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  1. Thanks guys, I'm really glad you like it. I would strongly suggest to paint the markings if possible, they are rather simple shaped. I agree on the decals part, but could you please explain the problems near cockpit? I'd really try fix anything that is possible to fix.
  2. Hey Guys, I finally finished the mustang I was working on. I would like to thank Ben (McLeod) for donating aftermarket parts. I used resin gear bay covers, wheels, flaps, seat and eduard interior PE. It was painted with Alclad paints but I'm not that satisfied with the result I got. Decals are by Sky's decals which I had quite a lot of problems with. more on my blog - http://svenharjacekmodels.blogspot.com/ Kind regards, Sven.
  3. So I decided to build this one over summer just for fun and to try out some new weathering products, I wasn't satisfied with the paint job so I had one option - winterwash. Currently I'm applying the chipping, which will be followed by a gloss coat, wash and other weathering. Hope you like it. That's it folks, my first try on winterwash. All comments and constructive criticism are welcome. Kind regards,Sven.
  4. Killa

    Luftwaffe Books

    Thanks, I'm mostly interested in later planes ( i.e Fw.190 ) Kind regards, Sven.
  5. Killa

    Luftwaffe Books

    Hey guys, recently I've had more and more interest in Luftwaffe aircraft, so I decided to get some books and reference material. However there are so many books out there that I can't decide which ones to get with my budget. I'm especially interested in later years of the war, so If someone could suggest some good books I'd really appreciate it! Kind regards and TIA , Sven.
  6. Cheers Guys! burncpt- Yep It's the new Airfix kit, really enjoyed it. Would recommend the Eduard PE set if you are looking to add some more detail. Kind regards, Sven.
  7. Thanks Guys, Unfortunately I don't have any updates on it since I'm on school holiday's. Last thing I've done was primering all parts and preparing them for paint, so expect the next update around early september. Kind regards, Sven.
  8. Thanks for the kind comments guys! I went to two shows and it won gold in Junior category at both shows . Kind regards, Sven.
  9. Nice review! btw, it's Hrvatska and not Hrvastska. Kind regards.
  10. Hi guys, here is my first complete airplane after four years, it is out of the box with addition of the seatbelts and some small scratchbuilt items. after I discovered that the landing gear was wrongly glued; Kind regards,Sven.
  11. Hello Everyone, after finishing the Zero I decided to start with this one. To be more precise I will try to replicate the first Israeli P-51D nicknamed "Zulu" in Natural Metal Finish. Here's one picture of it, I've seen it on lots of different blogs/websites so I think I'm allowed to share it; source And profile from the decal sheet; Boxart and the decal sheet ; Cockpit Wheel bay finished ; Gun barrels replaced with hypodermic needles ; Finished cockpit I Have a li
  12. It is 36$ on their E-bay shop. Here's the link ; http://www.ebay.com/itm/205001-1-350-WWII-U-BOAT-TYPE-VIIC-Full-Structure-PE-detail-model-you-never-seen-/140900085126?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item20ce4cad86 Kind regards.
  13. Very nice work on the bird! Could you please post a picture or item number of the PE set? Cheers.
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