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  1. Does anyone know of a good 1/32 9or 1/35) Classic American School Bus? - All I can find are 1/43 & the current design
  2. saintsclaire

    Pilot naming

    Hi All For Christmas I was given the 4 retro kit WWII pilot minions and there relevant Tiger models cute aircraft. It was decided that all 4 pilots needed names so we have come up with Flight Lieutenant Rupert Laytun-Boozehard - RAF Captain Charles 'Chuck' Waregun - USAAF Hauptmann Hans Kneezundtowz - Luftwaffe But we are having problems with the Japanese chap 陸軍大尉 (Rikugun-Tai-i) ????? - Imperial Japanese Army Air Force Any suggestions ?
  3. Welcome from another Northamptonian
  4. Specifically you can never have enough VF-1 Tomcat Shots. Claire WolfPack lover
  5. Hi Experts Did the RAF Camouflaged Mustangs have the panel lines filled like the NMF ones ? Many thanks Claire
  6. Hi What do you use to clean your airbrush? Thanks Claire
  7. Can't wait for mine, doing ZD949 in its 3 schemes
  8. Actually you can have too many of a particular model Max number of models = production number of the real thing x (denominator of the scale)2 Therefore for a 1/48 P51D it would be 8102 x 482 = 18,667,008
  9. A revell kit has recently been aquired to do this
  10. Hi Try this site, it has pretty much a photo of every 962 at every race http://www.racingsportscars.com/ Claire
  11. Many Thanks Think I'll go with Tamiya TS-41 as I have used Tamiya Paints before Claire
  12. Hi Does anyone have a recommendation for a paint for the Leyton House Porsche ? https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Porsche_962C_Leyton_House.jpg Many Thanks Claire
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