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  1. A great GB, though my efforts didn't amount to much. It was lovely to see all those Beauforts, Beaufighters, and Blenheims get finished. Thanks to @rob85 for hosting, and the KUTA GB is not that far away, and so I have another ready-made entrant waiting.
  2. That made me chuckle - she does look very smart with those Merlins though.
  3. I like that brass tube trick, and the resultant exhaust parts look very smart.
  4. Nice work indeed - good luck with the flat bottom.
  5. Lovely work on that tail skid, and the aeroplane looks very neat sat on its u/c.
  6. Thanks Cliff, You are a gentleman and a scholar. I've acquired a Vertigo acrylic jig to use on my Bulldog, however it won't be used until after the GB has ended, due to my usual tardiness. If it doesn't work out I'll be hopping onto the SVR at Kidderminster to take you up on your offer! cheers, Scott
  7. I would say those struts look better, one of those things you may have regretted if you had left them as is.
  8. Lovely stuff - another ambitious build I'd love to see completed.
  9. Looking very good - I've no hope of getting the Bulldog done, I'd love to see this little 'un finished.
  10. Vintage Classics kit from Airfix - lovely little kit with plenty of fun in it for the money. Thanks for looking in and another great Blitzbuild weekend.
  11. Another late finish - about 22 hours in total - posting gallery pics in a mo.
  12. Final session - probably shouldn't have opened that bottle of Cremant, but here we go. Decal clean first, matt coat, finish the driver, and then a bit of weathering. DSCN6640 by Tony Fellows, on Flickr
  13. Nice progress - looks like a build that gets into the gallery, and then you can have some more fun with it at your leisure.
  14. Go on - cheap as chips and lots of fun. Don't know if the earlier issues are better mould-wise, but there wasn't much flash really.
  15. Top job, and a thumbs up for the clock as well.
  16. Decals have gone on nicely I think. Just need time for them to dry so they can be cleaned down, and then we can get a matt coat on. Some light weathering on the 25 Pdr and the limber, and if I get time I'll put some more on with the airbrush and a couple of washes, but time for some supper now. Elapsed time = 17 hours 21 minutes + 1 hour 40 minutes = 19 hours 1 minute
  17. Wow, if you can save this that is a real result.
  18. Time for some transfers - hopefully the Klear has had time to dry.
  19. Howitzer assembled, but it needed another coat of green as there were different hues of green from different spraying sessions. Quad has had a coat of Klear, and some wheels on the chassis - it's moving forward, but some fresh air and a stretch needed. Elapsed time = 16 hours 10 minutes + 1 hour 11 minutes = 17 hours 21 minutes
  20. Back again, time to start getting some bits stuck together.
  21. Time for some curry leftovers - masking off the Quad, and the 25 Pdr can be assembled later. Elapsed time = 15 hours 26 minutes + 44 minutes = 16 hours 10 minutes
  22. Back on it - these tyres didn't get a coat last night, and the driver needs some colour on him.
  23. Brown on and the 25 Pdr has a coat of green. Time for a stretch whilst that lot dries. Elapsed time = 14 hours 23 minutes + 1 hour 3 minutes = 15 hours 26 minutes
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