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  1. I have found a picture of the plane in question (I think) on the web link As the OP said, itis airplane 9-622, in the picture on the web it is preserved at Balikesir, in the MDF book it looks operational. Peter
  2. See here for the current flying schedule: https://www.sofia.usra.edu/science/proposing-and-observing/flights/series/oc8h Peter
  3. Hi Maarten, Your link to Naval Models does not work (error 404). Found the conversion set through their search engine (https://www.navalmodels.com/product/airbus-h145-helicopter-1-72-fenestron-tail-conversion-set/) . The other two links do work. Best Regards, Peter
  4. Hi Andy, Thanks for the photo. Is the photo facing foreward or rearwarda? Peter
  5. Hi Jerry, Thanks for the links to the P-70 lay-out. I doubted that the MPM depection was correct. Peter
  6. Hi all, I want to start the MPM Havoc Turbinlite. However MPM has only included a 'standard'rear cockpit, where I would expect the the rear cockpit would be filled with a radar scope for the AI Mk IV radar and assorted parafernalia. Does anybody know what the rear cockpit really looked like? Kind regardfs, Peter
  7. HI Huub, Nice meeting you here. Are you aware of this book: MMP Fairey Flycatcher? unfortunetely Aviation Megastore has it marked as not in stock. Peter
  8. Hello Christian, If you go the the Dutch IPMS page on the Fokker D.XX: https://ipms.nl/artikelen/nedmil-luchtvaart/vliegtuigen-f/vliegtuigen-f-fokker-d21 it has the colours mentioned by @alt-92 that you can click on to get to the nearest modelcolour matches Humbrol, Xtracolour, gunze and TAmiya among others are covered. Good Luck with your model, Peter
  9. OK. Warpaint 116 Hawker Fury and Nimrod. On Page 9 a drawing of K1930 marked with black and white checks on the rudder AND black and white checks on the fuselage. According to the caption the Squadron commanders aircraft. Other drawing on this page just black checks only on fuselage - no white checks. On page 23 are some interesting photo's. 1st a formation photo of 6 Furies, led by (presumably) K1930, which shows only black checks on both the fuselage and the tail - which would indicate that the drawing on page 9 is wrong. Also on this page the same photo as in the MMP publication, showing what might be (Iám not 100% convinced) black and white chechecks on the fuselage and black only checks on the upper wings. According to the caption a flight commander's aircraft with a ble tail. All other 43 Squadron aircraft in this book appear to have black checks only. Peter
  10. According to the TEXT in the book On Silver Wings by Alec Lumsden and Owen Thetford (page 156) "Markings: Black squares in a checkerboard pattern against the aluminium dope finish...", "By 1937, the standard fighter spearhead surrounded the squadron badge on the fin." This is a book that has collected various articles from Aeroplane monthly. I don't know the dates of the original articles, the book is from 1993. The photo's in this book seem to support no white squares, but all are from pretty far away. Peter
  11. RedRoo models does a conversion set: https://www.redroomodels.com/product/red-roo-early-sabre-narrow-chord-wing-with-slats-1-48-scale/ Peter
  12. ALso available from Belcher Bits: http://www.belcherbits.com/lines/172conv/bl19.htm Peter
  13. Hi Heather, Re the mysterious sprue C, I have the Finnish version of this Fokker (MPM kit 7250). This has a sprue C, with the wings and a three piece engine cowling (and also a venturi). It should also have two cannon's, but 1 has gone AWOL. As far as I can find (Nederlandse Vliegtuig encyclopedie Fokker D-XXI, 1978 by H. Hooftman) the Dutch D.XXI's did not have this venturi. So just fill the hole! Peter
  14. Hi Rob, Do you know this book: link? I cannot make out any "windows" on the port side of the EA-3B's in this book. When we are allowed to have meetings again you are welcome to peruse my copy of this book. Regards, Peter.
  15. Tony and Dave, Thanks for your information. Peter
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