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  1. For the "Work in progress" see here ,I finished up this one this morning;
  2. Just finishing this up and will post the pictures over on the Ready for Inspection here is a taster
  3. Nice result on a very novel scene. Figures look great, good definition and natural poses. If I may I would add a couple of washes to the ground work to bring out more of the texture detail and maybe add some clutter to the dio in the form of spent cartridges, water bottles, knap sacks . Just makes it look a little busier. Thanks for sharing.
  4. I am fine and the answer to your questions is no. Re; Ciara I did strip the paint as a certain person I know critcisied the painting. Correctly I might add . Anyway I have it beside my desk to be finished this year as I have the LÉ Róisín waiting to built. Love the work on the destroyer.
  5. Looking good. The Blast wheels are a must I have built 3 of the AML90/60 from Takom and they are a great kit except for the wheels. I used the Blast on my last build and was very happy with them. Looking forward to the end result.
  6. Nice to see the old Heller being given the royal treatment. I spent Sunday in Musee de Blinde in Saumur Fr. with my daughter and the highlight for me apart from St Chamond and Schenider tanks were the collection of about 8 AMX 13 vechiles of differing sub types out back. Rotting away but still really cool. The French had this modualr design thing down to a T . Keep up the good work !
  7. Recognized the avatar and thought to myself hey there is Mick ! Long time no see how are they hanging young fella ?
  8. I have been picking at this one on and off for the last two years or so. It was my first attempt at vacform kit and it’s the very old MPM Avia Av135 in 1:48 scale. According to Scalemates it was released in 1990. The kit is super basic vacform with some short run moulded polystyrene parts. The former is quiet nicely detailed the latter are rather soft and blobby. I scratch built the cockpit interior using some drawing on-line, Evergreen strip and various bits and pieces from the spares box. Any resemblance to the original is purely co-incidental. Then I buttoned everything up and its looks like this now complete with some riveting. I used the kit prop hub but replaced the prop blades with some Hurricane ones. Did some work on the u/c bays as well boxing them in and puttings some detail in there as well. That's all for now regards Brian
  9. Gentlemen Thanks you for your kind words; it was quiet a lot of sanding and then refilling. On a number of occasions I saw the inside of the fuselage again; that plastic is really thin! Anyway I got all the wings and tail on and am in the business of cleaning them up and squaring things off. I I am also working on the engines. Then it will be time to put some base paint on and see how much more sanding I have to do but hey its starting to look like an aeroplane !!! regards Brian
  10. Quick update I have the two undercarriage sponsons on and each of them sealed in Milliput.They needed it as nothing here remotely looks like it fits. Anyways I then jumped onto fitting the wings The wire rods ( for florist arrangements) through the middel fits into the holes in the center section giving the whole thing some stability and later on when lining everything up I was able to adjust everything by giving the wire rod a push/pull into place. The large gap between the upper wing mid-section and the outer panels meant adding shims and Milliput. Next job up is fitting the tail but on examining photos I discovered the Broplan tail is too long. The comparison with the Scrathaeronautics shows the differences Regards
  11. Here is a short update as I have been working on other projects for the last few weeks..... The next major step in the construction is fitting the undercarriage bays; these u/c are typically covered so that only the last 1/2 of the wheels sticks out of the sponsons. Broplan will have you glue that all in at this stage. The sponsons are made up of two parts and the fit is artistic to say the least. The backing plate for the u/c gear is too small and its placement ambigious. Also the detailing on all the parts is pretty basic. Sooooo I went looking for wheels in the old spare box and found something suitable and as I needed 4 and I have another 235 in the stash I decided to cast a few copies I also added some detail to the backing plate and u/c gear. To aid the fitting of this I added a bulk wall behind it sitting up against the fuselage and also strengthened the inside face of the u/c sponson base. Still have to find a way to fit the sponson now, fill all the gaps and to add the wheels later. ………
  12. School project for my son; the brief was to use house-hold items to make a toy to promote recycling projects. Of course he thinks hey my father can help ………... Shampoo bottel and two fruit juice bottles The selection out of the spares box and some old toys of his as basis for the space ship Things starting to take shape; you can never go wrong with rocket engines I say (B-58 donor kit) Whole things stuck together with wooden dowels, masking tape and glue gun The end result painted by his Lordship himself with only a little bit coaching ( hes used the air brush before) BTW he got a A+ for the assignment
  13. I am using a cork box as a base out of which our Kommissar shall fly out of. Of course there is an underground surprise which he is escaping.... The street scene taking form with unwitting bystander Sub-terranean temple parts The Cthulhu-like surprise made from a child's sweet box, the tail of a dinosaurus and old electrical cable.. my daughter is still looking for her sweets.
  14. Little update Underside photos I am working on the diorama base and will post more soon.
  15. Quick update Have got nearly all the painting, weathering, decals done and most if not all the final assembly finished. Not 100% but 98% Will add some photos of the underside shortly and give you a peak at the diorama.
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