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  1. The decals are on, coat of Matt varnish, weathering , then final assembly, it's getting there all comments most welcome as always malc.
  2. Awsome, Wish I held off with mine and followed your build first. Great work, Malc.
  3. Wow, How does that wash work, what have you used, that is just awsome
  4. Cheers guys, No problems with the build at all, just flies together. The next one I have will be detailed up a bit. Many thanks, Malc.
  5. All done, The weapon set in the box is for a Vietnam machine, so I have left it empty for now, the correct weapons are coming, thanks to a few mates As always all comments most welcome, Malc.
  6. Cheers guys, Early finished now, will post better pics in the finished build section later on when done. Malc
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