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  1. Great skills on display here. Both the building and the painting are fantastic.
  2. I use Mr Surfacer. I have yet to paint over it but notice no real issue when handling the piece.
  3. Gents here is a quick update; I progressed to the gattling guns ; the support arms are upside relative to the orginal so that they rise over the cockpit and into the air. In the photo below you can see I hav started to pimp one gun but not the other just yet. I repalce the tubes with some tubing but still need to tidy up the fit . It will look something like this mounted onto a socket . And this is the collection of bits that will form the final product Thats all for now; I actually did a lot of work on the second gun on Sunday so I will post that up soon. Regards Brian
  4. Great job on this and appreciate it that you chose to do it in-flight. Regards Brian
  5. Looking good Dermot. The glasshouse is tricky indeed. Have to say now that I see the resin nose actually on the a/c she looks right in terms of overall length. BTW the panel line on the roof just in front of the intake I cant find on photos. And its a bitch to cover. I have one of these ex-IAC in the colours of Chile Navy but I used Roy Kinsella's resin nose.
  6. This is the Otis M Mecha which I bought the stl files from Industria Mechanica and printed. There were over 80 files in the set and it took me about a week to print including short-shots and replacements. It was was first serious sojourn into 3D printing with my Longer Orange but I enjoyed t and it was relatively easy to do, Anyhows having printed (bagged and tagged here under) and cleaned alot of the parts I came to the conclusion that I didn't want a standard Mecha with feet and wheels. I also had serious issues getting the pelvis printed. In the end I just took the best of a bad lot and milliputtied the gaps. This and the gatling gun were the most troublesome parts to print. I decided to do a static mecha in a bunker-AAA type setting. Above the packing materials form the 3D printer and an old lid of a pot. What you are looking at is the midsection of the mecha heavily modified to act as the body with retracted legs. All of the pimping and extra detailling has been coverd with a layer of MrSurfacer to even out some of the detail. I added alot and there is more to come in the form of piping and cabels. The cockpit was pretty dull out of the printer with little detail so I went nuts inthere adding in stuff most of which will be hidden .......... The vision port on top of the roof is the intake form a 1:48 Hurricane and most of the detail is just Evergreen. I will add more during the weekend as I am further along than what I show above. Regards Brian
  7. Great choice. There are only 2 kinds of modellers; those who havent built a FM kit and modellers.
  8. Nice work on that one Dermot. Great scheme and with the various scratch-building items you made something unique. regards brian
  9. Interesting subject Dermot , enjoying this taking shape. That old Airfix kit is a right dog of a kit though. Are you going to make up a vacum formed nose for this girl? If you kept the sawn off cap you can plunge mould acetate sheet and keep at it till you get something useable. Any how good luck and we will be following with interest, Brian
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