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  1. Collin, I would not thrust 100% on the profile. Even if it's from a very reliable source. Tending generally to simplify my life, if you have in your book a photo of a 119 Sqn in YKW with 2 x GBU on the inner pylons, a single centerline tank and a 3x MK-82 bombs on TER's in outboards, I'm fine this way. It will be my definitive configuration. Beautiful, unusual and lethal, a true Hammer. A snapshot would be great, should you be so kind and if you think is appropriate. Owing you a beer from The Netherlands!
  2. Yes Collin, helps a lot. Thanks. This is the confguration I was looking info for. My intention is to build this aircraft using an old Hasegawa F-4EJ (sorry for the shitty quality photo; was taken by a mobile phone in very bad light conditions, but just to give you the idea):
  3. Wow!!! What great info! Thanks, thank you a lot dudes. Very appreciated.
  4. Hi all. I’m planning the building of a Kurnass, an Israeli F-4E, during Yom Kippur War in 1973. And I'm wondering what the loadout with GBU-8’s could be, for bridges attack operations. One each on the inboard pylons, gas tanks on outboard ones. But what else on centerline/fuselage stations? ECM pods, Sparrows and/or Sidewinders? Did the GBU’s need some typical ordnance connected? Wondering if exist any photo in that configuration… Thanks for reading!
  5. Really nice work! (small consideration: the correct denomination for Italian Air Force is Aeronautica Militare Italiana, not Aviazione; and Militare is without the i)
  6. Hi Mark. It's Fightertown 48-014 "VF-1 Wolfpack". Released in 2012.
  7. That's my Tomcat. VF-1, their second cruise on USS Enterprise, on 1976. A real joy to build this kit. Quickboost seats and Fightertown decals. The most difficult part was to find out a bird with Tamiya block 85 configuration (standard beaver tail and two-grills gun vent), but still with the tan radome. Thanks to Forums and to a dedicated Facebook group I found two, choosing Wichita106. Now I Iook forward to see a new release from Tamiya, in A late version. Hope you like it! Paolo
  8. Several different reasons to follow your last work, my friend! It's interesting to watch you dealing with such a beautie.
  9. Ciao Matteo! Really happy to find you here. I'm following your work with interest. Sincere congrats! Paolo
  10. I will follow with deep interest Haneto, toward the decision to buy the kit. I would take photos from a little behind. Subjects a bit smaller, I mean. Visibility and readability of the thread would improve a lot.
  11. rotaliscia

    Tornado Gr1

    I could be interested to the pylons and wing seals, Shaun. How can I get them?
  12. rotaliscia

    Tornado Gr1

    Great! I was searching for the same info: what Revell 1/48 kit to use, in order to have an Operation Granby bird. Better a GR.4 than an IDS, then.
  13. Thank you so much for the gooooood photos and the interesting duscussion popped-up!
  14. Hi all. Simple question. Do you have Phantom C/D photos in wraparound Europe1 scheme to share, please? Thanks!
  15. Yes. I have the ZM's J and C. Astonishing. But they cost more than 80€ each. That's why I would define cheap a secondhand J Hasegawa for around 25€. Thanks for the comprehension. But I think that the mistake in the tail was only by me. The instructions are correct. I took the (wrong) decision to glue the O2 part to the fuselage first. And I payed the toll.
  16. Really nice work Christer! I will follow with interest. Looking forward to built my C. But another one. I'm actually in the washing phase of a B, as a N and I can confirm all the "defects" already stated by Jeffrey. Silly interiors, nose shape (my personal opinion), nose a/c intakes, tailplanes, nose wheels, interior of intakes (to whom may care of), and REALLY bad intakes fitting. But the positive side is that it's a kit that improve your skill and your patience !! Do not make the same mistake I did. Part O2 goes on O1, as for instructions. Not to the fuselage back, as I did and that sounded istinctive to me (what a fool!). Otherwise you will end up with the same big issue I'm having now. Academy Phantom is a nice kit. Panel lines and surface detail in general are awesome. But for me one is more than enough. Still thinking that a good and cheap F-4C/D could come from a second-hand Hasegawa J, plus USAF parts coming from the spare-box, friends or aftermarket. I will stay tuned, sincere compliments!
  17. Another masterpiece, Piero. My sincere congrats! Would be nice to see some in progress pics, especially of the scratchbuild instrument panel and the unpainted fin. Please, do you have it? Looks great!
  18. Great! Do you have a personal plotter Enrico?
  19. Really nice Piero! As always, from your hands. Would be good to have some more photos, with a better light. Look forward to admire the model live soon. Ciao!
  20. Look forward to watch your progress here, Enrico!
  21. Another great work, Enrico. Good to see you here again. Again, my sincere congratulations!
  22. Hi all. I'm painting my Academy F-4B as an N and I need to know whether Navy Phantoms in overall 36440 had the red borders on doors and ailerons/airbrake, or not I know that a/c's in TPS scheme in Light/Dark Ghost Gray didn't had those red borders, but what about the transition period in overall Light Gull Grey? I'm looking for photos, without appreciable results. Someone can help? Thanks!
  23. Always a pleasure to watch your models, Piero. Great, as usual. I strongly hope to see it live in one of next shows around Rome. Take care, my friend! Paolo
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