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  1. Where's the fun in that? Besides, how many interesting schemes can you find for an F-16
  2. Can only echo my comments on your other threads here Tony; great background research and a great model. A learning experience for me to read through
  3. Tidy work and once again well researched Tony. I find your background to each subject as facinating and entertaining as your work on the models you produce.
  4. Another great choice of subject Tony and being realised in fine style. Good work sir.
  5. Alas no trainers unless they had a secondary armed role in times of conflict. Still leaves you with plenty cool options though.
  6. Nice selection of nose intaked supersonic jets
  7. Glad to see you continuing with this one and great work on the masking
  8. Col.

    Export Sea Furys

    Don't let us stop you Enzo
  9. Col.

    Hawker (Siddeley) GB Chat

    Ladies and gentlemen, the poll is now open, please feel free to cast your votes before the end of the month
  10. Nice to see this one finished and that the decals went to good use Pat
  11. Lovely work John.
  12. Col.

    Hawker (Siddeley) GB Chat

    While thinking on how to set out the poll I had a count up on various aspects of the subjects within the finished gallery so, here for your idle perusal, are some facts and figures: Of the 51 models there were 24 jets and 27 prop driven subjects. Almost all were monoplanes apart from John D.C. Masters' Hart biplane. The 72nd scale or smaller kits totalled 37 while there were 14 in 48th scale or above. Of there CliffB's 200th scale HS.125 was the smallest and Erwin's 24th scale Hurricane the largest. Quite a range I'm sure you'll agree. The Harrier proved to be the most popular single subject with 15 examples finished while the Hurricane was second favourite with 11, third place went to the Tempest at 7 with the Typhoon close behind on 6, the Hunter had 4, there was 2 each of the Hawk and Sea Fury, then single examples of the HS.125, Hart, Buccaneer, and Sea Hawk. Quite a fitting tribute to the Hawker company and a whole load of fun I hope you'll all agree.
  13. Col.

    Hawker (Siddeley) GB Chat

    These GBs really are addictive
  14. Nice work and an uncommon subject
  15. I did wonder if it would be yellow. It's certainly darker than the white in the rudder but as you say lighter than the yellow outer of the roundel, although that may be because it's fresher paint, and I've certainly seen yellow used in other colour profiles of French Spitfires. It does look a similar shade to the part of the pitot in direct sunlight but if that's the light blue of the undersides I'd have expected it to look a bit darker.