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  1. Hi Crisp, wonderful build and some truly great detail going on here. Just thought I might mention a potential problem,one that I have encountered anyway.Part C07,the tail plane is slighty warped,in my issue of the kit,hopefully this is not the case in all models!Then,if you want to pose the elevators in the down position,this is nigh on impossible as the kit stands,it needs some minor modification.Parts E08/09 which are the tail plane supports need the triangular piece(actuator?) filing down to accommodate the drooped elevator.I also filed down the locating lugs that fix inside the rudder to a round section,and also filed off the locating tabs on the tail plane,this I found allowed elevator droop. Hope this may be some help to you and other modellers building this kit. Dave.
  2. Leicester WH Smith had a load in last Thursday which is where I bought my copy.Popped into local WH Smith in Hinckley on Friday and they had just had a delivery of approx. 5 copies,but these were all gone on Saturday.
  3. Very good read and build this month on the new Airfix 72nd scale Phantom FG1.And to top that off,a build story showing how to construct a catapult deck section to go with the new kit.Most enjoyable issue.
  4. Apparently its made from GRP around a metal frame.It was refurbished last year.It sits on the roundabout between Lutterworth and Rugby,only a 5 minute walk from the Fox Inn at Lutterworth. Dave.
  5. Just seen this,incredible,and have you seen their negative feedback,2,388 in the past 12 months! Dave.
  6. Ah yes,what memories,built this when it was available with the C-130 Hercules kit.There is/was a 1:32nd model available from David Parkins Flightline range for around £100 that was produced in resin. Dave.
  7. Yes please,that looks really cool,as does the rest of the build.Excellent stuff. Dave.
  8. Very nice Chris,but can I ask,what was the offensive armament and how was it deployed? Dave.(A land lubber!)
  9. Nice to see this back again,can't believe its been that long ago since it was 'shelved' for want of a better word.Like the wing surface effect,am contemplating sanding down the Airfix HP 0/400 planks to a more aerofoil section and this gives food for thought!Keep up the brilliant work. Dave.
  10. Hi Marty,try this link for figures;http://www.ww1aircraftmodels.com/ Good site for WW1 modelling and shopping. Dave.
  11. Hi Alan,nice build going on.Did you have any issues with the wheels at all,have read that they can be a bit problematic!Like your thinking on the track runs too! Dave.
  12. Hi Alan,very interesting build,sorely tempted by this kit,you are making it hard to resist lol!Oh,and don't you ever sleep? Dave.
  13. RIP Wolfgang,indeed a great legend gone but not forgotten! Dave.
  14. You could try L'arsenal who supply 1:400 etch detail sets.They have a direct link to their shop in the traders section. Dave.
  15. Hi Chris, nice build.Have you checked out the build article by Steve Zaloga in Military Modelling for June 2015,good article with some very interesting shots of A7's with the front and rear panels dropped and roof removed from the command cupola.Opens up the area even more to see the detail. Dave.
  16. Couple of questions for Dave Swindell from a total land lubber on your interesting post about chains.What was the 'kenter' shackles purpose?What is the meaning of the wording'1 shot,2 shots etc'? Ray,thats a great build going on,nice attention to detail. Dave.
  17. Just found this on YouTube,and apologies if its been on here before, about the restoration of a Gipsy Moth by Channel 4's Salvage Squad.Its in 4 parts and very interesting,especially showing the wing covering and doping. Dave.
  18. That looks great George,well done,and the icing on the cake was those little fiddly bits that sets of the model nicely,Lol! Best wishes to you and her indoors,lets hope for a speedy recovery after her op.You will know when she's better,the nagging starts again lol! Dave.
  19. Great news on WEM products.Its been announced on WEM's FB page that Toms Modelworks are taking on the etch and resin range of products. Dave.
  20. Got to agree with Chewitt,and they are like a magnet drawing me in,have to keep looking at them. Have got the Kagero book,and another good tip Ingo,thanks. Dave.
  21. A couple of years to retirement,should have plenty of time then,hopefully,if I'm not already gaga,they'll help on the way to complete madness.Another problem is that Trumpy have produced a 1/700th Dreadnought,and I'm feeling tempted,its such an iconic ship I just can't help myself! Had a word with the Pontos guy at Telford asking about the detail set for the Trumpy kit and he just said that its on the drawing board still.They are beautiful sets,expensive yes,but the detail is astonishing.Just put on the wood deck,nice but fiddly IMO,think I'll paint on the others,we'll see. Dave.
  22. Know where you're coming from Beardie Lol!I suppose they do add a little more finer detail,can be painted in a different colour off the model and stuck on after the main paint scheme is applied,especially in the case of the inspection covers that were usually left in the grey green colour! Dave.
  23. Lol!Sorry Keefr22,have 3 (I must be bloody mad!) Dreadnoughts to tackle,just started the Zvezda kit with a Pontos detail set which includes the aerial spreaders and a bucket load of other etch It will be interesting to see who takes on the WEM line when everything settles down,it would be a shame if they disappeared.A Russian company,North Star also produce Dreadnought etch sets. Dave.
  24. Very nice Ingo,well done.And a great tip on doing the aerial spreaders,I'd been wondering how to tackle those little suckers, and your method has provided a solution.Did you space the starfish by eye or use some form of template? Thanks for your effort on getting WEM to bring them out,fortunately I ordered 2 sets before their unfortunate demise. Dave.
  25. Boy,that Duellist set would be a nice Christmas prezzy,but I don't think her indoors would cough up that much.Got a friend who wants 4 Felixstowes,think he'd better start doing some overtime! Dave.
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