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  1. Great subject choice and as has already been said great back story. Never knew Taiwan were fighting against the Russians in Yemen. 


    BTW Bestfong decals are tough to source do u have a supplier or direct email contact. I have been trying to get F100 decals and they do Taiwan planes. 


  2. Looking good Mick .

    I see you changed the pose of the Tamiya peasant tanker, might I ask why ? His arms were folded or is this another figure ? 


    Like the 2 tone scheme and I see you build tanks as fast as I build ships !!!

  3. Here is one I finished up recently it's the old FM Mirage V 1:48 kit finished in the colours of the air force of the now defunct state of Zaire ( DR Congo).





    Despite FM reputation this went together reasonably well and without too much fuss. I rescribed all the old Heller wing parts but the FM fuselage just needed a little cleaning up. Lots of resin and white metal to give this some weight. They don't make kits like this any more.











    As for the subject and colour scheme I used the old Carpena (under the monicker Colorado Decals ) set 48.01 Chad 1983-1986 which features French warplanes fighting in Chad with some help form Zaire. I had always wanted to do this a/c just for the fablous colours and am rather happy with the result. The wing tanks need to be fitted.  Another one for my Africa collection



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  4. Lovely job on what is in my opinion a perefectly good kit that requires a little care .

    I see u avoided issues on the underside where the cannons fair into intakes. Nicely done. Undercarriage is somewhat esoteric in terms of placement but other than that I found it a pleasure to build . 


    Your paint job is great too. 

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  5. Ladies and gents of Britmodeller




    I have put a newsletter together with the help of members of Britmodeller and Imodeler  called "Modelling Irish History  part III ". Its 90 page mag/newsletter thingy covering a diversity of plastic modelling subject matter relating to Ireland or Irish history. 

    The link is here to download the pdf.  


    Many thanks to Keith, Dave , Dermot and Nick for their contribution 

    Anyone interested in contributing to future editions can use the email adres in the pdf or just message me here.

    Kind regards 


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  6. Gents and ladies 

    Happy New Year to you all. 

    Here is my latstest model a Maschinen Krieger Fireball SG. Hasegawa kit with two of these figures. In 1:35 these figures are quiet small. 1:20 is the more usual scale for there. 

    Anyhows this is done in cahots with my 11 year old daughter as our annual Christmas co-build. The colour scheme and Unicorn idea were hers obviously and she  helped with the pimping and painting and Dad did the weathering and the base.










    Fireball fuelled By the Power of Photoshop for flight,




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