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  1. Hi Mike, Have you tried contacting Ross Watton direct to see if he can let you heve larger versions of his drawings? Cheers, Dave
  2. Hi Rob, sorry for the delay in responding. I've not forgotten , but I've been a little distracted lately! Cheers, Dave
  3. Hi Mike, very impressive. I assume this is a ruse to keep out of the way of all of these grockles flooding your area> I'll PM you later, Cheers, Dave
  4. Many thanks Tim. Some good information. Dave
  5. Hi, the hull conversion is pretty straightforward. There are a few websites that I used for information, and the results of my "becalmed" efforts are here : There are also a couple of essential references, Flower Class Corvettes by John Lambert and Les Brown (Ship Craft series) Warship Perspectives - Flower Class Corvettes in World War Two by John Lambert. Hope that helps, Dave P.S. This Website is useful> https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/theflowerclasscorvetteforums/flower-class-corvette-images-f70/
  6. Hi Tim, Many thanks for that. Looking forward to reading the articles. Cheers, Dave
  7. Eagle, Illustrious (or one of her sisters) Hermes, Forth.?
  8. Thanks for the tip Geoff, but I think the difference in scalewill be vry obvious against the waterline. I'll just have to find someone with an Alps type printer. I have had decals printed before, so I'll have to produce the artwork. I'm a bit slow in updating the pictures, but I hope to get some on this weekend. Dave
  9. Hi, Dose anyone produce decals in 1/144 Scale for the Draught Markings on Flower Class Corvettes. Both Black and White are required for some of the paint schemes. I could print my own in black, but I don't have the ability to print in White. Dave
  10. As promised, the rebuild of the bridge superstructure, and the welldeck bulkheads. I think there is an improvement, at least the angles are closer to true! Cheers
  11. Hi Niall, My thanks for the suggestion. I haven't adopted that method this time, as the wheelhouse has to support the compass platform Cheers, Dave
  12. Hi, I had a good close look at the work I'd done so far , and binned it! The well deck structures were not square, and the wheelhouse was oversize! I've ripped the lot off, , and I've finished the new well deck structures. Now for the wheelhouse! I'll get some pictures posted on Monday.
  13. Thanks Guys, no pressure then! Just noticed on the pictures that I'd dislodged a couple of the window bars on the wheelhouse. I had to make a new wheelhouse because the Revell item has eight windows across the front instead of the seven seen in photographs. The injections went well today, so I should be able to get some more work done tomorrow. Cheers
  14. Hi Jeff, Some pictures added. Hope to add more this week, when my eyes recover from injections!
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