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  1. Hi Julien...thanks for the quick review, much appreciated. I know you say it's the sixth book in the series but it's actually the 7th...:) I have to apologise as well for the short text section of this one as it was surprising to me just how difficult it was to compress the political and military intrigues of the time into a useable narrative. Even if this was just a "little" War, it was still so complicated behind the scenes that the available space was soon eaten away. I hope that the book gives everyone a short-sharp shock look at a forgotten conflict and whets the appetite to find a little bit more? As always, my thanks also go to the people who put their lives on the line in the service of their country, no matter which side they were on...heroes, every one of them. Cheers Steve
  2. Libor...gorgeous builds as always...but also gorgeous photographs. What camera/lens set up do you have, I'd like to get that kind of clarity for my photos! Cheers Steve
  3. The only decals on the kit are the little writing bits on the tail 'BRITISH OVERSEAS AIRWAYS CORPORATION' all the rest is mask and spray. Look out for ADH Publications doing a special on this with some great builds. And Nils, of course the markings a re right, I had some help...
  4. sssshhhhh...no-one is supposed to know about this...keep it quiet will you?...ta...
  5. That's a real Viper right?...great job!
  6. Crikey!...did the War really start in 1939?...I was under the impression that it began in 1941...silly me... Good discussion though chaps...keep it up...
  7. Where's the bloody photographs when you need them eh?... Darn it I've got some shots somewhere of Spitfire wings being painted by using big cut rubber mats, draped over the wing setion as it's hung vertically from a former...but do you think I can find them?... I've also seen the P-40 wings being painted the same way in the American factories...I think that may be in one of the Squdron Signal books? But anyway, many maintenance bases painted their own and if it was sprayed by hand then you'd get a softer edge, wouldn't you?
  8. I'll let you know when I get the fuel pump fitted!......ha ha ha Thanks for the kind comments, much appreciated...but I'm serious about my eyesight...all this close-up work as left them feeling really shagged out! Anyone got any spares they're not using?
  9. Yeah, they have a good dental plan in the Imperial Guard... I forgot to tell you...I finished it!...
  10. zeke

    Top Gun aircraft

    The Viper A4 was done by Hasegawa in 1:48 wasn't it?
  11. ...I know for a fact that my eye-sight is shot! I had this little engine to do for a Mig-17 and I thought: "I know, I'll just put a couple of tubes onto it to make it look a bit busier"... Two days later and i've finally decided that if I don't stop here it'll take over my life permanently!... Thank god for alcohol...I need a drink!
  12. Looks alright to me I suppose...don't know what all the fuss is about Ian, not too much filler by the look of it...
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