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  1. And now, in colour! The top is too dark and the bottom is too light but I don't care, I think she looks very smart!
  2. Hey Folks! Ive been pottering about the last weekend and of course this is Bank Holiday weekend or as we all know it as BUILD ALL THE THINGS WEEKEND. And I didn't want to just post small updates I wanted to give you guys a massive update! So here we go! Look into the fan intake with the pale blue interior walls, metallic grey blades instead of black and silver external panels. To do this was a little tricky requiring staged spray painting and very fine detail work on the blades themselves as well as testing out the use of smoke paint to make the gunmetal grey darker. With the engine interiors now painted I set about delicately covering the intake with an engine cover inspired mask. Once I did that I sat the tail on its end and from some pictures I had taken of the Jet I got to see a few weeks back I examined the rear end of the engines, focusing on the weathering of the aircraft that had just come from a flight, not fresh from the wash bay. On the exhaust cone I applies Flat aluminium first, to give that worn, repeatedly heated flat dull metal tone. Then I used a little metallic grey and gunmetal smudged along the flat aluminium to give a multi tonal area around the lip of the exhaust. Moving back at the ring I applied metallic grey and smudged it with gunmetal to give it a dirty metal look before giving the final cone a complete gunmetal grey paintjob to make it appear the darkest of the metals before I smudges these areas with smoke paint and the exposed metal bit on the pylon. All of this aims to give the impression of a realistic used engine, like the aircraft is in the middle of some transatlantic flight. With that all done I set about the very, very tedious job of masking off the metallic parts of each of the engines. Before mounting them I tackled an area I have been avoiding for a little while, the Tail plane. Covering the area heavily in tape and green putty I then sanded away the canyons and was left with a rather impressive smooth hole free tail plane, This left the moment we have all been waiting for. I fitted the engines to the wing and let them cure overnight. I then fitted the wings to the fuselage, and at last the aircraft is now whole.
  3. Is this uniform part of the Anglo-French Naval Alliance? Half the year you will serve in the Royal Navy the other half you will help the French by serving in the Gendarmerie?
  4. So last week I finally closed up that other pesky landing gear door and now its as smooth as the proverbial babies bum! The flap track fairings also recieved a lot of TLC, they are by no means perfect in shape with each one being a little different however they are all now level with the surface of the upper wing and although not perfect are much nearer the proper shape. I also last week while applying the lessons learned from my walk around of the jet decided to test the paints out. They are a little off for the actual jets colours but I think they look really,really smart so I am going to take myself a little artistic license and I will use these colours instead of searching for a more grey top colour and a paler bottom colour. When I did my walk around I learned that the interior wall of the engines is not an off shade of white which I was intending on doing them and which I had just assumed from the fleet of Airbus aircraft I work on was standard, instead I learned that the walls were instead a similar shade of pale blue grey as the external panels and that the blades were not black, instead a dark metallic grey. I also took the opportunity to fill the cavernous gap where the front and rear sections of the engines joined and set about starting the paint process. I foolishly didnt take any pictures of this stage and am nearing its completion so will do so when the internal areas of the engines are finished and ready for presentation. Today so far I finished fixing up the last flap tracking fairing and I set about adding another bump to the roof, an extra I assume radar/radio fitting the military jet has that the civillian jet is missing. Its crude and not my best work but will suffice. Currently I am just taping up the rear tail plane to have filler added and leave to set over night while I give the engines their last coats of paint and seal them up ahead of mounting them to the wings tomorrow.
  5. Very rarely in life does the opportunity arise to see an example of the aircraft you are building when you are building it! Even more so in the lesser built air forces group build but yes the stars lined up and I got to see a Polaris today in the flesh and so many questions have been answered and so many mistakes in painting avoided!
  6. Hey Ray, Nice jet! DHL 757? The plan as it stands is to mount the jet on a cheap and cheerful display stand. Most likely a cheapish wooden based one. When I was planning it I had ordered a bulk set of stickers for my tool-kit, one of which was the Canadian Air Force Roundel which at the time I thought Brilliant must hang on to that.... Did I remember nope.... full steam ahead it went onto the tin and a was cut along the seams of the partitions. So I havent quite settled on how its going to look done... might go classy with a CAF Roundel enamel pin and brass plaque.
  7. Hahah this kit was suppose to "ease" me back into this hobby but like all good things... she's attempting to down me! It does give me great pleasure, however, to see what I can do these days when I think that Jim from 5 years ago would have accepted the low detail kit engines and would have changed his plans to gear down in the face of so many problems! In fact Jim from 5 years ago would have given up by now! And that's thanks to this community so thanks guys! .... But were not done yet!
  8. So I meant to post two weekends ago... Oops... So why didn't I post last weekend? Well I wasnt in the country, heres a little clue as to where I was; But onto modelling. Two weeks ago I buttoned up the other wing and applied the winglets. Not by any measure ending my continuing battle with the wings of this bird! I went back to the cockpit glazing and applied a second coating of filler and sanded it to get it as smooth as possible so that the decal will sit on it easier later on in the build. I also continued to ponder how to deal with the engines. The resin engine mounts have a curved surface designed to to match the camber of the wing. So the slats idea at the moment is out as I had to fill the slats and the notched area taken out the wing for the kits engines. Before: After: So back onto the wings,I flipped them over and set about closing the doors as I planned to display the model as "In Flight" and according to the kit and instructions the kit parts can be used to do so.... or not. So I set about fixing that.... So while the wings set I moved onto my next job, sticking the second engine together. It went well until I went to take the pictures of the two engines together that I noticed a production defect on one of the engines. It was missing the last ring around the exhaust fans. I had two options I could accept it and cut the ring off the other engine and have both be equal but incorrect or I could attempt to fix the problem somehow. I chose the latter and turned to the kits crude cone to be cut and filed down to replace the broken missing ring. I also got around to adding the tailplane! So next week now I hope to do a little work filling in the last gaps in the engine before applying another few coats of silver on the intake and paint the spinner black and the panels around the interior of the intake white so I can seal if off and fit the engines. Once the engines have been fitted I will be aiming to fit the wings (so far the above is dry fitting) and then progress rapidly onto painting and decalling before getting a stand and mounting this bad girl! Thank you all for stopping by as always!
  9. Alright guys I am back to wage war on Polaris.... and it certainly is a battle. Firstly though on my flight back down south from the Homeland I had a little drink on the plane and had an inspired idea.... But anyways onto model building, progress over the weekend has been slow. However I am on a course this week which finished early each day thus allowing me a little more modelling time in my working week which I otherwise wouldnt have. So we will see how the battle goes through the week. So the first job of the week was sanding down those appalling seams, which once done seemed to work mostly. Along the top seems alright up until the tail root, where I may need to apply a little filler just to hide the seam running up the tail and on the underside will need filler. As the top has molded on bits it would make applying filler to the top execssively difficult so thankfully I am happy with it. I set about filling in the bucktoothed cockpit glazing after the first liberal application of filler and sanding (as shown above) I decided it needed a little more just to fully fill the area and make it flush with its surroundings. Not especially wanting to fight with the Tailplane this weekend I decided to tackle the wings..... boy what a nightmare, flash, ejection marks, fit problems you name it this kits got it! My resin engines arrived last week while I was away as well and I couldn't wait to stick one together and see what it looked like. Ive played a little bit with resin, jumpseats mostly but this is a whole new ball game.... I am currently making ready to fall on my sword here and bugger up the entire aircraft as I have literally no idea how I am going to attach these new engines to the aircraft! Any and all advice welcome chaps! Lastly a big shout out and thanks to Jabba for sending me some Corogard decals,
  10. Guys I did actually continue to battle with the Polaris this week but the dog - I mean Photobucket is broken currently and wont let me upload my latests developments. Cliff if the Polaris and the oh so muchly watched Bulldog are ready in time I would be happy for them to go on display at Cosford.... assuming I can get them and me up to Cosford from Oxfordshire in one piece.... them mostly me I dont really care!
  11. Scott, Alan and John all look fairly like their original puppets, the most they have been changed is in their hairstyles - which is to be expected the boys hair style of the 1960's isnt relevant in todays society. Virgil I could only really identify by his chin initially... giving him black hair instead of dark brown to obviously make him more distinguishable from Scott and adding onto that the change in style made it difficult to identify him with his character.... and then theres Gordon.... well no one really liked Gordon thats why he gets stuck alone in a small submarine while everyone else gets rockets, massive aircraft and space stations to play with.... I kid, but he does appear the most different and I dont know it its bad to say it the most plastic.... I think they look okay.... the uniforms will need to grow on me but I now want to see how Lady P, Parker and Jeff have all turned out.... as well as the vehicles.
  12. Thanks Dave! Boy I've picked this one well! The only issue is that I am not terrified of not only disappointing myself but you guys! Might buy a spare to secretly swap out if anything goes wrong! Thank you all for your kind words! Jim
  13. Jabba do you know if anyone still produces the Corogard decals for the A310?
  14. Good stuff Trojan.... Its now an issue of Scale... the colour differentiation is minimal, with a few squares standing out significantly. I'll have a mess around when we get there but painting is a small wander off.
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