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  1. Savenosouls

    Is this the right Future? Errrr Pledge?

    A US option for you:- https://www.hollowayhouse.net/product/quick-shine-multi-surface-floor-finish/ Works a treat - don't be worried about it's miky appearance!
  2. Savenosouls

    Surface preperation for decals

    Guys another option is as follows:- https://www.hollowayhouse.net/product/quick-shine-multi-surface-floor-finish/ It is made in the USA - so presumably available there - in the UK you can get it from Lakeland - shiner than a very shiny thing and suck decals down no end!
  3. Savenosouls

    Instruction Request - ICM 1/72 i-15

    Many thanks
  4. Savenosouls

    Instruction Request - ICM 1/72 i-15

    I am looking for some assistance - I opened my ICM I-15 Chato - 1/72 box only to find the assembly instruction pages missing - the paint schemes are there but no assembly pages - can anyone help? Thanks in advance G
  5. Savenosouls

    Airfix Lightning, 1/72

    Nice - can I ask what the blue paint you used was?
  6. Savenosouls

    Heller 1/72 Allouette III x2

    Nice - how are the old are the old Heller chopper model - I quite like some of the old aircraft.
  7. Looks way better than my effort of the Heller version!!!! May have to seek one out to add to my growing Polish Collection! And I have got loads of decals left from a PZL 11 & 7, a Los, 2 Karas (and 2 further pzl 11's in the stash)
  8. Savenosouls

    Klear..Pledge new stuff.

    Not sure if you can still get it - but Lakeland do stuff called Quick Shine Floor Finish - works a treat for me (it's made in the USA but available in the UK) http://www.lakeland.co.uk/20286/Quick-Shine-Floor-Finish
  9. Savenosouls

    Pretty Good Value - I think

    Cheers Guys - I have a Heller PZL11c - might try and do the 2 together and compare
  10. Savenosouls

    Pretty Good Value - I think

    Bought these three on a trip to Poland last week from a nice Polish Gentleman from the Phantom Model shop in Krakow - don't know anything about the ICM model (approx £6)- the other two MisterCraft cost the equivalent of £1.65 a pop - given my lack of skill I'm not worried if I cock them up - I have built other PZL's before - but at £1.65 hey! Anyone know anything about the models and what Airfix colour maps to Lufthansa Blue? Any info good or bad gratefully received! http://
  11. Savenosouls

    1/72 ICM Tupolev Tu-2

    Nicely done - I have this very kit (not started) anything I should know about it before starting?
  12. Savenosouls

    F.I.G.A.S. - Looking for some assistance

    R Your kind offer reinforces the helpfull attitude of all on the forum - I am tracking a 1/72 Airfix kit of an Islander - hopefully know by tomorrow - if I get it I would like to take up your offer - will be back in contact tomorrow Thanks G
  13. Savenosouls

    F.I.G.A.S. - Looking for some assistance

    Thanks again Rick - might give it a go - don't fancy the Hercules - too big - I have photo of the lucky little swine in the Pilots seat of the Hercules with the electronic instrument panel activated!!!!!!!
  14. Savenosouls

    F.I.G.A.S. - Looking for some assistance

    Cheers Rick - Any idea of decals?
  15. Savenosouls

    F.I.G.A.S. - Looking for some assistance

    I'm posting in the hope that someone might be able to assist ( I know from other posts how helpful most are on the forum). Can anyone help me identify the following aircraft and give me pointers on how I could model it in 1/72 I understand it is used inter island on the Falklands - my 9 year old nephew flew on it recently and got to sit in the co- pilots seat!, Along with a tour of a Hercules, tristar, typhoon and a tour round the helicopter search and rescue (lucky wee boy) - I'd like to try and build him a model of the plane in the pic Thanks in advance for any assistance Regards Gordon