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  1. hi, guys

    I'm building the airfix 48 sea harrier FA2.

    I try to replace the original rear exhaust nozzle parts, beacuse the shape was wrong.

    I have three choice, Aires, Palva and Heritage.

    Palva's shape also wrong. So I will not choose it.

    Heritage hase right shape, but it look not so good. :-(

    Aires's product has good detail and looks the shape is right, but it is for hasegawa AV-8B / Harrier II.

    I just wondering, is the Harrier II's rear nozzle same with sea fa.2?

    Thanks in advance!


  2. First impression ain't bad... I've not seen all the pics yet, as the site's painfully slow, but I'm still trying. :)

    "painfully slow"?

    The website server in USA. I think it should not "painfully slow" :hypnotised:

    What's browser you used?

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