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  1. I have had a bit of a momment, while trailing t'interweb for pics info and pointers i found the perth modelling site... it seems my 251 B kit has the interior of the 251 C. (Which i have fully installed and started painting with some nice photo etch and resin). The 251C didnt come out till 1941/2 (as far as i can see) so there is no way my 251B could have even been upgraded (as some were) till at least then. My kit as i have built it can't be acurate for the time frame for the GB. I will finish it and post up the pics, but request that the build isn't included in the gallery or competition. I think that Revell should have updated this from the Zvezda kit or not re-issued it, selling as a 251B is misleading and it has made me grumpy:angrysoapbox.sml: even an update in the instructions would have saved it.. but no, nothing. The exterior is good but the interior is so different that the seats and benches aren't correct.. the stowage bins aren't even supposed to be in there. I am annoyed, but will continue the build but will request the mods move it to a regular thread and out of the group builds. Sorry guys.
  2. Well it has been a while, but i have managed to get some more time at the work bench in an attempt to catch up with all you guys. I have added a couple of figures to the diorama - two suitable german infantry one a MB figure modified to have him picking up his ammo, the second a tristar figure built as is checking his watch. Both have added equipment form both tamiya and verlinden. They were nice and easy to put together although i am buying shares in squadron green putty as i used a lot for the bending over guy. I also got a start on the 251, i believe the kit is a revell issue of the older zvezda offering, but the detail is sharp and flash minimal. I have to say the fit isn't great so far, and there was 'some' swearing with getting the chassis together. I have also added the verlinden engine detail. more updates soon.
  3. Thanks for the kind words chaps, hopefully tomorrow will be a snow day and i can get some more done The Mini art kit is good, it has great detail but would (in my opinion) always need a base to mount it on, the light vac-form base alone would be a little 'wobbly'. The walls need careful removal from the vac-form sheet and some sanding which I didn't really want to spend the time doing, hence me trimming the base so as to include the main road surface and pavement. I think the fit of the wall parts would depend on how cleanly they had been removed form the vac-form sheet. The fit of the lamp parts was ok, it had no location pins just two smooth surfaces to glue together. I used humbrol liquid poly and squeezed it together to get a small seem, i then sanded the seem to give a really clean join with no obvious join line. In the distant past I used to make my own bases from plaster moulds... this is much easier and less messy.
  4. Thanks Paul, I will get images here instead of links soon, am having trouble with Photobucket so have used flickr... from which i cant seem to get anything but a link... then again IT isn't my strong point.
  5. Well I finally started. For a change of pace I thought I would begin with the base for my 251. The kit is a MiniArt diorama base and upon opening the box I was greeted with vac form walls and base. eek. never having dabbled in vac-form it worried me, especially the walls as you have to get your 'cutting out' right or fitting the two halves together would be a nightmare. As a way of chickening out of the vac-form walls, I decided to trim the base and that rather than a diorama I would just have a scene to display the kit in context. As a mount for the base I took a picture frame, removed the glass, and PVA glued the backboard into the frame to give the base something to be mounted on. I painted the cobbles with Tamiya German Grey XF-63 lightened with Tamiya Buff XF-57, and the pavement just with Buff. Some cobbles were picked out with brick reds and earth browns to give a little texture. I then added a black acrylic wash followed by dry brushing, then a light wash of Tamiya Buff lightened with white was carefully put into the cracks between the cobbles. To finish the base off I added a bent barrel and some cat litter 'rubble'. The white here is PVA that I used to smooth the edge of the filler I built up under the pavement area. I am quite happy with this, on with the half-track!
  6. Well the last kit I built was in 2001/2, I recently stopped my weekend sport due to one final injury and decided I needed to occupy my time ( without being in the pub). I used to love modelling so decided to get back in! I put myself forward for the Bltzkrieg group build and needed a practice, this was it. Thanks for the kind comments all, it is very encouraging. This place has provided inspiration, encouragement and advice. Glad I found it.
  7. Hi Paul, Thanks for the kind words, The kit is the old Tamiya re-issue with etch grill and gun barrel. The figure is Tamiya from the Tank crew at rest set. I added some detail to the armour edges as they looked too clean, I also scratch built the improvised basket at the front. The Paint is Tamiya and the leaves are Eduard.... bit of a Tamiya theme but it was what they had in the shop. It started out as a bit of practice but after looking at some pics on the net I thought that trying to add some extra interest would be good too. I am sort of 80% happy with it. Thanks. Will get some better pics tonight. I am thinking about splashing out on a camera, the OH wants one for food photography.. so we might chip in together. Thank you!
  8. Sorry about the low quality camera pics.... although it's possible the low quality pics saves my blushes Sorry about the tea towel back ground too... i need to get better at this, but it is my practice for the Blizkrieg group build .
  9. My box of goodies arrived, I am going with a diorama for the 251. So i have; Revell Sd Kfz 251/3 ausf b Eduard Etch for ausf b Verlinden 251 stowage Verlinden 251 detail set with engine AFV Club Tracks AFV Club Periscopes Tristar German Infantry Figure set (Early) Mini Art Street with Park wall. I still need some accurate radio operator figures and a Heinz Guderian lookey likey. I took a a snazzy box pic but haven't got anywhere to host it so cant post it up.. once I work it out I will add it here. Also i have decided I will do a sd kfz 222 as a practice run this week... shake off the rust I really can't wait.
  10. Cool my 2nd blaster (hasbro conversion) is partway through, although it has taken a back seat as i have joined the blitzkrieg group build. I had my last blaster stolen on a night out with friends.. they had convinced me to go dressed up .. the guy whose birthday it was was a massive starwars nut and he loved it.. one of his friends however helped themselves.. much to my annoyance... i put it down for two minutes. I wish i had seen this GB sooner i would have liked to have had a stab... maybe a Pzkw AT-AT IV.
  11. The armour was my last project... but stone me I am going to get in on this.. that x-fire is fantastic, two of the coolest things ever combined to make pure art.
  12. Revell Sd.Kfz 251/3 'adjusted' to represent one I have in some photo's featuring General Heinz Guderian in May 1940... if I am brave I may try and match the photo exactly with posed figures etc.... maybe.... possibly. As it will be my first build for a long while I will have to see how it goes.
  13. Hi I am new, I have (cheekily) added my vote to the yes list but wondered if would be possible to join in? I already have a Revell 1/35 Sd.Kfz 251/3 in my pile of things to do... I planned to build it to match some photo's I found from France early 1940, hopefully this would fit/be of interest? Jamie
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