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  1. Alfisti

    Omani Hunters

    Hi,this link may answer some of your query regarding Omani Hunters Linky Page down to 1975. Dave.
  2. Alfisti

    Revell 1/28th D.VII

    Hi Jack, that looks good.Can you remember which issue of FSM that was in?I used to have the article in question,but its gone walk-about,and I've got a friend who has all the FSM mags and I can ask him to loan me the relevant copy. TIA...........Dave.
  3. Nice work there,I too was hooked on buying this recently,only having a little trouble on the stern plate with a few gaps to fill.Another problem I have is with the CH-53 chopper,the engine intakes seem to be wrong when I have offered them up to the fuselage,but yours look fine,how did you achieve that if I may ask. Found this great site LCS ships,some nice shots showing details missing from kit,but don't look as you want to preserve your sanity for an OOB build! Dave.
  4. Oils take a while to dry as Pete and the oyhers have pointed out.I always squeeze a blob of the desired oil colour onto a piece of cardboard or thick paper and let it stand for about 20-30 minutes before applying to the surface to be covered.This helps absorb the oils in the paint and speeds up drying time,but I still leave it for at least 2 days before I attempt to touch it.I also paint a small unobtrusive test area on the model at the same time,and then check that before commencing further to detrmine if its OK to proceed with the model further. Dave.
  5. Ooops,sorry for that,thanks Mike,I see where I went wrong with that. Dave.
  6. N guage is compatable with 1:144.You could also try Scale Link who provide figures and cars in N,but their range also covers all the popular scales,well worth a look.Scale Link Dave.
  7. Thanks Lothian Man,perhaps I can trade in my 'Of Struggle and Flight' book by Karlis Irbitis,last seen on Amazon going for about £250 for one of those titles that you mentioned,Lol! Yes,intrepretation of old black and white photo's can be fraught with difficulties,I'll have to see if there is anything about the Junkers in the book I've mentioned. Dave.
  8. Thanks Jack, will have to look out for the book at the Milton Keynes show.Some nice looking models too! Dave.
  9. Recently bought the 48th scale Roden Junkers D.I early long fuselage kit.Are ther any alternatives to just the 2 tone mauve/green schemes that may be applicable?Have 'googled' for some schemes,in particular a three tone variation,but haven't been able to find definitive answers. TIA........Dave.
  10. Hi Larry, don't know if this info will be of any use.Ex SAAF s/n 6458 Ventura PV-1P was sold and stored at Chandler Memorial airfield,Arizona.But,this and a load of other aircraft were moved or sold for scrap several years ago.Don't know if 'Googling' it may produce more info on the aircraft and its equipment. Dave.
  11. 1/144 Bristol Brittania,first plane I ever flew in and nearly poo'd my pants when I saw the wings moving about in flight. 1/48 S6B,sex on floats. 1/35 Stalwart,happy memories and grease upto the armpits when in Germany. 1/350 Ark Royal IV. 1/35 LWB,SWB and Air Portable Landies,more happy memories. 1/35 multipose Brit Army figures (Korea to present day!). One can but dream.........Dave.
  12. Looking reeeel good Pete,looking forward to the rest of the project. Dave.
  13. Chris very kindly sent me samples of these sections,and I can confirm that they look very good.Well done Chris,and many thanks for sending them to me,I owe you a beer! Dave.
  14. Hi Pete,its just an Albatros without the steroid treatment.Look forward to the build.In this months Airfix mag there is a build article on the kit too,well worth a look. Dave.
  15. Alfisti

    Nieuport 11

    Damned good show 487,most pleasing to the eye.Yes,nice work on the fabric surfaces and the colour finishes. Dave.
  16. Hi Chris,most impressive stuff going on there,and its given me some insight into how I can construct some for a project I have in mind.2 questions if I may,what dimensions are they,and does the plaster stick to the wet-n-dry in the mould? Dave.
  17. Man,that looks real good Pete,is it subliminal advertising,got a terrible craving for mint imperials after looking at it for a while. Dave.
  18. Just bought mine,another very good issue.Interesting reading other genre modelling,well laid out and informative.Some stunnining Tiger Meet schemes,loved the scooter and the tanker painted in tiger stripes. Dave.
  19. Hi Chris,try asking on the MilMod website Here Dave
  20. Hi Pete,looking real good,a most impressive and striking scheme,glad you went for the full monty.Did you use much setting solution?Must get me some of Rowans stickers too. Dave.
  21. Oops,snuck in under the radar Pete.Very nice! Dave.
  22. John (Viking),nice looking pair of Halberstadts Mark,SAMI ran a series of 5 articles on scratchbuilding a Cody Flyer that detailed the wing building process as the guys have pointed out here.They started with the August 2008 Vol 14 issue 8 mag,you should be able to obtain back issues. It was indeed that book by Harry Woodman,and I think its available as a free download somewhere,it contains many useful tips and ideas and well worth checking out. Dave.
  23. Thats large,but I actually meant an airship Lol! Now thats made me think about Warnes parasol fighter that took on those behemoths,make a nice kit that would. Dave.
  24. Now an HP 0/400 would be impressive and a very tempting buy.How big,in 32nd scale would a Zeppelin Luftshiff be? Dave.
  25. Just picked this up from Smiths.Mag seems to get better with each issue,informative and easy to read (not too much of that 'arty' style printing on coloured paper that makes it harder to read for an advanced in years fella,Lol!).Another interesting Valiant article,2 build articles on the Albatros,Airfix 72nd D V and Eduard 48th D III,wood grain painting,72nd build of DC-3 Dart Turboprop,AM resin parts how to,Hobby Boss Me-262A-1A/U4 build,Airfix 1:350 HMS Trenchard sub build,Realspace Models 72nd Mercury Redstone rocket build,Victory Miniatures 120mm Falklands Royal Marine build and DPM camo painting. Dave.
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