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  1. All the other builds on the shelf of doom are quaking in fear. I feel a bit like King Kong treating the poor fella to that treatment though.
  2. Nose opened up. Also tidied up the scribing on the split flaps, but don't think I should have bothered as they have just been carried over from the F.1A kit, and are incorrect for the F.3. A little bit of filler will get us back where we want to be.
  3. Rather brutally taken to bits - start again time I reckon.
  4. Oh yes please, if @JOCKNEY's doing some rigging I'm in! Now where is that Contrail Perth?
  5. Must be, they look very good. I'm leaning towards an Estonian Camel though - just need to trawl for some pics.
  6. We love a Mersu - what schemes are you treating us to?
  7. This one has a bit of rigging, so it should keep @JOCKNEY happy if nothing else. Another kit started by the eldest lad a long time ago, and when I told him last night it was back on the bench he could only ask, "Why?" I think it comes from moulds that produced a kit back in 1957. I might have to try a bit of dis-assembly, as there is something not aligned, but the tube glue used doesn't look like it will give up its hold easily. We do have decals though.
  8. That black finish looks good to me - my F3 is weeks away from anything like that so I'm a little jealous.
  9. Yup, sorry about that! However the lad also started an Airfix Sopwith Camel from the same collection set which he never finished. From memory he glued the lower wing the wrong way around and gave up. If I can find it, that'll be next - with rigging.
  10. A bit of progress tidying up the rear end, but more sand/fill/prime sessions on the horizon. Couldn't live with the blocked off intake area, so progressing on this, which will also allow some nose weight to be inserted to avoid the horror of the tail-sitter. It's ok for a kit that saw the light of day in 1963, albeit in F.1A mode, though I can't see too much shape correction taking place.
  11. If you save this fella the single malts are on me.... . Good luck!
  12. Many thanks for the offer - I found some Xtradecal ones this morning off a used sheet - 56 Sqn with the chequerboard tail and red spine! There's even a few stencils left on it so I think that will do nicely. Hopefully have some filler out later to start the process.
  13. This is not even my own build. My eldest son started this about 20 years ago. We had an Airfix collection set, something like '70 years of RAF fighters'. He started this, didn't finish, and I swapped it with him for one of the new mould Lightnings.... . Can't find the decals, and the rear end needs a bit of tidying, but apart from that it doesn't look like too difficult a finish - we'll see.
  14. Yup, I really need this GB to run all year round for a couple of years to clear the shelf of doom.
  15. Kick Up The A... . Thought it started today - just looking for it.
  16. Originally released in 1968, a nicely engineered kit, here she is; build thread here;
  17. Moving along now - the power of superglue helps. Not my favourite stuff, but sometimes it is the best thing. Cobbled together a dash, with some Mike Grant decals and some old Reheat bezels, and Hobby Design toggle switches. She's up on three wheels, just one more to glue on, and some of the chrome bits are going on. I still need to knock up some pedals as well. She'll need a good dusting down as well.
  18. Lovely stuff - the 'Van Dordt' fleet must be pretty impressive given the rate you get through these.
  19. Got a bit done today - felt like a blitzbuild! The kit parts fit very nicely - mainly with cyano in this case as most parts were painted, and I didn't want to scrape everything back to bare plastic. Some of the earlier parts of the build resisted the normal cements, and I ended up using tube cement to get a decent joint. Anyhow, need to get the dash done which is holding things up - everything else has been test-fitted and looks ok. Just a couple of parts to spray up this evening, one of the wheel hubs, and some blue staining on the exhausts. Fingers crossed, this may get completed in time.
  20. More colouring in done. I'll be starting assembly today, but I dived in too early yesterday and have some handling marks on the sides, so they'll need a rub down and a re-coat. Any idea of customisation is out of the window, though I have altered the air scoop from two units into a single piece, it looked too untidy for me the way the kit would have it. Used some Games Workshop Nuln Oil on the transmission as a test - what a great product that is - thanks to @81-er for that tip. Might get this one done, though we are off to deepest Shropshire for an off-the-grid holiday on Friday, we'll see.
  21. Forgive me for having a little chuckle - I'm just glad that it's not just me that happens to.
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