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  1. Dermot By the look of your progress shots you are doing what u need to do; long straight edges score and snap and small complex parts get up close and personal with the old Xacto knife and score and break them off - sand down the excess after removal from the backing sheet. There are not that many complex shapes in the kit anyway and white metal parts cover the smallest of them. For the internal bulk head you could always just make them up out of Evergreen instead of killing yourself getting them off the backing sheet? A quick outline on paper using the vacuform as guide and you can make up the parts out of sheet easy peasy and details will be sharper. BTW have dug out my copy of this kit and have started to cut out everything so this is all your fault. I did cheat thought as I also picked up the Mach 2 not-so injected kit which probably needs more clean up than the vacuum form kit. Also the Rareplanes has 2 copies of the cockpit windshield which will come in handy on the Mach2 kit as the clear parts are horrible.
  2. BKirwan

    Danish F100 ejection seats

    Thanks for the info gents. Just what I was looking for. Cheers Brian
  3. BKirwan

    Danish F100 ejection seats

    Danish F-100 Super Sabre used a Martin Baker ejection seat. Does anyone know which type of Martin Baker seat it was ? Thanks Brian
  4. BKirwan

    Canadian armour Battle of the Scheldt

    If you Goggle this in Dutch there are loads of sites. Using Google translate you should be able to figure out what's being said. Plenty of photos and film. Use the phrase "slag om schelde"
  5. BKirwan

    Mig 23 ML and Neomega cockpit

    hi I am building the 1:48 scale Esci /Italeri kit as a basis. Cheers Bian
  6. BKirwan

    Mig 23 ML and Neomega cockpit

    Just a quick note I recieved my Mig 23 Neomega cockpit to-day. It looks great, special thanks to Gordon who kindly sent on a free replacement when the first shipment went AWOL. I am planning on building a Angolan Mig 23 ML from the kit and am aware of the fact that it is a bit of a mongrel /mut. What kind of changes do I need to make to turn it into a ML ?l Thanks in advance Brian
  7. BKirwan

    German Ju-88G-6 in Ireland

    hi I am gathered some information regarding this a/c . Regarding the colour , probaly a combination of black for D5 and RLM 74 for the letters. However the black and white photos are not so clear that you can say for certain. Here is the rest of the info 5/ 5-5-45, Ju 88G-6, 621642 D5+DH of I/NJG.3, defection to Gormanstown from Aalborg,Denmark. Was one of a group of three. The others didn't make it. Theo Boeitin has a picture. in "Night Airwar" credited to Eric Bakker, showing crew in front of nose and port engine of the above (although it is identified as G-7) with an inset of newspaper report referring to Gormanston landing. The crew is identified in the caption as Ogefr. Kruschyna, Ofw. Herbert Gesiecke and Uffz. Schmidt. The pilot left Germany before the war and decided to live in South Africa. After he ignored his call-up to the German Army, he was set under pressure (I suppose a part of his family was still living in Germany) and so he returned to Germany. This plane was flown out form its airfield in Ireland by the British testpilot Eric Brown on June 2nd 1945. This episode is mentioned in his book "Wings of the Luftwaffe". The plane was described as a Ju 88 G6c. The plane was given the code VK888 and was in Tangmere for two years. (the picture from "The Captive Luftwaffe" is very probably this aircraft. It has the Schrage Musik in line and protruding quite far from just behind the cockpit as in the photo in p.70 of McCarron's "Wings over Ireland". There is also a photo of +GH on p.77 of Osprey "German Nightfighter Aces of WW2" by Jerry Scutts identified as a G-6 with exhaust dampers, Naxos and 20mm belly pack (showing the SN-2 aerials at a slant as in the Boeitin photo) ferried to England at end of the war. There is an account in Airlife Publishing "Wings of the Luftwaffe" by Eric Brown of ferrying WkNr. 621642 back from Gormanston (no mention of 'civies'). Some years ago I saw an article in what I think was The Irish Sword of the Gormanston stop-over, written by someone with access to first-hand accounts. In the IAC Baldonnel "Air Spectacular 2000" souvenir program there is an article on "Irish Skies in WW II" by A.P. Kearns, who was then researching a book on the period. Perhaps he could provide more info. I am curious as to your experience with the kit, I have built a number of Ju 88 in 1:72(AMT ERTL and Italeri). I have a Zvezda in the stash. I am currently working on a AMT ERTL G6 with the AIMS replacement cockpit and engines. Big improvemenet but I have alignment issues with the engine. Kind regards Brian