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  1. another great looking model I saw the real one not long after it was delivered in the grey/green scheme. Then when was retired and as it was quite old an had gone all trey. Great memories from Leuchars D
  2. Hello Derek you brought back a few memories with this one. Another excellent build, well done.
  3. Hello Derek Another twa braw builds, I bet you had fun with the red and white decals, or were they hand painted? as I would have done.
  4. Another excellent job, I was lucky enough to see the real 43 Sqn. black one before it was "confined" to the HAS. The 56[R] Sqn. was also a regular sighting as well
  5. Hello Derek Another masterpiece, but nut sue how you are going to display or store it. Just a wee bit of surprize about the cannon dirt comment. How does anybody know what the dirt looked like. Unless you have photographic evidence and from experience that can be unreliable as well. RAF
  6. Hello Derek Another superb build and I share the comments about the decals. I would never had taken it out the box. Well done again. Dad
  7. Hello Derek Another great build and with all the "hanging thingmys" Dad
  8. Hello Derek Another from the "wow" category, pity it will end up in store. Dad
  9. Hello Derek Another excellent model of a really good looking aeroplane. Interesting comment about the red spinners. I have seen a picture or painting from somewhere with red spinners but most of the photos have no colour on them, but who can say they were not red. Dad
  10. Another pat on the back from me, I do remember having similar problems with vac form glazing some time ago and I ended up making a balsa wood one and just painting it dark grey. Dad
  11. Hello Derek very pleased with your model. and very glad to have passed it on to you . I would never have finished it to your standards. Now where to keep it.? Well done again RAF
  12. Hello Derek Another excellent build, and you have taken to the airbrush technique very well. Not a bit like my earlier attempts, I'll just stick to brushes. RAF ps I liked your Bf-109E as well and I must admit I think you have passed me in the modelling skills
  13. Hello Derek Not the photo I was thinking about and all I can say is "I was there". RAF
  14. Hello Derek Very nice indeed, and I remember a cold January in 1980 when you soloed....happy days RAF
  15. Hello Another great model, well achieved and again using a brush. RAF
  16. Hello Derek Pleased to see the results of my help with the Spitfire, looks good and well worth the effort you put in to achieve the results. The work on the fuselage was relatively easy compared to your work. You must have more Spitfires than the BBMF, no, sorry, you do have... How about tackling a series of Hurricanes? next. RAF
  17. Hello Aimee "Fan'dabi'dozi" in other words another good model, and one of my favourite aeroplanes. Concorde next...look forward to seeing that one built. Fancy building a Lightning? GD RAF
  18. Hello DaveCS Nice little build, I built a FROG kit of this many years ago ,an all yellow version but I like what you did with this one. I agree with "Rab C" alias Ronvulcan modelling is all about enjoying our hobby. RAF
  19. Hello Dereknf A silver one! a wee change form the usual camoflaged versions. The finish and build looks excellent on both, nae exaggerated panel lines. How many Spitfire/Seafires now in the collection? RAF
  20. Well done young man, I started modelling at the same age as you and hope you have the same fun. I am not a great fan of exaggerated panels lines but if you like doing that then go ahead after all it is your model. The tip from Duncan is a good one. The main thing is to enjoy your hobby RAF
  21. Hello Aimee I started making aircraft models when I was about 12 years old so you beat me by a few years. Liked your choice of aircraft and the colour scheme.Look forward to your next project. Well done young lady. GD and GM RAF
  22. Hello Cardiff Guy Excellent builds of your Lightnings and the details for 1/72 kits. The only thing I am not sure of is the radar nose cone colour, but that is just a wee point of opinion. Well done all the same RAF
  23. Hello folks Thanks again for all your comments much appreciated but for those who find using a brush I thought to give you my methods. I tend to use Humrol enamels and when using Silver it takes a lot of stirring, once I think that It looks okay there is another stir for luck. Every time I need more paint and other wee stir is needed. For large surfaces I tend to use a flat soft sable brush of about 1 cm. and paint small sections at one time, finished brush strokes in the same direction. I have been using a "Hairy Stick" since I started modelling and it is my method I am used too, I have tried spray cans but with limited success. Hope this is of some help, now where can I get a very very small sable roller....? RAF
  24. They just get better and better, and I must agree with some of the comments about seeing a "factory fresh" one. I am never too keen on over done panel lines but that is just a personal thing and it is always up to the modeller themseves and what they like.. RAF
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