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  1. A little bit more - slight wash and some of the wheels are on. Small amount of weathering applied - will build it up slowly so as not to overdo it - and hopefully it will cover any bits that don't look right!
  2. I have a Mörkö-Morane in the stash somewhere, so put me down for this if you would be so kind? cheers
  3. I like your observance - mine usually appears just as the last coat of varnish is applied and I'm already thinking of the next kit on the bench...
  4. Hi Alan - I haven't tried putting the plastic together yet, however a definite yes from me. I thought the AZ offering was worse than Airfix's in a few areas.
  5. A bit of colour applied over the weekend has progressed it to this stage. I'll bring in the tyre colour next, and apply a few touch-ups before giving it a coat of Klear to seal everything in, and darken things up a little.
  6. Looking good! Agree it would be a shame to put this to one side given all the attention it looks as if it has received. Looking forward to seeing more, cheers
  7. ... you are the BM Borg - Resistance is futile..
  8. Looking forward to seeing this hit the bench - if you can find it. You have my full support and I will watch on avidly as you fettle it! I thought it was an MPM kit as well, but I don't have any confirmation that it is actually the case. cheers
  9. All sounds good - photos aren't loading for me though?
  10. Being a confirmed fan of many things French please count me in - so much choice of things with design flair and purpose!
  11. Thank you sir - mostly a painting exercise I think - gluing things together might not be a good idea if the spirit of Yule is flowing....
  12. Looking for some adjudication on this one please, @Enzo Matrix , a 6th Hussars Trumpeter, 1812, from the Men at Arms range. Purchased on the cheap at the Shropshire Model Show, I think it has already been primed in a fashion, but I don't know enough about these white metal kits to say. Given it might be started, does it qualify? cheers!
  13. Some beauties there Tony - my vote is with the Catalina..
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