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  1. So are they reboxing the Polar Lights 1/350 NX-01? They must be surely?
  2. Thanks for this. I'm totally going to steal it all when I build mine.
  3. Apparently... 1.1. What is the difference between Model Color, Game Color, Model Air and Premium? Vallejo offers four different water-based chemical formulas in these colors lines, each one created for a particular segment of the hobby market, but all compatible with one another. Model Color and Panzer Aces are creamy, highly opaque acrylics formulated principally for brush application: the two ranges total some 246 matte colors and mediums, and 8 brilliant alcohol based metallic colors. Game Color has been developed for tabletop games. The range consists of 119 acrylic colors,
  4. Hello, Not much to add and bit late maybe but the best ever tip I got on masking is to put down another coat of the original colour over the tape. That way any leaks under it will be the same colour and it will seal it up. Works brilliantly. As far as I know the main difference between Model Color (sic) etc is the thickness, they can all be thinned to be airbrushed. Nice work too.
  5. Thought so... last question. Possibly. How did you get the lovely graduated glow effect?
  6. Wow. You've done some great stuff. Thanks for sharing them all.
  7. Makes sense, I've been looking at mine and wondering how to light that bit. They lit or just very well painted?
  8. Good stuff. Stealing this totally for mine. How did you light the bits at the back that look like tube bits? Far right bottom picture.
  9. More great stuff. Not much sci-fi gets attention on here, but I do love a lit up model. Thanks for posting them.
  10. I knew about the no windows, I have it in the stash but have never seen one built and lit! I might steal your ideas on it, funnily enough my bank holiday build is planned to be this kit. What's the Klingon kit? Cos that's also fantastic.
  11. Great stuff. And great pics too. Nice to see a lit built up Kazon. How did you light it?
  12. Do you have a link to that Ebay one at all?
  13. Good spot, so it's the 1/1000 refit? I'm not convinced Revell are reboxing them, but if they are put down for some!
  14. Yes, that one! I don't recognise it either. The more I look at the picture though the more I notice there isn't a Revell badge in front of the NX01. And haven't Round 2 just released it again? I wonder if it's a shared stand?
  15. You're welcome. I can show you how to host pics if you want? What's the one on the right of the Voyager? Any idea? In front of NX-01.
  16. Good spot! Fingers crossed they've got the moulds, I'd love them to put this out cheaper than they currently are.
  17. Copy and paste but saves me typing! Three spaceships with the name Enterprise predate the United Federation of Planets. OV-101 Registry: Enterprise (OV-101) Class: Space Transportation System Service: February 15, 1977 through April 27, 2012 (35 Years) Commander: Fred Haise, Joe Engle The space shuttle Enterprise appears in Star Trek: The Motion Picture among a series of illustrations depicting ships named Enterprise. While this is the only real space craft ever to be actually crewed named Enterprise, it was retroactively entered into the Star Trek continuity. In real life the original n
  18. I know that dinosaur!! http://geekologie.com/2013/09/iss-astronaut-makes-space-dinosaur-toy-f.php
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