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  1. Col.

    Small Wars GB

    Cool. I'll add you to the list
  2. Sounds a cool selection of subjects to me @trickyrich
  3. 16 days 'til this one is go gang so get the benches cleared and choices made Something I'd do well to be getting on with myself
  4. Col.


    I'd be up for this so add my name and if you're looking for a co-host I'll happily help
  5. That one is over the 25% mark I'm afraid to say Stu due to having its wings fitted. Still plenty to work ahead for you but you've gone a bit far to be eligible for this GB. A Victor K.1 Tanker would be involved in support of front line operations so is fine. Sounds as if you're having fun in the P-47 STGB and that's what's it all about Ian. Lightning, Hunter, and Javelin are all good options.
  6. Hmm, good question, tempted to say they'd all have been ADC Grey but might have a magazine article on the subject somewhere... Let me have a look and get back to you on that.
  7. Cool Understand what you mean about the title being perhaps confussing but I'm trying to retain the common theme which has ran through the previous editions and proved popular so far. I did, however, think the late-45 to 1949 period was a little too narrow in focus to support a GB of its own but fitted better into this GB as part of the link charting the changes post WWII and the emergance of the Cold War. Anything used by the various nations which went on to be part of NATO and the Warsaw Pact is good for this one. Hopefully we'll all discover a little bit more about the formation of the two organisations and their backgrounds while having fun building models of the equipment they used.
  8. Col.

    1/48 SA330 Puma

    Brave move to make such a drastic change to the basic shapes of the kit but it look to be well within your capabilities. Nice to see the SA330 getting some attention.
  9. Lovely choice of subject and one I know you'll do justice to
  10. The B-36 will certainly make for an impressive model Arnold Hmm, wonder if it was the Italeri one I'd read was a mess, sure a rescribe job wouldn't be outwith your skill-set though Rich Good choice Stu
  11. Col.

    Hawker Hunter scale plans

    Sadly the Warpaint book doesn't and a quick look through my reference pile doesn't yield a set of plans which shows them anywhere.
  12. Sounds an excellent plan to me
  13. Another future kit on the must-have list
  14. ...lot of extras and hard effort from what I've read about the kit With any luck there will be a whole selection of new kits out that will be eligible for this one by the time it happens
  15. Two coats isn't too bad Patrice, some stories see others painting several layers before getting your quality of finish, which paint did you use?