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  1. This will be my first entry to the G/B . I had previously said i would be entering the MDC Arado 234 but when i examend the contents i found the resin glazing to be un useable and as i have not yet found a replacement i have decided to get this one done . Bought this on ebay over 10 years ago and its now a good chance to get it done . Many years ago i built the BV 155C from Fliger horst. It will be nice to have both together . The resin looks superb with only a few air bubbles . Decals are included ...i wonder if they will still work (or ever did )
  2. Thanks Col In the end i left the gun sight out as theguns had been removed and rocket moter /fuel tank too . Cheers Alistair Thanks Greg . congrats on your komet and well done for getting those forgoten masks out
  3. Bummer about the forgotten masks but model still looks fine. Congrats on completing it.
  4. The original point i was trying to make was that i recomend joining for just the magazine alone . Everything else is a bonus
  5. I joined the IPMS a few years ago to get the cheaper entry to the Telford show . Soon after joining i recieved my first copy of their magazine . I was extremly impressed with its quality and content . The latest edition has just landed on my doormat and again ,like all the others its superb. The IPMS is worth joining just for the Magazine and very good value . As an aircraft modeler its got lots to offer but also land ,sea, space ,cars ,vans bikes and figures . My congratulations and thanks go to the team who put the magazine together. cheers Alistair
  6. You could park it on your drive to impress your neighbours and friends . Sitting in your cupboard wont do that
  7. I know that darleks arent science fiction as they do exist but this seems the best place to put this post https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/keys-aylsham-salerooms/catalogue-id-srkey10459/lot-88fea02c-3655-46be-99e8-acd70128f497?utm_source=sr-newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=toppicks&utm_term=20210302-pr&utm_content=srkey10459-ctavl Exterminaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate
  8. Just got to the main painting stage on mine .Love the kit . Watch out for the engine cowling assembly as it is possible to do a faultless job with ease but even easier to totally cock it up .Not to many very small holes to drill . Cheers Alistair
  9. A Tail of Two Komets hasegawa and meng 1/32
  10. It looks like your getting loads of fun out of this project Stew .I'm building the ICM cr42 at the moment and it has loads of parrels to the Gladiator kit . I'm just gobsmacked how good the fit is and the excellent design of the parts. Your glass for the gun sight looks so realistic, an idea i will take forward myself. Looking forward to seeing how you tackle the rigging asiv never tackled this myself . Cheers Alistair
  11. https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/hansons/catalogue-id-hanson10305/lot-cc78b370-59f3-47ff-b3cc-acc9011276f2?utm_source=auction-alert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=auction-alert&utm_content=lot-image-link We are pleased to be offering a unique private collection of part restored V Bomber cockpits, along with many additional individual items from the collection. WE ARE INVITING OFFERS FOR THE 4 V BOMBER COCKPITS TO SELL AS 1 LOT. THIS IS OPEN UNTIL 23RD FEB. IF NO OFFER HAS BEEN ACCEPTED THE COCKPITS WILL BE SOLD INDIVIDUALLY AT AUCTION. NOTE THE BUYERS PREMIUM FOR THIS IS 15%+VAT. Cheers Alistair nb these are not mine
  12. I turned a hobby into a business over 30 years ago when I started selling surplus plants from my carnivorous plant collection .My passion and enthusiasm enabled it to expand and thrive. It funded my mortgage and cost of bringing up two children. Got 7 Chelsea gold medals along the way. I now look forward to end of this year when I sell the business and I don't have to think about carnivorous plants again.....ever , Making my models has been my passion for the past 20years and when in Bath its a model magazine I look at not a book on plants . Would be more than happy to move to a house with no garden. I know many people who have turned their hobby into their work and I always feel admiration for those that manage to keep their passion. They are few and far between , .Cheers Alistair
  13. I've been airbrushing for many years and luckily have never experienced stinging eyes. You are 100% doing the right thing in looking into the issue. Can you get prescription goggles? My wife has some for her scuba diving
  14. Thanks ,i willlook out for that . just completed the cockpit . Whent together like a dream . Looks like ICM have given us modelers a golden kit . The instructions too are clear and easy to follow .
  15. Nice one Pagey Great job on the paintwork on crew and aircraft . Im just starting the Falco version . Any tips for us starting the kit please . Cheers Alistair
  16. I some time make a cocktail of tamiya extra thin and Revell Contacta . i put a few drops of the Revell and then mix in the tamiya with the application brush . i often use this mix for wing joining where there is large broad areas for glue application etc .
  17. A timely lesson as I've got the yellow undersides of my Me 163 done in British captured colours of yellow .Your explanation is very well presented. Thanks for taking the trouble to post it Cheers Alistair
  18. Looks like a very simple kit. Will make a good contrast to the operationally version. Looks like a productive weekend would see it built and painted.
  19. So much in such a small space. Proves the saying that Big isn't always better. Looking forward to seeing your next masterpiece.
  20. Hi Greg . i,m going with 02 .Cant see this as bare metal as landing on grass would possibly throw up loads of crud intp the skid recess etc . Im going to heavy weather mine with chips and mud . Construction of both komets has progressed at a good pace Both nearing painting stage . Not sure if i should leave out the gun sight from Erics aircraft . Any one any ideas please . P1030584 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr Constructed some detail to the hasegawa kit as the skid bay is devoid of any detail and even a floor . P1030583 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr
  21. If only life was so easy . VAT . import duty ,they are like water of a ducks back to me . I run a small nursery business that specialises in Carnicrrous plants such as Venus Flytraps , Pitcher plants and sundews . Before Jan 1st to sell Venusflytrap to European Union £6 .00 plus post and packing . Now £6.00 for plant £ 145.00 phytosanitry certificate (plant health ) £ 75.00 CITES certificate as VFT is appendix B protected So now plant that cost 6.00 will cost £225 .00 plus post and packing cant see my EU sales existing for small orders anymore
  22. Over the past few weeks since the start date for this G/B was established iv been pondering which of my resin kits to undertake . When the idea for this G/B was mooted 2 years ago i think i put my name down with the idea of doing some Luft 46 aircraft , however the stars have lined up to cause me to have a change of plan . This will be my entry P1030580 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr It must be only a short time before zoukei mura bring out a state of the art kit .(just as they did shortly after i finished my Rutman henschel 129 AKA pig kit ) Its there to be built . I think when i got it when it first came out i didnt believe i had the skills to do a raesonable job .(pig kit gave me more confidence } All other projects will have easily been completed Its the right time of the year So thats it when i press submit Reply ,im committed
  23. I'v over done my paint mixing for the 163 every time so far as the do 17 took large amount to cover . At 1/48 yours will be minute quantities , even the rlm 76 .
  24. I bet that there aren't many little Airfix Henschel 123 looking better than yours.
  25. Your attention to detail and skill has resulted in a superb Hornet. One of the best I've seen
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