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  1. no idea but whi cares its worth seeing and liking twice !
  2. ahhhhhhh Hoegaarden white beer yummy.... the 109's are cool too but I have a sudden thirst comin on.
  3. Yup Portuguese Invaders are on the old list. Am reading up on them. Rather impressive what such a small country was able to develop tactial doctrine and build the air organisation around it.
  4. That is a very fine model of a very pretty aeroplane. You dont see many of these built up. Congratulations and you have learned the secret of modelling....not patience but persistence. If you are producing results of this quality after only your 6th build then you are well on the way to be a very fine modeller. regards Brian
  5. Thanks Pauly I have yet to see the blury fotos of the B25 but I have a photo of the other A26 so I will probably make that one as well. As for the other African conflicts if Helion Publishing keep pushing new titles I will be broke soon! They released 3 since Christmas. Their recent re-release of the Biafra title includes artwork and the B25 is on the cover. Anything new I do I stick it up on here so keep your eyes peeled. Regards. Brian
  6. Thanks for the information. I still kick myself for not getting it when it originally came out. In my neck of the woods its difficult to get hold of it. @danbuoy Idem ditto. There are second hand copies floating around but availability and postage tend to be an issue. Thanks for the tips
  7. Hell, I did too !!!! Great work as usual.
  8. Here is an Italeri 1:72 A26B Invader, Biafra 1967. The standard A26B was modified to represent the unique nose, the a/c had been used in France as a radar calibration/survey a/c. I had to improvise for the colours and decals. Both the rudder markings and the shark’s mouth being a mix of spray painting and decals. This was the colorful Johnny Zumbach's mount in the early stages of the ill-fated Biafran secession attempt. This is one of two Invaders operated by the Biafrans with help from their friends. Inspired by the Helion Publishing title "Biafra- The Nigerian Civil War 1967-1970”
  9. I am sorry but that tongue is just not long enough. You do Gene "King of the Nightime World" Simmons a grave disservice.
  10. you gotta lose your mind in Detroit Rock City !
  11. Link to newspaper article covering the events Waterford News 19th November . Scoll down to page 2 http://snap.waterfordcoco.ie/collections/enewspapers/WNS/1920/WNS-1920-11-19.pdf
  12. Hi there Old Man just repeating my privtae messag on the public board. If you see the chance to respond to my query 18 December that would be great. 


    Brian Kirwan  

  13. Very nice result on what must be a tiny model. I have my eye on these KP kits but like the one of the previous commentators I am to wait for the SH 1:48 kit. (Don't know why actually as I have a resin 1:48). As a matter of interest what araments were included in the kit? I take it that the decals don't include any of the cartoon figures featured on the tail of the IAC a/c ?
  14. Hi there Old Man I sent you a messag 18 december and see that you might have missed it. Would you mind letting me know please? Thanks in advance !  

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