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  1. Dave, You're da man! Thank you for your time and effort. Regards, P.N.
  2. Gentlemen, Would like some help on this: - The Fairchild C-123B total internal fuel capacity? The wheel and tire sizes (NLG & MLG) for the Fairchild C-123B Provider? Thank you, H9
  3. Gentlemen, Would like some help on this: - The Fairchild C-123B total internal fuel capacity? The wheel and tire sizes (NLG & MLG) for the Fairchild C-123B Provider? Thank you, P.N.
  4. hobo9

    B-57B Avionics

    Jari, Thanks for the link. Definitely some good info in there. Thanks again, P.N.
  5. hobo9

    B-57B Avionics

    John, Thank you again for your reply. I put together a list of possible inclusion to the B-57B avionic fits and would like to ask for your informative opinion regarding the installation of these electronics in the 1954-1959 timeframe for tactical bomber units only. GOOGLE and various web pages dealing with B-57B avionics, confirm that all the items below did indeed fall into the 1954-1959 time period. But were any or all fitted in the "B" model? If you care to comment on my post, please add or delete any items which, in your opinion are, or are not, relevant. Martin B-57B Avionics (Tactical Bomb Groups 1954-1959) AN/ARC-27A UHF radio set, for air to-air and air-to-ground communications. AN/AIC-10 Intercommunication Set AN/APX-6 IFF Transponder AN/APN-59 Search and Weather Radar AN/APW-11-A Radar Bombing Guidance System AN/APA-90 Indicator Group; used with AN/APW-11-A AN/APS-54 Tail Warning Radar AN/ARN-21 Tactical Air Navigation (TACAN) MA-2 LABS Low Altitude Bombing System A-1CM or A-4 Gun Sight used together with AN/APG-30 or 31 gun ranging radar AN/ARN-6 Radio Compass AN/APG-30/31 Airborne, Radar Fire Control System. Used together with A-1CM or A-4 gunsight. LEAR F-5 or L-10 Autopilot (can be coupled together with gun sight and ranging radar) AN/ARA-25 Automatic Direction Finder ILS Instrument Landing System AN/ARN-12 VHF Radio Beacon used with ILS AN/ALE-2 Chaff Dispenser, used with AN/APS-54 B-57B Tactical Bombing models 1954-1959 only. Thank you again for your consideration, P.N.
  6. hobo9

    B-57B Avionics

    Dave, Thank you for your reply, Cheers, P.N.
  7. hobo9

    B-57B Avionics

    Hi, From the mid to late Fifties, what avionics would have been installed in the B-57B? Thank you, P.N.
  8. hobo9

    Martin B-57B

    John, I've never seen one but that's exactly what I thought it would be. Thanks for the pic. I got interested in the Canberra when I ran across a pdf copy of the "Operational Suitability test of the B-57B". From there, I Googled everything I could and downloaded several T.O.s, including yours. I love reading about aircraft from the 50s to the 60s. and the Canberra fitted right in. LABS maneuvers, nuclear payloads, the idiot loop! Scary stuff today but not then. Not bad for an airplane in use for 30 years. As far as the P-47 is concerned, it is my second choice all-time favorite airplanes. Got a few books on the subject and saw one up-close at an airshow and the Connecticut Air Museum. I wish I could sit with your dad for a few hours, he must have some stories to tell! I would like to thank you in advance if you could scan a copy for me, that would be great. Have a great day, Hobo9
  9. hobo9

    Martin B-57B

    John, Well, you are the man! Thanks for getting back to me. Any chance of getting a copy? Please let me know. Regards, P.N.
  10. hobo9

    Martin B-57B

    Hi, Would there be a copy of the B-57B pre-flight checklist available on the web or in book form? As always, your help is very much appreciated. Regards, P.N.
  11. hobo9

    B-57B Manual

    Thanks Mike, Hope you had a good 4th. P.
  12. hobo9

    B-57B Manual

    Thank you P.
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