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  1. Lads, Just purchased the Paul Kemps book, Underwater Warriors. I will read this on my next trip away, hopefully not in sea state 3/4. Once read I will start the kit. Thanks for the help in reference. Cheers, Brett
  2. Thanks for the info Pete, Totally agree, the dedication and bravery they demonstrated is unparalleled. I love the history that comes with the kits I do. It's only in the last couple years that I have been operating in the maritime environment. I understand how dangerous it can be. Those lads, fought not just the enemy but the sea as well. I have locked in X24 also because the RAN and RN connection. Will start the kit when I get the book, which I'm ordering tonight. Cheers, Brett
  3. Lads, excellent information. I will start looking for the Paul Kemps book. Not going to start this till I have all the available information. I think X20 is a long shot atm. Large amount of information and picture reference needed, that I believe may not be out there. So It looks like X24 that did Operation Guidance. OP Source I think has a far few X-Craft out there. But haven't seen any of X24. Once again thanks for the help. Brett
  4. Hi all, I received an 1/35 Merit X-craft for Xmas (well I bought it they wrapped it). It also came when the Eduard PE kit. I have a healthy respect for what these sailors went through manning this craft. After going over a lot on this site of the merit kit. I have got a bit of a plan and idea. This is the first maritime vessel I have attempted. As I mainly do 1/35 and 1/32, this will fit well with my current collection. I think I will plan on doing X20 that was used for beach recon pre D-Day. Couple questions, well three.
  5. Hi Lads, Thanks for the reply and help. I know nothing, absolutely nothing about flight suits and helmets worn. The picture of the Rhodesia hunter pilots makes sense in that why have a life preserver when you’re not operating over the sea. I have looked at the Rhodesia Army in the past and they were big on local produced hareware to counter the threat. Due to the imposed sanctions they would have used undated hard to get equipment. I did also find this RAF Pilot 60s as well. https://www.pj-production.be/en/figures-1-32-/227-321123-
  6. Hi all, Looking for an 1/32 scale seated pilot for RAF/Commonwealth 1970s Hawker Hunter. I have got the PJ Productions 1960s NATO seated pilot. https://www.pj-production.be/en/figures-1-32-/165-321115-pilote-otan-assis-années-60.html Will this cut it? The kit I’m doing is an Rhodesian Hunter late 70s in flight. Cheers, BG
  7. Late reply, Thanks Steve on the colours for the wheel wells, undercarriage etc. Once again an excellent source of information BG
  8. Hi Gareth. From the information here. Yes both inside and outside of the gear doors are sky
  9. Hi all, Not doing the Airfix Fury but the Fisher one. Ok the Main gear wheel is hawker yellow. Gear legs and doors are sky. Got that and happy What about the main wheel hub colour? The tail wheel well, what colour? Also the tail wheel gear legs and tail wheel hub? I don’t what to make any assumption and get it wrong. As we all know were assumptions lead too. Better safe than sorry. I am doing an RAN Korean bird Cheers, BG
  10. Hi all, I have an 1/32 Hunter that I planning to model in flight. Issues is trying to find a correct RAF pilot for it. I’m looking at the late 1970’s. I have seen some seated RAF jet pilots, but my knowledge of this era is very limited and do not know if they are correct. Cheers, Brett
  11. Hi all, Sorry about the late thanks, been out bush with work. VW-634 was an RAN aircraft? Any more info on this airframe during Korea? Cheer, Brett
  12. HI all, I'm looking at doing something different to my 1/32 Fisher Sea Fury. I have question, during HMAS Sydney deployment to the Korea War, their replacement aircraft were loan from the RN. They were WE-725, WE-786, WE- 790, WE-791, WE-805, WF-592, WJ226, WJ-241, WJ-286 and WJ-296. I plan to paint the scheme of dark sea grey coming all the way down the sides of the aircraft. I have done a bit of research and have come to a dead end. I have the Sea Fury, Firefly and Vemon in Australian Service, by Stewart Wilson. The book states there were replacement aircraft from HMS Unicon. Any gener
  13. Hi all, Looks like no sidewinders. What about bombs? Any ideas on RAF F-86 decals? Cheers, Brett
  14. Brett Gibson

    RAF F-86

    Hi all, Went shopping today for a Hunter and brought an F-86. Hey, I couldn't find a 32 Hunter. I plan to do a RAF F86 F 4. The kit a got was an kinetics 1/32 F86F-30. Can I convert this to an F 4? What do I have to do to it? Were can I get decals for RAF F-86 1/32? Last one the kit can with sidewinders, did the RAF F-86 have them mounted? The Hunter will be next. This will be done as an Rhodsia from the early 70's. Cheers, Brett
  15. Hi all again, I'm looking at an upgrade for my 32 scale Hunter. I have seen the True details cockpit for the F.6. Can I use this for an FGA.9 version. Also are there any other upgades, I should look at to fix any short falls, if any on the Hunter. Cheers, Brett
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