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  1. I realise that I have posted this in the wrong spot it should be over in the Yearbook 2109.
  2. Not all wingy things but most of them are but here is an overview of my most productive year of modelling in a very looooooooooong time. Some of them have been posted here some not. Overview 2019 From Left to right : Junkers 88 Mistel 1:48, Volkswagen Samba Bus 1;24 , Ki61 Hien 1:48, Fw190 A3 1:48, Austin MkIV armoured car 1:72, F100F 1:72, Hawker Sea Fury 1;48 and last but not least a scratch- built fantasy Sci-fi thingy called the "Commissar of Grievance' And in the close but no cigar category are Mirage F1AZ 1:48 St Chamond tank WWI 1:35 Regards Brian
  3. Willy Beautiful work on the AML 90. Those are Lebanese markings can I ask where you got them? They are very attractive colours and I would be interested in doing one as well. Regards Brian
  4. Junkers Ju88 G Mistel + Gaz M415 (1:48). Diorama scratch built. Finished the GAZ recently and re-did the diorama. https://i.imgur.com/bbEIpRt.jpg[/img] Enjoy Brian
  5. Robert Great looking result the animation of the scene really makes it pop out. Fantastic ! Deserves alot more likes! Regards Brian
  6. Yes someone went and broke Photobucket. It has been off-line for over 18 hrs now.
  7. BKirwan

    IAC EC-135 helos

    Hi If making the Irish IAC EC-135 (not the Garda ones) then your best starting point is the kit version of the Swiss EC635 Military (kit number Revell - No. 04647) this doesn't solve your need for a nose but all the special parts are on there including the winch. I see that the nose is available on the EC 145 Revell kit (04486 ). The nose isn't actually very hard just graft the nose of a fuel tank and milliput it up. I made one last Christmas and spent more time on all the little extras. I am preparing a article on the changes so if you Pm me with you email address I will send you a photo montage of the changes I am working on. Which is why I found your question in the first place. Regards Brian
  8. Omak Thanks for the tip. Actually I am further along with the build than what I have posted. Plane is painted and decalled and yes decal spray first and then lots of setting solution and still some silvering.
  9. The tree will indeed need some extra work all I have in the photos is the basic trunk; will have to add additional branches and foliage. It was an afterthought as the figures are going in on the left-hand corner I need something to balance that out. We'll see how it looks, Regards Brian
  10. 1:48 SAAF Mirage F1 AZ Italeri+ Scaleworx Resin conversion Here is an in-progress build I started too long ago to admit to; however as I have recently pulled the finger out I decided to increase the peer pressure by posting it here.;) Its a 1:48 conversion of the ESCI/Italeri Mirage F1 to a South Africa AZ ground attack aircraft. The latter was unique to SA and used extensively in the Border wars of the late 70-80’s. Kits Donor kit is fine for its age; nice panel lines reasonable detail and well-engineered. There is of course the option nowadays to use the Kittyhawk kit but I don’t have it and cannot comment on its quality. Scaleworx Resin have rereleased the conversion kit adjusted for the Kittyhawk offering. The Scalworx Resin stuff is great if you are a SA fan which I am. The funky blue signature resin is well casted with no quality issues pertaining to the pour .I will say however that the detail is sometimes not as crisp as other resin I have seen but it’s adequate. The research in these kits is top notch as I checked the contents off the conversion against some extensive information about the type on the IPMS SA site. The set includes parts not just contemporaneous with the Border war but also later additions. Instead of listing everything here I will deal will them as they come up; the photos do the story telling. References Apart from the usual Internet references I also used “Vlamgat, the story of the Mirage F1 in SAAF ” and “From Fledging to Eagle” both by Brig -Gen Dick Lord and “SAAF border War” by Peter Baxter as sources. All great books worth reading if you are interested in African bush war phenomena. First steps The conversion will require the nose of the kit to be replaced by a one piece resin replacement but I started work on the ejection seat, beefing up the shock cone on the air intakes as the S Africans had them enlarged and painting the replacement the jet exhaust pipes More to follow Regards Brian
  11. Gents Here is a few pictures of a diorama I am working on at the minute. Its a St Chamond (early) tank. Its one of my favourite ugly French tanks and there are quiet a few of those. When Takom released the St Chamond I just had to have one. It built up quiet well but of course I got to a particular point and pushed it aside to flounder on the Shelf of Doom. Recently I picked it back up again as I promised myself to finish at least 2 SOD kits a year. Having visited Saumur Military Museum during the summer I also had so good photos of the tank. Unfortunately I havent any photos of work up to this point so you are gonna have to believe me. The Base I went to Action supermarket and bought a wooden tissue box holder for 1 euro and knew it was the right size as a base for the St Chamond. Went home removed the lid and using the ol' decoupre saw chopped the sides and front down. Next I filled the box with green Oase which is used as the green base in flower arrangement (bought at the Action for 1 euro). It is cheap easy to work and when made wet goes hard; ideal material. Based was filled out with wall plaster, various grades of stones and dried twigs. The stones are sourced from material for fish tanks or cat litter. Just push everything into place and with diluted white glue bathe everything in it and wait 48 hours for it to dry Base colour of black followed by various browns and reds using whatever is to hand from Tamiya, enamels and oils. I don't care just mix it all up and it will look natural. The crew The crew is made up of the Takom figure form the kit (minus his head) and MiniArt set 35105. I mixed the fit of heads and arms around to come up with some natural poses. Base colours in enamels and Tamiya. The blue black colour is oil over enamel dark grey base. The tree is made up of electric cables cut to lengths bound together with wire and then dipped in white glue and covered in scenic grass and allowed to dry. Repeat the proces where necessary. I use a coffie jar for this procedure ( grass/ sprinkle in the bottom , throw wet wires in lid on and then shake. And here is a idea of the placement I have in mind More to follow Regards Brian
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