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  1. Heres another angle of the construction In this shot you can see the cockpit area
  2. I started with the Formers ,glued the Longerons in place and this pic you can see the Stringers in place
  3. I built the fuselage some time ago and I apologies for not having detailed pics .The plans I used (got from the internet......real crap ones.should have got better ones,and later on in the build I payed for it as you will see )...anyway the plans were placed on a cork board and the balsa strips were pinned and glued over the plans untill dry....I'm sure you know how its done!!
  4. Hi everyone So I am recently new to this forum and have introduced myself in "Ready for inspection" with my Stuka.As I think I mentioned I normally make scratch built models and am not too sure how this project will go down with you guys! I decided to build this Lysander as I would normally do and it might be interesting to you how I attempt to put it alltogether!! I will not be using any after sales goodies for this build.The main materials used is Balsa wood,plastic card,paper card and wire.I shall be vac forming my own canopy,painting my own decals and consructing parts out of what ever I can lay my hands on!.I dont know why I picked such a hard subject to build except I guess I like a challenge and I'm a bit mad.........and ofcourse I like the Lysander! I am having problems with downloading photos so please bare with me(I am sure I will sort it out soon!) Here we go then..chapter 1.......................Here are some pictures of the Fuselage consruction.
  5. Hi guys I'll tell you I have never been welcomed like this before!!Thankyou so much Yes it is a dust magnet .......thats why I keep it in a big cardboard box.I'm thinking of trying to sell it or donate it somewhere because not many people are interested in models here in Bulgaria.....soooo I will have to try to bring it back to UK on my next trip home,but its packing it up to stop it damaging will be the prob!! Cheers FOZZY
  6. Hi you lot out there Yep your right!You don't know how much crap I had trying to use photobucket for the first time,it took me all afternoon .....however I will try to down size next photo I post..sorry guys!! Thanks once again for the remarks Fozzy
  7. Thanks once again everyone for making me feel so welcome to this forum and for all your kind remarks.This has fired me up to post my Lysander scratch build in works in progress Cheers Fozzy
  8. Hi Mike Not of this build Im afraid but I am going to post a thread in Work in Progress of a Westland Lysander I am in the middle of scratch building.......thats if I can download theses pics ...are they too big? Cheers Fozzy
  9. If any of you know this fantastic Airfix kit you will know that the kit comes with quite a bit of detail but absolutly nothing in the wings except the MGs and ammo boxes,so everything had to be scratch built!!
  10. Hi every one....Fozzy the Newbie here!! I wanted to get involved with these brilliant forums so I thought I would post some pictures of my Stuka that I made last year.I usually scratch build all my models but I wanted to do something special with this large scale kit...hence the Cutaway finish!.It took me about 9 months to complete and I would appreciate feedback....good or bad The biggest problem I have at the moment is trying to download these photos!!!.....anyway here goes. Here is an overall view of the model
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