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  1. That is one very interesting aircraft and a fine model. God bless your patience with the Amodel kit but its gonna turn some heads.
  2. Looks nice. I may be so bold as to suggest adding a figure to the base to help reference the size ? .
  3. Yes I would be curious to hear your experience as I have about 4 of these in the stash and they look real nice in the box. Lovely result on this as the 109 looks fetching in the all-76 colour scheme and the RAF roundels give it a splash of colour. Thanks
  4. That lighting just lift it to the next level of modelling. Excellent work sir!
  5. Here is a Me 262A-1a/U4 W.Nr. 111899 flown by Major Willi Herget for JV 44, April 1945 Riem, Bavaria Its the old Dragon kit which still looks the job. Thos who have buil it know that the upper wing to fuselage fit is not 100% but by fitting the lower wing first I was able to move the gaps to the leading edge and just fill them wth filler. Other than that this was a blast to build and and is a serious gun up front. I did replace the kit plastic Master in Reality turned metal gun+ muzzel which is absolutely amazing but also entirely impractical as it turns out luckly for th
  6. Women are of course the exception to these rules as they can be lekker, leuk and mooi all at once unless of course they are oerlelijk ....
  7. Yea the gear bays are a wee but bare alright. It would be interesting to see a build off between the old Dragon and the new ICM kits.
  8. Nice result on this. The Berlin nose looks well on these 88's. Did you scribe the fuel cap details just aft of the cockpit or is it a decal ? I have built two of these babies already and only issues are 1. the wing tips are a poor fit, 2. the lack of a bulkhead with the cannon breach for the C6 nose, 3. the spurious glass opening on the spine just in front of the rudder where the dingy, wtf? 4. aforemntioned lack of engraved detail just aft of cockpit Dragon needs more love boys ! Mooi werk Volker
  9. Gents Many thanks for all the kind comments I am glad you liked it. kind regards Brian
  10. Ben I have followed this thread from a distance and have just scanned through the 7 pages but forgive me if I repeat a question, but have you thought of the option of selling just the stl.files ? That way u bypass issue with your printer and people can scale up or down depending on their scale preferences. I would be interested. regards Brian Kirwan
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