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  1. Nice model of the Saracen. These were used in N. Ireland weren't they ? greetz Brian
  2. Hi all Here is a French R35 1:35 from Tamiya I finished up recently. The diorama is based on a photo of an R35 in a drainage ditch somewhere in Normandy during trials in 1937. Jean Pierre has a wee pain in his head. The kit is Tamiya so it fell together in 5 hours tops and the work was in painting and making the base. I used one of my sons expensive fine tipped markers for the black line and it worked really well and didn't leave an indigo shine as some tend to. The base is a cheap jewellery box , lid taken off and chopped down and back filled with florist foam.
  3. Hi Very tatsty result. I am working up to a project involving a number of 264 Sq Defiants . May I ask where you got the Squardon badge - it looks very nice. Thanks Brian
  4. I am only coming to this GB because of Dermots Dauphin. Interesting build. I have this kit in my stash and this is only the second time I have seen it been built up. You are doing well on what looks like an complex and overengineerd kit (?) , are you enjoying it ? There is plenty of detail in there. I also have the Trumpeter kit+ Cobra detail sets and have a feeling that it would be the easier route to a good Dauphin than Kittyhawk but will reseve judgement till I see this built up. Thanks for sharing and stick with it ,
  5. Nice result on the Dauphin Dermot. I missed the building thread but u did a good job in it. I like ur winch and your colours match very well. This is your second Dauphin ? I have one of these Dream Model on the go and its light years ahead of the Matchbox. I used Roy Kinsella's resin nose(and other bits and pieces) and its bigger than the DM nose.
  6. If I am not mistaken they are white on the inside.
  7. Weathering on the a/c is terrific. How did you do that ? I would however expect there to be more debris around the ground.
  8. This is very pretty and the ol '109 looks good in the stars and bars. This deserves alot more likes too !!!
  9. Very pretty result and an unusual interbellum(?) subject. I didn't think Kora did their own injection moulded kits, just repops however I am wrong. This is really good looking kit. Regards Brian
  10. Pete Its a very nice if fiddly kit but if you take your time it will be fine. This was my first Takom kit and I am impressed. I have since built some of their Panhard AmL 90 and 60 kits and they were great. I would be curious to know what the relationship if any is to the Hobbyboss kit of the later St Chamond. Regards Brian
  11. Thank you. I am aware this is a result which speaks more to the aesthetics of modern armour modelling than an authentic historical representation of the subject matter. I am also very glad nobody nitpicked about the fact that the colour scheme bears no resemblance to ‘Fantomas’ as I followed the Takom paint scheme instructions reasonably closely. The person who made the instructions obviously never looked at a photo of the tank. When I did look at the photos, I was struck by the very diffuse nature of the scheme which was painted by hand as you correctly pointed out. Maybe i
  12. Here is one I finished up last weekend and had running as a WIP over in the diorama section . Its Takom's 1:35 St Chamond (early) . See the thread here Nice kit only it was haniging around the shelf of doom for 3 years till a picture of Sitting Bull fell onto it ..... long story hope you enjoy it Regards Brian
  13. Here is a 1;72 scale Eduard Fw190A8/R2 Yellow 12 Werknummer 682958 Unteroffizier Paul Lixfeld, from 6.(Sturm)/ JG 300 at Löbnitz airfield , in December 1944. Beautiful kit let down by a weak undercarriage so I decided to stick it on a pole because why not? The heay weathering is authentic for this particular a/c . It features prominetly in 'Jagdgeschwader 300 Wilde Sau - A Chronicle of a Fighter Geschwader in the Battle for Germany. Volume Two September 1944-May 1945. reagrds
  14. Here is update; I repainted the entire thing and added some more figures
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