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  1. I would think that the future of our hobby may well not be jeopardised by the increasing price of kits but by the cost per square metre of display space, be that hanging from the ceiling or in display cabinets . House builders are increasingly constructing smaller housing . I guess there are many members of our forum who have large stashes of kits who can't afford the space to display the finished model . If you live in rented accommodation the problems of moving your completed kits at short notice must be a pain. Just remembered that any spare bedroom doesn't become available because the kids can't afford to leave home . OMG if your lucky enough to have a stash and no loft !! On a positive note 1:144 scale can solve some problems. Alistair
  2. A push on the Hit button from me . As the price inflation is large it does help me in justifying to my Wife that my stash is a better investment than Bit coins or fine wine .
  3. You have captured the atmosphere of the awfulness well, Terror for those of both sides ,
  4. Got to get myself one of those 4/1 scale hands . It looks incredibly realistic and you have weatherd it well to show the ageing . A great way of makeing the models in it look small . Are they available second hand Cheers Alistair
  5. Special Hobby are one of my favourite manufacturers so its nice to see their latest generation of kits being built. Things don't look to be going well for the RAF according to the box art
  6. Mine has just landed around 10 mins ago . The blue steel missile is about the same size as the 1/48 Airfix 109 im building now!
  7. Chapter two......Feeling Deflated All was seeming to be gooing well ,if at a snails pace when gravity suddenly poped its head up and anounced that Airfix had provided weighed tyres . All well and good for an aircraft on the ground or an aircraft in flight with its undercarriage up but no use to one with its undercarge down but the aircraft in the air . I shall be writing to Airfix HQ to register a complaint about their glairing ommision . First thoughts were to buy some after market resin ones . cheapest ones i could find added up to around £10 for two pairs . this was just about the same price as the heavy discounted kits . Seems daft to double the price of the build with just a few wheels . I have spent a bit of time comming up with a solution to de weight the tyres . Ie take out the bulge and make them round. I sanded off the bulge ,glued on a strip of plastic card ,sanded back the card and then rescribed the tred. Just under half way . The money saved has alowed me to order 4 sets of Propblurs from the US .
  8. Well I just happen to have 4 spare centre sections if you want one pm me your details and I Will pop it in the post
  9. That is a beautiful job you have done there Craig . The weathering looks realistic .Seriously theres nothing not to like . Im miles behind with my Airfix builds but inspired to press on by yours cheers Alistair
  10. Love it . Worth ten Bitcoins at least . Cheers Alastair
  11. Zombie -Manga Pilots I think im pleased with how they came out as long as they dont come and eat me . Anti gravity devices now attached with bionic bonding agent to each aircraft .
  12. Looking forward to seeing the worn/scuffed paintwork .
  13. Wise words from sampanzer aka Grasshopper , Britmodeller can claim to cater for our Modelling , spiritral and philosophical needs
  14. I'm doing an Airfix 1/48 109 four aircraft production line building straight from the box and it feels like an age since I started, very nice kits and I'm sure there are some economies of scale .There is a shed load of yellow to paint and this is where I see the production line paying dividends. Looking forward to seeing your resin pits painted up Cheers Alistair
  15. Maybe one day the world will come together in a contented harmony ( i was going to use the word perfect but dont want to rip off a karen Carpenter ) united by Toilet humour . All the others will have to live on Mars
  16. Corsairfoxfouruncle we better keep it more serious. Im not sure they do toilet hummer as far North as Salisbury
  17. Ok iv just googled “Don't pull an Elvis” ...how sad am i
  18. Thanks Ozzy . With an E1 two E3's and an E4 theres more e numbers than in a BigMac (Please McDonalds dont sue me ) Thanks MM it does seem to move but ow so slowly. it seems about 1/4 speed of other builds iv done . han#vnt worked out why yet
  19. Neil ,you got the answer in one . The Gruppenkommandeur and his Adjutant are flying in the same sortie . No one has found out why , speculation suggests it was a mistake.(all the records mysteriously vanished soon after) A landing scene would be neet but what if they didnt land in such close formation it could make the diorama excessively large to cover the time difference Seriously im never afraid to use artistic licence and never let my ignorance hold me back . for the past week iv put in loads of hours and feel im making very slow progress . has taken an age to clean up all the parts . i have at last got to the point of the first painting . I guess my build so far has had its direction leading to the most efficient use of a mix of Tamiya 02 . After paintin the 02 i will be attaching the levitation devices to each aircraft.
  20. Nice interior . the Revell Anthracite looks fine . If getting to know your airbrush at this time of year with high humidity make sure you have a moisture trap . cheers Alistair
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