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  1. Finishing a Broplan kit is an achievment all in itself. That is a very pretty model of an ATR 72. Congratulations I have been working on Casa 235 on and off for about a year now so I empathise with you. Welcome to the guild.
  2. Hubert Nice work on the model looks very good. And thank you for the photo's that clears up the matter. Cheers Brian
  3. Hi Graham I too pondered the very same question with regard to the Bulgarian colour scheme. The two colour scheme for the wings seems to be a more recent interpretation of the colour scheme as its not featured on the MPM scheme or many of the older art work pieces I have seen of the 135. Maybe some of the Bulgarians in here will know?
  4. Gents Just finished this one off the shelf of doom; the ancient MPM 1:48 Avia Av.135 vacform kit. It is actually a nice kit and I really enjoyed the build ; so much so it took me about 5 years to finish it. It was my first ever vacform and I learned a lot. Cockpit is scratch built as the kit parts are shoot ….Anyhows I also managed to lose all the extra rivet detail I put on the wings and made a royal cock-up with the vacumform cockpit forgetting to paint the coaming and putting the seat too far back BUT I did finish it in the colours its supposed to be in Czechoslovakia. Regards Brian
  5. Great model I have this one in the stash. How was the Micro Mir like to build?
  6. Elger Great intro and backround.Am looking forward to see how this shapes up. Veel succes! Brian
  7. Nice result . Israeli colour scheme is always attractive. What kit is this ? Eduard or Hobby Boss ?
  8. Great subject and an impressive result particularly given the scale. What did u use as the donor kit?
  9. I have one if these in the stash so I am interested in your experience with the Kenitic kit. The fit looks a little iffy but as the previous posted stated a bit of filler and u are good to go. Regards Brian
  10. Great old school modelling skills on display here. I have a soft spot for 1:48 Monogram stuff, well researched, solid engineering (pre-CAD era) good detail which lend itself to super detailling. Keep this up!
  11. That thing is a monster. The Invader is big in 1:72 but in 1:48 thats gonna take up a lot of shelf space. Looking forward to seeing how this develops. Its looking pretty good.
  12. Excellent finish on this kit. The under wing-intake joint is very difficult on this kit but u did very well. Complex joint. Ur NMF looks great on this bird. I am working on the SAAF version of this kit but got an extra Overtree kit in during the week (€8) and asked my 10 year old daughter to pick the colour scheme for the Overtree kit; and she picked the NMF option
  13. Hi Dazz Its a Bandai kit (0224023) so it pretty much clicks together effortlessly though the seams then need to be work away. I picked it up new at the comic shop at Christmas as a present for my son. It is an ideal model to do with kids as its quick to assemble but sturdy. Kit is somewhat basic in terms of details which is why we pimped it up.
  14. Gents I have been working on this fella on and off for the past two weeks with my 11 year old son. Got to keep the kids busy !!! We pimped the kit with stuff from the spares box and my punch+ die set. And then built a little vignette to set it all off Hope you enjoy Regards Brian
  15. Am just finishing one of these up in 1:48 scale in Border war livery. Its a sleek looking aircraft and you have done a nice job of it. Don't put it too far back in the display case.
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