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  1. Can't help with paints question, but that is looking like a real brute of an aeroplane. Lovely.
  2. Looking good - I'm guessing the primer will show up more sink holes as well....
  3. Heavy duty modelling going on there - good luck with it.
  4. A very useful tool - I have used mine quite a few times.
  5. Not used them before, but can see some uses for them. Looks like The Works do a cheapo version, so I'll be checking those out.
  6. That looks like it is itching to be painted - nice work.
  7. I reckon you've made one of these truck things before. All very convincing work - looks great.
  8. I use Palm Labs, Digbeth, Birmingham for my developing. They will also scan any film into the format of your choice. I think print film is more stable over time than slide, but I'm no expert by any means. https://www.palmlabs.co.uk Perhaps you could have one of the films developed, and they can let you know what the results are? Then you can make a decision on the remainder? Good luck, and let us know how it goes if you do get them developed?
  9. Great idea - no. 1 son is a meteorologist, so it's a family thing. Thinking a Choroszy Modelbud Viima (Gale) would fit the bill nicely.
  10. Just good practice for my Mach 2 Alouette I reckon!
  11. Prior to priming again, it was noticeable that the marbling in the resin was more pronounced. I don't know if this was a reaction during the paint removal process. Once the primer was on the state of the resin was clearer - far worse than when the kit was actually started, and it wasn't great then. Anyhow, chances of finishing by the deadline are slim, but the KUTA GB isn't that far away in any case. Interestingly, this was a kit up for consideration as a Blitzbuild candidate - dodged a bullet there I reckon.
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