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  1. Nice result on what is a nice but challenging kit. Mine is still looking at me from its shelf
  2. Amazing work on upgrading this old Monogram kit. With all the CAD work involved in the 3d resin stuff you must have a lot of hours in this build. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your progress.
  3. Ladies and gents of Britmodeller I have put a newsletter together with the help of members of Britmodeller and Imodeler called "Modelling Irish History part III ". Its 90 page mag/newsletter thingy covering a diversity of plastic modelling subject matter relating to Ireland or Irish history. The link is here to download the pdf. Many thanks to Keith, Dave , Dermot and Nick for their contribution Anyone interested in contributing to future editions can use the email adres in the pdf or just message me here. Kind regards Brian
  4. Hi Ash After it staring me in the face for the last 2 or is it 3 years I am currently working on it. Will post an udate shortly.
  5. Yes . This a/c was a nightfighter and this has an early aerial fit (Neptun). The A8 would also be used as a nightfighter to a limited degree.
  6. Fw190 A6 Red 21 6/JG300 Here is a Eduards 1:72 A8 converted to A6 to represent Red 21 of 6/300 which had a mishap on the night of the 6/7 February 1944. The decals are Eagle Cals, the figures are Prieser and diorama is me ! Regards Brian
  7. Love the colours on this and the subtle weathering. Regards Brian
  8. Gents and ladies Happy New Year to you all. Here is my latstest model a Maschinen Krieger Fireball SG. Hasegawa kit with two of these figures. In 1:35 these figures are quiet small. 1:20 is the more usual scale for there. Anyhows this is done in cahots with my 11 year old daughter as our annual Christmas co-build. The colour scheme and Unicorn idea were hers obviously and she helped with the pimping and painting and Dad did the weathering and the base. Fireball fuelled By the Power of Photoshop for flight, Reagrds Brian
  9. Incredbile work on these figures and great photos as well. regards Brian
  10. I built one of these kits coincidentally also a IAC aircraft and didn't have an issue with scratches but rather a very poor fit. Particulary the rear windows. Alot of these kits have been made and repackaged and its showing in the quality of the fit and the presence of flash. Nice colour scheme btw
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