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  1. 12mm outside diameter (not including scoops). Duncan B
  2. My HPM Rear End sets arrived today. I managed to get a few photos of the parts just before my phone died (still not been able to get it running again). I have placed the parts over the only scale planes I have which are from the Warpaints book. The parts are nicely moulded but there are some marks on either side of the fuselage plug that will need to be cleaned up. The exhaust nozzles are quite exquisite and all the parts look to be very close to the scale drawings. Here is the Airfix FAW9 parts laid on top of the same drawing to give you an idea of the difference and the margin of error of the original kit parts. Duncan B
  3. I have the shipping notification from WnW that these are now on their way so should be with me in approx. 14 days depending on how long Dick Turpin at HMRC holds onto them for. All my initial batch are allocated to pre-orders but there will be more coming soon. Duncan B
  4. Safari couldn't find the server this morning for me either. Duncan B
  5. I have had notification today of my pre-orders having been dispatched from WnW so I guess the kit is on general sale now. Duncan B
  6. Great work on the old Javelin kit, welcome to Britmodeller. Duncan B
  7. If I remember correctly the Warpaint book lists all the serials with their histories. Like Antti, I have all those books so might be getting confused. I have also ordered 3 of those conversion sets this week, HPM must be wondering what caused the sudden rush for them :). Just hope I don't get clobbered for Customs ransom. Duncan B
  8. I spent 2 years off Nigeria waking up to the smell of Mr Color wafting through the A/C from Arkady72's cabin 3 doors along. The stuff he does offshore is simply stunning and he always manages to get them home in one piece! Duncan B
  9. I hope he's enjoying it. I still haven't managed to 'acquire' one for myself yet! DB
  10. Great progress on a kit I have in the stash but have been put off building due to it being a lot bigger than anything I have made in the past. Having watched your Dad's build so far I am really tempted to get mine out and give it a go. I know there are some accuracy issues that real Flanker fans would pick up on but it looks like a real fun kit to build. Duncan B
  11. Good stuff Roger, have a safe trip. DB
  12. Looks like you are having a lot of fun with that kit. I was recently given an old Attacker kit by a friend. It is the Eastern Express boxing which, I believe, is from the same moulds. Duncan B
  13. An off shift, offshore build, now that takes me back a bit! How's the weather? Always fun trying to do something delicate when the boat's pitching and rolling. Duncan B
  14. Wow, that is an excellent looking result. Frog got the shape of the Vixen spot on, shame none of the more modern 1/72 scale kits of the Vixen managed that. Well done Sir. Duncan B
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