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  1. Thought this a strangely mainstream choice of subject for a resin kit but perhaps there isn't a good one available in plastic?
  2. Go on then. Can think of four different Heller kits in the stash so far therefore I'm suitably equiped
  3. Nice subject choice Dave, these baby tanks were pretty much an item from the decade our GB covers so defines it nicely, you going for a Soviet or Polish machine?
  4. Col.

    Airfix 1/72 Victor B2

    Looks all white
  5. 56 Sqn. only had Hunters for 5 years between the Swift and Lightning so I'd say keep it clean and fairly glossy.
  6. Col.

    1/48 Republic F-105F USAFE

    The colourful decals add a lot of visual interest to this one. Nice work Craig.
  7. Sorry to hear the Vulcan is beyond salvegeable At least the Victor back up plan is a great one.
  8. Col.

    1/72 Grumman X-29 Technology Demonstrator

    The seat was a standard F-5 unit as well I think. I used to have a great walkaround book with loads of photos back in the pre-internet days but lent it to someone and never got it back
  9. Tidy work so far Tony You've likely seen this photo already but it was captioned as being taken as the Beaus flew over Aberdeen; https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/the-aberdonian/gallery-flying-back-in-time-with-special-aircraft/ :Edit: Hmm, that didn't work as planned, if you scroll through the photo gallery the one I'm trying to show is in there honest.
  10. Tidy work Arnold. The weathering give the look of a used but not abused piece of equipment still in service rather than in the breakers yard.
  11. Out of the scrap yard and off the Shame Shelf. Hopefully I won't bugger it up again Thank you Serge. Proof that life goes on as always even in a conflict.
  12. A nice leap forward in progress
  13. Col.

    Italeri supersabre

    Hope the superglue doesn't cause any canopy misting issues!
  14. Nice work getting all the subtle details of the markings in order
  15. Col.

    F9F-8 Cougar, Kitty Hawk 1/48

    Best of luck with this one Z. The Panther is an uncommon subject and will look great in the early gloss sea blue scheme.