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  1. The Magazine canisters were painted first and then placed onto the Carousel,see below.......... Time for my dinner! Will post more afterwards
  2. ..........and here we have the Gun painted. Here is the last picture..........
  3. The mags were made from plastic with strips cut from a beer can for the handles!!
  4. The first thing I did was to cut the shape of the main parts of the gun out of scrap plastic,then glued them all together.The Gun barrell was made out of Garden Twine and the gun sights were made from fuse wire.............heres the pics before painting
  5. Thanks Hazza So now that I seemed have fixed the picture problem we can get on with this build! I needed to Scratch Build the Machine Gun next so after checking the Internet for reference material I found some good pictures of the Vickers K Machine gun that was used in the back of a Lysander.So heres a couple of pics of my favourite scrap boxes,the contents I used to build the Machine gun......
  6. Hi Yes it seems that I have fixed the prob with photobucket for the time being by using a different server,so its on with this build!!
  7. Hi Mate Its sooooooooooooooo boring that Ive got a thread on my problems with PB in Site help and support!Suffice to say that it just dosnt bloody work!! and wheres your hat?
  8. Sorry but still having probs with Flikr photoshare.It seems to me that anyone can go to your photos from the link at the bottom of the picture .....and then simply delete/change/and add your own pics etc..........please don't think of doing it!!! its just not good enough!!I'll have to sort something out else this is the end of this build in this forum! Cheers Fozzy
  9. Heres a picture of the Carousel painted and installed...........
  10. Im having real problems with Photobucket so I signed up with Flikr and I don't know if this is going to work but I'll give it a go...... Carrying on with the Gunners compartment I made the Ammo Canister Carousel.As usual this was made out of plastic card.....now to try and download photo from Flikr Well that seemed to work,if not a bit messy with numbers and letters at the bottom(if only we could just tag from the computer)
  11. Does anyone know how to post pics from FLIKr onto this forum?..its driving me mad because Photobucket dos't seem to work anymore!!can anyone help please?
  12. <a href=" title="ly 132 by fozzy54, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4111/4950783851_fe2f3c6fa5.jpg" width="500" height="375" alt="ly 132" /></a> AS YOU CAN SEE I'M HAVING PROBLEMS!
  13. Oh bloody hell Campbell,you don't know how much you made me laugh with your last comments,I don't know if your taking the P*** or naturaly funny,iether way mate I love it! Foz
  14. These photo's show the map table painted and the Gunners seat in position. Will post more photo's later, Bye Fozzy
  15. The next task was making the Gunners seat.I built it in the folded away position.A couple of pics.Firstly looking up from underneath the seat..... and now a shot from the top of the seat.. At about the same time I made the Map table out of plastic and placed it in position
  16. You can see in these next few shots that I have done some work in the rear area(if you pardon my expression ) This is where the Machine Gun is stowed when not in use and there is a shelf where the ammo can carousel goes........... also in this pic you can just see the Radio electric board installed.Here is another view of the work done..... In this next shot you can see the TR9D Radio installed on the bottom shelf
  17. So now I have packed my wife off to U.K its time to get down to this thread!! Yesterday I talked about the crap plans and the problems relating to it today we will forget about that and continue I made some more equipment for the rear section,firstly the Radio electrical board which will fit on the starboard wall.The usual materials were used....plastic and wire Heres a pic when it was painted I also made a fire extinguisher.............
  18. Hi there Dr GN Firstly thanks very much for the pics, I can use them as I go along with this build and as for your question ref my Lysander the answer is quite simple really.Since the age of about 8 years old I have been making model kits and as I got older I wanted more of a challenge and so about 3 years ago I took up Scratch Building all my aircraft.I could have used the Matchbox Lysander but I knew this build would be a toughy and I guess I wanted to see if I could do it by entire Scratch Building.I guess time will tell I had the Airfix 1:24 scale Stuka and Spitfire from years ago so thats why I didn't entirely scratch build them. I'm rambling on a bit now so I'll stop .....hope this answers your question!!!! cheers Fozzy
  19. Cheers Campbell.....nice of you to say that the real Lizzie's Wheel Spats look like they have had a few bumpy landings but your initial thoughts were correct.....my wheel spats are rough and ready!!! but yes I'll keep on trucking....and my missus has got one of those Rusky hats!!not suprissing I guess as we live in Bulgaria! Cheers to Mish Fozzy
  20. ...........and then applied all the paint work.Here is the finished article.......... Now I have to pack my Wife off back to the U.K for a week!,So I will have plenty of time all week to catch up to get to where I am at the moment with this build...... Bye for now Fozzy
  21. Hi every one,that was a hell of a lot of bloody housework! This is where this whole project went in the trash can!!!....its my own fault....you see I didn't spend enough time on finding good plans for this scratch build,I got them off the Internet and the plans dated back god knows how long!! and everything was going fine untill it came to scratch building the cockpit areas.The area for the Gunner/Navigator just didn't look right!.....so after a few days with my knife and glue in hand I think I have rectified it to the best of my abilities!!but I'm sure the experts amongst yourselves can see many a flaw!! ..............Well at least I'm honest!I could of kept my mouth shut and just winged it!! Any how for those of you who are still interested after that"Bombshell"!!...........heres how I made the TR9D Radio that fits in the back on a shelf... First I cut out of plastic card the shape of the Radio...... ..........and then I glued on all the dials and switches.............
  22. The Fuel Tank as I said fits just behind the Pilot and this pic shows you it in place with a frame work above which will take the Map Table at a later stage.. I have been collered to do some work around the house so will post later on!!! Fozzy
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