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  1. Great job. Tom Cooper wil be proud of you. Do you have any photo ref. as I haven't seen any PFM in Angolan colours before. Cheers Brian
  2. You might be interested to know that Gofasta was one of a number of Whippets stationed in the turbulent years of 1919-1921. She was photographed in a victory parade opposite Trinity College Dublin. See link for more details https://irishconstabulary.com/tanks-t1548.html
  3. Glad you like them ; late war camo ; fuselage RLM 76/81/82,wings RLM 76+81,used the brown version of this one instead of the green. The stripes on the propeller are visible on a number of photos of this a/c and other ones from the unit.
  4. Here is a 1:48 scale Fw190 A9 that I finished quite a while ago but never posted here. It’s the old Dragon kit re-boxed by Revell. I have a few of these in the stash but had never actually built one before. Kit had the extra broad propellers and the cooling fan with extra blades as well as the A9 hood. Despite its reputation the kit went together well only the finicky fit of the nose/wings (6 parts coming together) being a bit of a challenge. Finished in the brown rather than green RLM 81 just for the pure hell of it. Aircraft belonged to Ofhr. Wilhelm Ade of 2/JG1 stationed at Twente airfield (NL) January 1945. He was the sole survivor of his unit when they got caught taking off 4th January. They were pounced by members of the Canadian 401, 411 en 442 Squadrons 401. Ade survived his crash and his period of time in hospital thereafter probably ensured his survival at a time when the Luftwaffe was being slaughtered. Decals form Kagero's JG1 Oesau (Pt II). I am slowly but surely getting my way through the aircraft featured in these books. regards Brian
  5. Robert Thanks for the link. Great stuff. If you are interested in a forensic and dispassionate treatment of the material in general you could do well to check this out. https://irishacademicpress.ie/product/ambushes-and-armour/ Is quiet expensive depending on the format but well worth it. Regards Brian
  6. Nice finish on the old Emhar kit. I too have made one of these and they are a solid basis for turning out a Whippet, as already mentioned investing in the AA tracks isn't a excessive luxury. The Meng kit is expensive and these old designs lend themselves to the Emhar treatment. BTW also like the dio and the photo-trickery.
  7. For some reason or another last weekend I did something I have in 25 years of modelling never done before - fired a scratch-built steam-punk type model together. I was actually working on a Tamiya Fw190 A3 and I think I was so bored with how well it fitted together that my hand went a wandering. The main body part is the fuselage ventral fuel tank from the Italeri B-58 Hustler chopped off. I started with the pilots station using the 1:48 pilot from the Tamiya Fw190 kit and some bits of one of Revells Stars Wars kit's. The tail unit is also for the B-58, the wing units form a Su27 (or Mig29) and the cable cutters are from the Revell Type VII C u-boot. After that it's a explosion of parts from the spares box and Everegreen. Parts still to come including modified side fuel tanks and ventral fins. I am going to call the pilot the Commissar of Grievance as there seems to be a lot of them about these days ;( The pilot is 1:48 Luftwaffe (needing Borg type interface with the control panel ) and 1:35 head from Takoms St Chamond tanker with face mask and with a respirator, trunk and mohawk added for good measure. Will post update again later when closer to painting stage Regards Brian
  8. I recently completed the beautiful MB Austin MKIV armoured car in 1:72 scale and modelled it on a photograph of the same. The car is 2200 of B Company 17th(Armoured Car) Tank Battalion and was photographed in Ennis, Co. Clare Ireland in November 1919 at the height of the Anglo-Irish war. The kit features this and another 17th car based in Dublin in the same period featuring the "Up Sinn Fein" graffiti. Kudos to MB on their homework its a fantastic kit and loads of decals options. I bought another 2 kits and am gonna convert one into a Peerless. I added the headlight as its not in the kit. The diorama base and hump is a €1 jewelry box flipped upside down and the lid glued on top of it The bridge wall is made up using balsa foam and the bridge deck is a resin casting made using a silicon mould I bought somewhere. All figures are Presier Luftwaffe slightly adjusted not great but easier to work than the polyethene figures from Airfix. And just to made a little comical element to the scene I added the local Sinn Fein organizer illegally posting campaign posters onto the bridges sides. Hope you enjoy Brian
  9. Fw190 A3 White 12, Uffz. J. Rathenow 10/JG1 Holland( Delen) 1942 Here is a quickie I did last weekend and finished it up Friday evening. It’s the Fw190 A3 from Tamiya; if you want to do a quickie its got to be a Tamiya. Falls together and few parts. Easy Peasy. Decals are from Aeromaster (48095) JG1 . The aircraft is misrepresented as an A4 on the decal sheet but its covered in the Kagero and the Air War Classic publication ""Defenders of the Reich, Jagdgeschwader 1 Vol 1 1939-1942". Hope you enjoy
  10. Something went wrong with the edit so here are some more photos
  11. Quick update here I had set up the rear of the fuselage with some firewalls and rod to support the weight of the tail. After much sanding and reinforcing the plastic its beginning to look like a an aeroplane
  12. Nice result. Have to say the 410 has never done a ythi g for me emotionally but the 154 is beautiful. Also have the Hasegawa in the stash. How was the Owl kit? Worth getting?
  13. Brief update I got the fuselages halves together though it wasn't pretty. I actually made 3 efforts spread over a few days spent to keep the two halves together. Of course dropping the thing on the floor didin't help Apart form the small surface area available for gluing the actual underside ripped (yes ripped) when gluing together. Used Tamiya glue for bonding then back filling with Milliput for steps and structural shoring up and lastly liquid plastic( Tamiya glue with scrap evergreen) to fill gaps. The end result when everything has a few days to set is very strong fuselage. The final result so far Next up will be fitting the sponsons which house the undercarriage; these parts are both arcane in shape and ambiguous in fit And they will have to be fitted to along with the tail to form the main fuselage making this a rather large model More to follow as I am actually further along than the photos suggest
  14. Good overview there Dermot. I took out my kit last night to have another gawk at it. I can't quiet place the remark about the wheel well bays but will have another look. The models looks nice but as list above points to alot of extra work in it. Keep it up. BTW will be posting a Casa update over the weekend, the fuselage halves are closed up and the kilos of Milliput are holding!!!
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