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  1. Superb quality and variety of completed models .You must have worn out a few mm of your brushes. Please tell me which manufacturer, size and in what brush range gets your vote for the most outstanding brush of the year ? Cheers Alistair
  2. I have just read through the postings as I had never heard of the Sopwith Baby so clicked on your build to find out more. Fascinating kit and history of zeppelin warfare.
  3. Glad you decided to get this one off the shelf. I built one many years ago when it first came out. Could have been the trimester brand but same plastic After the Do17 this will be a dose of Plastic Prozac
  4. Hi John I to met Eric on his lecture tour at Yeovilton...wow for us aircraft modelers and any one with an intrest in flight it was an evening never to forget. I think Erics favourite aircraft was the Dehaveland Sea Hornet. I cannot find a 1/32resin Eric to go with the komet.
  5. I agree with Pete's assessment. There is a good chance that an all red example existed but I don't think there is any photographic evidence . No fuselage bands and only red ,yellow is on nose .
  6. Sounds good Greg . Has your new airbrush arrived yet . Can you keep the paint shop cool during your summer? I find mine only has the Goldilocks temperature once in a blue moon . If you do build avocet in 1/48 it won't take up much shelf space
  7. You hit the nail on the head Col. The ironic thing is that i started the Meng 163 as therapy build against my Classic Airframes Do17. Yesterday I got the wings attached and fuselage halfs joined so I can now feel the flow of endorphins kicking in . I will spend some time bringing the Hasegawa kit up to same stage of construction.
  8. Now that my Classic Airframes Do17 z has been sighned off in the Mediterranean Theatre of Operations (MTO) in WW2 GB III G/B i can divert my full attention back to the 163's . Both meng and hesgawa rocket engines are completed and painted . P1030576 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr Meng on right . Considering the small number of parts of the hasegawa Engine its a good representation with some good detail . The meng one has more detail but i dont know if it was worth the time taken to make it . The wings are ready to attach on the Meng . Wow have they put loads of thought into over complicating the construction . There must be dozens of ways that this could go horribly wrong . P1030575 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr parts c 11 and C12 need to be attached with great care as they can distort the fuselage makeing wing way out of line . Tail whent together easily . P1030579 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr This is all the meng kit . I should have done these two as seperate builds .. P1030578 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr The ammo has been painted as high explosive self idstruct with steel shell caseings . I dont think brass was used for the 30 mm rounds . P1030577 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr work bench prior to big wing attachment attempt tomorrow.
  9. Classiv Airframes Do17z North Africa 1941 P1030572 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030573 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030574 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030565 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr
  10. I'm going to call this one finished . I would only recomend this kit to people who like a challenge and dont have the newer ICM kit in their stash ( but do have this kit ) . I'm pleased to have completed it in time as i did get rather distracted by starting two Me 163's in the Interceptor G/B . Looking back i can see that i did spread myself to thin on 3 projects at the same time . This didnt alowe me enough time to interact to any degree with this G/B Im pleased with how its come out . P1030564 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030565 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030566 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030567 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030568 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030569 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030570 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030571 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030572 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030573 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030574 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr
  11. Now Sea and Greg , i'm a little confused . Are the last two posts from two kiwis who have just moved ? Perhapse there is a strange southern hemisphere regulation that means that when you move you have to change your name . Infact i like the idea of that , a bit like a snake shedding its skin .
  12. Now with a coat of Rlm 78 and a sparce patchwork of RLM 71 blotches P1030563 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr I have taken stock of all the littleish things that are still to do and chances have increased of a completion
  13. Hope your move whent well Greg .Hopr roads in your part of NZ are nice and smooth . No model collection wouls survive more than a couple of miles on our local Devon roads , Some of the pot holes will soon be visitor attractions . Got some RLM 79 on today before realising it should probably be RLM 78 so will do another spray tomorrow . Picture is with the 79 P1030562 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr its looking doubtful if i will get this one finished intime but there is a very slim chance .probably better than a fishing deal
  14. I coldn't wait to finish my Do 17z in the Med G/B before starting these two ,so now the bench is coverd in the parts of three kits . lucky the 163's are small. Both cockpits have been finished . i removed the molded on seat belts from the Hasegawa kit and replaced with a set from a Trumpeter 262 . P1030554 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr Hasegawa kit on left . P1030555 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr I have used some Airscale dials on both the haegawa and Meng instrument panels. Decided to make up both motors for a comparison . More parts make up the Meng motor than the total parts for the hasegawa kit . For difficlty of construction ans shooehorning lots of fiddly parts into a small space im going to give the Meng Motor 10/10 P1030556 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr meng on right P1030557 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030558 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr Nice dials but the artficial horizons are two large for the panels .
  15. More movement towards completion . P1030559 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr This has been one of the most difficult undercarriages that i have come across . Now securely in place with a coat of 02 on . Will spend some more time on it when iv done the RLM 76 .
  16. Phew ,im pleased this one got over the line . This was the only group build i voted for that got in . As it will be my only G/B for the year i will dig into my Planet models Luft 46 collection .
  17. I would like to propose that the Mankinies are 7/8 scale
  18. Good luck with your flat hunting Greg. Anything involving property in the UK moves at glacial speed apart from the time your solicitor sends the invoice. I have invested somany hours in cleaning off seams on the Classic Airframes kit that I could have built a small log cabin. Looks like we are about the same stage of construction as I will be getting out the rlm65 this weekend. Seriously all stages of construction are theraputic, just some are more theraputic than others.
  19. Snap! I bet the Flitter provides a challenge to get everything lined up
  20. Masking off all the glazing with tamiya tape took the best part of two days ,after which attaching part c5 and 58 took an age of dry fitting ,followd by much sanding and scraping to get a reasonable fit to the fuselage . This was probably the most tricky part of the build sofar . these parts have been permenantly attached useing both Tamiya exra thin cement and some super glue . the nose , main cockpit glazing and bottom glazing have been temporaly attached with Kristal Clear so they can be removed later for placement of guns . Engines whent on with little problems so now almost ready for the main paintwork . P1030552 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030553 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr have just gone over glazed areas with some tamiya 02 .
  21. Hi Serge . There is just a small section 0n the 263/ju248 developments running to just over a page . ,also a page on the Japanese development . Thanks Pete I Agree with your thoughts on the paintwork . Its a shame that the stencils are not clear . here is the article i found about the airframe flown at Wisley. https://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/5535-british-rocket-–-captured-me-163-meng-132/ Thanks Col Just carried out a dry fit on the haegawa fuselage and wings . looks like a good fit of these parts so this one looks like it will be a quickish build .
  22. I had first thouht of building the Meng models Me 163 in the markings of the captured airframe piloted by Eriv Brown in July 1945 . After some reserch i discoverd that this aircraft had its rocket motor removed and it was only used for glider tests . As i want to display the aircraft with its engine being maintained i have decided to do the meng kit in Luftwaffe markings . I will be doing Eric Browns aircraft useing the old Hasegawa kit . This one i will leave the engine out and if i can find a good resin 1/32 Eric brown ,he will be in the cockpit . P1030535 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030536 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030537 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030538 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr Probably going to be a slow start as iv got a Classic Airframes Do 17z to complete for the Mediterranean Theatre of Operations (MTO) in WW2 GB III .
  23. I have had plenty of time this week to move on with the major parts . P1030539 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030540 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr There have not been many places where a little filler has been needed but with the parts together im pleased with how everything lines up without any twists and bends . Just a few more parts to clean off ,and of course iv left the most difficult parts to last P1030542 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr Its going to take some care to avoid a Snap !
  24. More progress on the Do 17z The assembly has been fairly easy but has taken much trimming ,sanding and cutting to get the gaps that need filling in an area where few panel lines get damaged . The good thing about this kit is the thick plastic which alowes a good strong glue bond and sanding to blend in ridges etc . The main join junction to sort out P1030534 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr Top wing fuselage joint filled with plastic card and super glue/talk mix P1030532 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr I hope to get wheel bays finished today P1030531 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr P1030533 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr Cockpit and instrument panel completed . Hope to get cockpit parts attached tomorrow .
  25. That is a fine Luftwaffe equipment colectoin Dov . Is it yours cheers Alistair
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