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  1. Alfisti

    WNW 1/32 Albatros DVa

    Very nice Pete,thanks for sharing. Dave.
  2. Surprisingly,about 15 mins per funnel,with the help of a mini sander to reduce the underside,then a new scalpel blade to thin down as much as I dared,(did make me sweat a bit,especially when the blade had a mind of its own!)the grid pattern.Not as fine as etch pieces,but I'm happy(ish!) with it,and it does'nt look too bad once painted. .........Dave.
  3. Tried fusewire,too bloody fiddly,so cut and sanded around kit guards. And after a coat of paint. Dave.
  4. Alfisti

    WNW 1/32 Albatros DVa

    Cheers Bob,wilco. ........Dave.
  5. Alfisti

    WNW 1/32 Albatros DVa

    Hi Pete,how many buckles do you reckon I'd need for my Alby(with a few spare for my voracious carpet monster!).Interested in his pre-cut tubing too,what length would you advise on,or if Bob is looking in,maybe a few pointers. ...........Dave.
  6. Alfisti

    Airfix 1:72 Avro 504K

    Very nice looking 504 Deacon,that prop looks great.What paint did you use for the CDL underside as I'm after that colour for a Strutter. .......Dave.
  7. Alfisti

    WNW 1/32 Albatros DVa

    Pete,thats looking real good after that hard landing,great looking wood finish too,looking forward to your efforts with the rigging,are you using 'Bobs Buckles' as am interested in their products. .........Dave.
  8. Thanks for that,will have a trawl. Dave.
  9. Many thanks to Nick for the interesting info and photo's,most informative article. ............Dave.
  10. Hi,can anybody point me in the right direction with the mods needed with this kit to update her to her 1960's/70's configuration? TIA........Dave.
  11. Alfisti

    Centurion Mk.3

    Ah yes,just re-read my ref source,indeed they are and were introduced with the mounting of the 50cal ranging gun.Thanks for the correction and apologies if this caused any confusion. ..........Dave.
  12. Thanks Edgar,much appreciated. .........Dave.
  13. Can anybody help me with details of the presentation font style of this Spitfire named 'Burbage',that was flown by Mungo-Park of 74 Sqdn.I did have a photo of the wreck that partially showed the style of writing,but when my hard drive went TU,the image was lost(yeah,I know,should have installed an external drive,doh!).Have googled the interweb but can't find the image.The font was similar to italic type script. TIA........Dave.
  14. Yes,its a good article,makes me want to go out and buy a Fencer,even though Soviet stuff not usually my bag.Brick article good aswell,got the Airfix 48th in the stash with a load of goodies to mess with,but must resist starting it as I've other kits (3) on the bench to finish before I open another box,oh yes,and Telford coming up soon,drat! Dave.
  15. Hi Ashley,wings fully extended it measures out at approx 361mm.September 2010 issue #62 of Model Airplane International has a build article. Dave.
  16. Hi MTD,glad to be of some assistance in your request.I wish Airfix well too in the launch of their new mag,and like you,I have many fond memories of reading avidly through the old Airfix mag from the 60's/70's that got the creative juices flowing.The other day I was unpacking some stuff after moving house 7 years ago,and found my old 'How to go plastic modelling' book by Chris Ellis,I received this as a Xmas present in 1968,it cost 25/- (£1.??,can't work this new money out,Lol!),did it bring back some memories browsing the pages,ah,nostalgia isn't what it used to be. Dave.
  17. Cheers Kev,cut the funnel guard out OK,but it was like trying to tame a spider,messed it up trying to shape it.Thinking I'll have to go down the stretched sprue or fuse wire route,ah well. Dave.
  18. Wondering if anyone out there can help me depict funnel guards for the Trumpeter 1:700 HMS Hood.I'm attempting to build this for a friend's 60th birthday,and I don't usually build ship models,and I've hit a stumbling block.I've got a GM etch set,but I've gone and totally screwed up one of the funnel guards,pesky little things.Is there another method I could use to depict these,or should I just stick with the kit supplied item?Any other hints and tips on using this etch,especially the cranes and aircraft catapult,they look quite daunting. TIA...........Dave.
  19. Alfisti

    WNW 1/32 Albatros DVa

    Yes,had a right palava with PF over paying the VAT,they stated that I would have to pay the complete charge as their system couldn't accept part payment of just the customs fee.They delivered and I handed a cheque over for the VAT,and still not paid PF's 'handling' charge from 2 months ago.I threw the legal bit at them,and also,if you pay postal charges,surely this should cover all their costs.Ah well,its here now and what a beauty it is,want a whole Jasta now.I have a friend whose sister lives in NZ,perhaps I can cajole her into bringing over a suitcase full next time she visits,Lol! ........Dave.
  20. Alfisti

    WNW 1/32 Albatros DVa

    Hi Tango,I've just bought one of these,so will be following your build with interest,the wood stuff looking good. Unfortunately I got stung by ParcelFarce,the customs duty was £9.27,and PF wanted to charge me £8.00 handling fees,there is a higher fee of around £13.00 for delivery next day. OK,don't mind the customs charge,but PF's handling charges are highway robbery. Dave.
  21. Alfisti

    Centurion Mk.3

    Hi,the fins you mention were for sighting by eye by the commander for the canister rounds at close quarter.HTH. Dave.
  22. Thanks for the info chaps,most helpful. Dave.
  23. Just had alook at the site Mike,a bloody minefield of info but I think its given me an answer,many thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Dave.
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