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  1. A long shot, but maybe some-one has the information. I am looking for the code letter of Sqn Ldr Ian Rowland's Vickers Vildebeest during the battle of Endau. The book Bloody Shambles (vol.2) gives the serial number as K6379, but doesn't give a squadron code letter. Anyone ha san answer? Peter
  2. The best reference I have on this subject is a book called "De geschiedenis van Camouflage en kentekens op vliegtuigen van de Nederlandse strijdkrachten" (A history of camouflage and markings on aircraft of the Dutch armed forces) by J. Greuter, M. Schep, L. Boerman and J. Bossong published in 1997. On page 136 of this book it states: Starting february 1st 1954 the agreed colours as specified in STANAG (Standard Agreement) 3089 came into force. According to this agreement the colours for carrier aircraft were: - topsides: Extra Dark Sea Grey - Undersides: Sky or white The Dutch TBM-3W Avengers were deliverd in 1953, before the introduction of this STANAG. They were all delivered in the then standard US Navy colour of overall ANA623 Glossy Sea Blue It was decided to introduce the STANAG colours gradually and use the dutch industry for this during the aircrafts next major overhaul. As 48-Alone-is-great stated above the Dutch navy identified the colours as FS ~6099 for extra dark sea and FS ~4424 for Sky. To make matters more confusing (page 144 of the above book) on some documents the colours are referred to according to the Sikkens Standaard Vliegtuigkleuren (Sikkens Standard Aircraftcolours). As I don't have actual samples of either the Sikkens colours or the British colours I cannot say if the Sikkens colours more closely matches the British colours or the American FS colours, or are maybe an actual third colour that matches neither. Regards, Peter
  3. See also: https://www.ipms.nl/artikelen/nedmil-luchtvaart/vliegtuigen-g/vliegtuigen-g-grumman-avenger. Extra Dark Sea Grey/Sky Regards, Peter
  4. Hi J-W, Check out the Dutch IPMS Websitepages for both Fokkers: https://www.ipms.nl/artikelen/nedmil-luchtvaart/vliegtuigen-f/vliegtuigen-f-fokker-c5 https://www.ipms.nl/artikelen/nedmil-luchtvaart/vliegtuigen-f/vliegtuigen-f-fokker-c10 Site is in Dutch but I think Google translate can help. Kind Regards, Peter
  5. It seems that the 81 TFW Voodoo's were relatively camera shy.
  6. Hi All, From 1956 up to 1965 the 81st TFW operated the F-101A/C Voodoo. From 1963 to 1965 the wing was commanded by Colonel Robin Olds. As far as I can determine Colonel Olds bird was 56-0001, balls one. His wartime P-38's and P-51's carried the name Scat (followed by a number) as did his last Aircraft an F-4C (Scat XXVII). Did his personal F-101 also carry the name SCAT and if so, what was the number? Hope someone can help. Kind Regards, Peter
  7. Hi Martin, IPMS-NL has a walkaround of the Tracker on its website: http://www.ipms.nl/walkarounds/walkaround-vliegtuigen-props/633-walkaround-grumman-s2.html Good luck with your built. Regards, Peter
  8. Hi, This conversion was once done by a member of IPMS Netherlands. (for photos see www.ipms.nl /nats2008/report08-1.html). In 2009 there was a 4 page article in the dutch IPMS magaine (in dutch) covering the conversion. If you are interested I can sent you the magazine (if you cover the postage costs from the Netherlands). Drop me a pm if you are interested. Regards, Peter
  9. Hi all, Broplan of Poland offers a 1/72nd vacform of the Sentinel R1. I got mine here Aviation Megastore Broplan Sentinel Regards, Peter
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