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  1. plimsol


    yes, but which store? something we can all get at?
  2. was up on norland moor near halifax but i do not recall the luxury of a radio ( so when i thihk about it how would we get the readings back in a real emergency? PS Perhaps a telephone now i think about it!
  3. might be the wrong forum here, however can anyone tell me what is the 4 engined heavy that flies over my house at about 12.15 - 12.25 every sunday I guess it takes off from leeds/bradford and then heads in the general direction of manchester without gaining height?
  4. looking forward; off to serbia as soon as possible with beer at that price
  5. very nice indeed, bet those radar aerials were a bit fiddly which means my fat liitle fingers have no chance!
  6. very nice, I have had the monogram 1/48 unfinished (for years) just needed some inspiration!
  7. my first vac form ever was the ID dominie 1/32 and vac forms have never bothered me since. (wonder if doug feeney is watching the thread)
  8. so were's the loop for one not in it?
  9. sorry evalman, I have willfully infringed your copyright and not making any excuses, It is the best vulcan I have ever seen and it prints up to A4 a treat. it takes place of honour on my wall.congratulations.
  10. keep up the good work, used to work on the A/Cwhen it was with 38 sqdn in madagascar
  11. if you don't mind spray cans and are desparate you could do worse than try 'the range' they have a huge selection of holts car colours at £3.99 per can, have found some good matches in the past
  12. A cracker, I wonder if my PM 229 turns uot aswell (haha)
  13. might just wait and see then thanks
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