. Good old bubba boeing - KC46- disaster, 737max - falling out of the sky and how late was the turkish wedgie? The word is that the USMC are about to specify KC330 because they need something that works.
  4. Fisher models do a 32nd F8E to F8C kit. http://fishermodels.indiemade.com/product/vought-f-8c-crusader-nose-conversion-132?tid=3
  5. This is it just after returning from Bardufoss in 89 with the ARTF was washed off. I will also do this aircraft,
  6. I am definitely in, I visited the Skunk Works last week.
  7. The airfix kit is a -1, the main difference with the 100 is the latter has uprated engines, the -500 hasd the shorter fuselage and longer range. I also have the -1 and -100 to build ((delta and gulf air) but I have seen the orbital science one and may do that instead. The difference between the ex BA and Pan Am -500 in service with the RAF is the BA ones has an extea small aft cargo bay door (the Pan Am ones were operated by 216 on behalf of the MOD Army)
  8. I am assuming that you intend to do a -100 Orbital Sciences bird - looking forward to that. I am halfway through a 216 Sqn Eastern Express -500.
  9. Mine is now well overdue. I never trust ebay. Was hoping to do 704 in the original scheme. Money down the drain.
  10. ........but they don't want to pay for it! (no surprise there). They will also demand unreasonable offsets, which they will not get.
  11. 9 Monarch A320 4 Air Berlin A320 3 Air Berlin A330 - sorry days!
  12. from earlier this week - Paris escapee, the -10 dreamburner. People actually go to Farnborough and Paris public days thinking that they are going to see these fly, but they are never there longer than the first trade days.
  13. Yesterday saw a KC135FR, the day before brought a Charleston C17, the day before saw a USMC c130J.
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