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  1. It's a historical artefact. That is how it worked. Get over it! You can't re-write history just because you don't like it. No-one learns anything through denial. It's no different from using pyros or blanks in re-enactments. I'm not bothered about the absolutely correct diving angle per se and I'm not sure I see the need for it, but the siren noise is an essential and unique part of the aircraft, I suspect they might have been linked in to the automatic diving system or were tuned to operate only above a certain airspeed not achievable in level flight.
  2. Das Abteilung

    Those other Wessex.

    Someone above asked about the MG on the weapon platform. Originally it was a 0.303 Browning MkII: WW2 vintage weapon. That's the one shown under the cover with the slotted barrel cover. In that era, 0.303 was still the primary British small arms round. Later they were indeed exchanged for GPMGs as the 7.62mm change worked its way through. To paraphrase Oddball, 2 MGs, 2 SS11s and a pair of 7-round rocket pods can give you a nice edge.
  3. I don't suppose it would be beyond the wit of man - or woman - to install small electric motors to operate the sirens without diving at anything more than an acceptably shallow angle. Yes, not original but not visible and far better than never hearing them because of rightful airshow safety and continued preservation concerns.
  4. Das Abteilung

    Assistance with 1/72 scale Warrior build

    I heard it said in a talk by a multi-published authority on the subject of UK colours and markings, who I won't embarrass by naming in case I misunderstood (and he isn't on this forum to comment anyway), that the Gulf War Light Stone was exactly the same colour as the WW2 Light Stone.
  5. Das Abteilung

    WW2 german track colour

    Hot oil blackening or black painting of spare links, possibly complete spare track sets also, seemed to be common. I can't see that painting or blacking mounted tracks would serve any real purpose as it would wear off the wear points in minutes. But it might have been done for cosmetic reasons. Some tracks on museum vehicles of various nationalities appear - and I only say appear - to show signs of oil blackening. However, many museum vehicles have either been fitted with replacement tracks or had their tracks painted, and so again are not necessarily trustworthy. Which circles us neatly back to the difference between surface coating - be that oxidation or a coating - and the underlying metal colour. As for the white metal question, I suspect not. Sounds a little like alchemy to me! However, I believe it would be possible to pigment white metal and resin tracks - and indeed injection-moulded ones - in a more appropriate colour. Of course, if someone could be bothered to concoct the right paint colour instead of giving us yet more versions of colours already covered then we would be in a happier place. But as I said elsewhere, the response from all of the Big Name paint companies was either nothing at all or polite disinterest.
  6. Das Abteilung

    Zebrano AEC & Humber armoured cars

    Not my scale, but they seem like welcome additions and a departure from Zebrano's usual Russian focus. Not the easiest brand to find in the UK. FoG used to stock it but no longer seem to. I understand they weren't the easiest to deal with. I've got some of their resin 1/35 accessories, which aren't bad. These 2 new kits look to be resin. Hobby.dn.ua in Kiev used to have a good range of Zebrano but they've been running it down lately. Jadar Hobby in Warsaw and Modellbau Koenig somewhere in Germany both seem to have most of the current 1/72 vehicle range in stock, so might be worth watching. I've used both stores a lot - in fact I have an inbound Jadar order as we speak - and found them both to be completely trustworthy. Jadar can be cheaper but a little slower than the German stores, although that may be down to Polish Post.
  7. Das Abteilung

    RN submarine color

    The rubber anechoic tiles vary in colour, as can be seen from the photo of the A boat in the dock. Very few, if any, will be true black. Shades of grey. Maybe even 50! Many paint companies do "tyre" or "rubber" paint colours, which vary a lot in colour. Boats returning from patrol usually have some missing, showing the rusty plating beneath. I used to buy the spare tiles many moons ago back in the late '80's, which would have been for R, S, & T boats. The ones I saw at the factory of one of the suppliers fresh from the moulds were quite black. Definitely not purple-ish. I visited Artful in the Devonshire Hall complete and ready to go on the shiplift. Under the lights in the hall she looked pretty black. I also visited one of the V boats in drydock at Devonport and she was pretty grey. It doesn't take long for a ring of green growth to form around the surfaced waterline in harbour, again as in the dockside photo above. So I suppose a key question is when in its lifespan you want to depict your boat. Once they go into the water from build they will never look the same again, unlike surface ships/skimmers/targets that can be repainted. They don't get new tiles fitted just to look nice! The model photo above is representative only of roll-out from the Devonshire Hall onto the shiplift.
  8. Das Abteilung

    Deagostini Millennium Falcon

    Still the best part of £300 for Bandai, though. What about something with a real world price tag?
  9. Das Abteilung

    Short Stirling

    Has the Commer Q2 tractor in the 2nd photo had the cap chopped to clear the fuselage? Note the amount of packing on the top trailer to raise the fuselage. The design of Queen Mary trailer with the wheels right at the back is a new one on me. Lots of interesting detail differences between the fuselages. A B1 top and BIII below?
  10. Das Abteilung

    Problems ordering from OKB Grigorov

    I store I buy from in Ukraine used to stock OKB but has stopped. There must be a reason...................
  11. Das Abteilung

    photo test

    I think you should consider your wide-angle lens thoroughly tested too!!
  12. Das Abteilung

    Deagostini Millennium Falcon

    And I thought the 1/72 scale ones were big.............! I might just have to steal the mounting idea for something. I would never have thought of a TV or speaker stand. Without wishing to pollute this thread, but seeing that we have some aficionados here, does anyone have any one-word answers on the best 1/72 Falcon kit?? I've long hankered after a large Falcon but there's no way I could justify the price of the deAgostini version.
  13. Das Abteilung

    Palmer Tyres van

    These guys have an Airfix Bullnose Morris, among other things. £14 + shipping. https://www.kitsforcash.com/1-32-pre-owned-kits-c72.htm?a=1&page=1 Not bad for a "collectable" kit. Nothing else there of obvious use to you at the moment, but stock changes regularly. An Airfix Vauxhall Prince Henry might be something else to consider. What about one of the ICM Ford T's?? They do a utility pick-up with a full cab, on which you could build a van body. Could you use one of their Ford T ambulances and skin over the external framing on the rear body?
  14. Das Abteilung

    Star Destroyer seen over N Bristol!

    That would be the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works Corelian plant .....................
  15. Das Abteilung

    MiniArt British Tank Riders NWE

    This set is now OOP, according to a store I use in Kiev. I ordered a set from them along with a bunch of other stuff. So if you want a set, get them while you see them if you can. I found only 1 set on eBay - at £46-odd!!!! About 20x RRP.