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Duncan B

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  1. Duncan B

    Southern Expo 2019 Hornchurch 16th & 17th March

    That's an excellent amount Baggers, well done to all. Book me in for next year, as Arnie says, "I'll be back"! Duncan B
  2. Duncan B

    Just a weirdness to relate

    I once witnessed a car drive off a perfectly straight road into a tree. Not speeding, no blow out just a sudden departure from the straight road into the tree. This was way before mobile phones too! Duncan B
  3. Duncan B

    Southern Expo 2019 Hornchurch 16th & 17th March

    Good to meet you too Julien, i was set up right next door to Guideline Publications so ended up buying their Walrus book for some research for the kit :). Just arrived home from the Show at 4pm on Monday afternoon so I guess I took the longest time to get home too. Duncan B
  4. Duncan B

    Southern Expo 2019 Hornchurch 16th & 17th March

    We had a great time, finally managed to put some faces to well known names and I even managed to buy a kit (cheers Julien). It’s a long way for us to travel but was well worth the effort to attend such a friendly show. My thanks go to all the organisers for putting on such a great event and for inviting BlackMike Models along, we’ll be back next year for sure. Duncan B
  5. Duncan B

    Anyone else having problems with Facebook this evening?

    Mrs B would appear to be more Social Media savvy than me as she immediately went to Google and found out we were not alone (although in social media terms we are very alone). I suppose I'll just have to talk to her this evening in that case Duncan B
  6. Am I the only one having issues with Facebook this evening? I am not able to make any posts to my personal or Business accounts, my website has disconnected from my Facebook Shop and will not reconnect. Mrs.B is also unable to post to her Facebook account. This has all happened within the last couple of hours. If this goes on for any length of time I am concerned that the millennial generation will forget how to eat or be totally unable to find their way about and all those poor kittens will starve. Duncan B
  7. Duncan B

    Southern Expo 2019 Hornchurch 16th & 17th March

    A last reminder to anyone who'd like to make a pre-order or would like to see something specific from my stock at the show to let me know today. I will be bringing my stock of Colourcoats paint sets with me to the show however the quantities I can carry with me are low so it'll be first come first served for those (with the exception of the pre-orders I already have for them). See you all there this weekend. Duncan B
  8. Duncan B

    Milton Keynes MODELKRAFT 2019 NEW VENUE

    Good luck with the new venue. If the dates hadn't clashed with the Scottish National Model Show in Perth I would have been very keen to attend, maybe next time. Duncan B
  9. Duncan B

    BlackMike Models ceasing selling to Germany

    The real problem isn't the starting the model business but not knowing when to quit !! Duncan B
  10. Duncan B

    Southern Expo 2019 Hornchurch 16th & 17th March

    Wednesday is the very last call for anyone wanting to pre-order from me for collection at the Show. I'm starting to get quite excited about attending this Show for the first time, hopefully I will see some of you there (do come up and say hello if you are there). Duncan B
  11. Duncan B

    Perth Scottish nationals 2019

    No Passports, just your wallets open and ready BlackMike Models will (Hopefully) be in our usual spot just inside the second Hall. BlackMike Models sponsors the Best SiG Display in Show so if you are apart of a SiG and will be displaying at this year's Show all the best of luck, I look forward to seeing who wins. Duncan B
  12. Duncan B


    Glasgow is much more interesting to visit than Edinburgh in my opinion. Edinburgh is a 'Scottish Tartan Theme Park' whereas Glasgow is the real deal. Lots of Museums to visit and lots of great places to eat and listen to live music. Duncan B
  13. Duncan B

    BlackMike Models ceasing selling to Germany

    We have Jamie to thank for highlighting the issue otherwise I would never have known about it. My volume of sales to Germany is very small so it's probably more hassle for me than it's worth at the moment. It's not the cost as I found a Company that charged €75 per annum for 150Kg which would be more than enough but the paperwork side of it would add another layer of bureaucracy that I just don't need at present with new Customs documentation likely to appear very shortly here in the UK. If the whole EU goes for a similar system then I'll have to reassess at that time. The thing that did annoy me was that this approach seemed to me to go against the whole idea of an EU that is based on unrestricted free trading for all it's members but we'd best not go there as it'll turn into a political bunfight which isn't allowed on here and I'm royally sick of the whole subject in any case. Good luck with your application, do come back and let us know if it working out ok or if it is a bureaucratic minefield to be avoided. Duncan B
  14. Duncan B

    Sovereign Royal Navy paint brush-outs?

    Why not just ask Jamie Duff (owner of Sovereign Hobbies)? He is on here so easy to contact. One word of caution though, I know it took several years of research, significant cost, time and effort on Jamie's part to be able to produce these colours accurately so I would be careful about requesting someone to bypass all that without his approval. Small, self funded businesses like Sovereign Hobbies and BlackMike Models are more often labours of love rather than huge profit making organisations so even innocent requests like the above can have a significant effect on future projects. Duncan B
  15. Duncan B

    BlackMike Models ceasing selling to Germany

    Having spent the day investigating and with additional pointers from cmatthewbacon along with others (I thank you for taking the time to help out) it does appear that the Packaging Act of 2019 is not only very real but would affect me so, unfortunately, BlackMike Models will not be selling products to Germany with immediate effect. Duncan B