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  1. Latest scam concerning motorists.Insurance companies have gotten wise to 'crash for cash' scams,so the criminals/lowlifes have come up with a new way to target unsuspecting drivers. A gang member hides inbetween parked cars,when a car passes,they throw something at the passing car that creates a noise.The unsuspecting driver thinks he has hit a stationary car. Other gang members are in a car following the unsuspecting driver,and then flash their lights/sound horn and gesticulate for the victim to pull over.They point to a wing mirror hanging loose on their vehicle and possibly other damage.They state they would rather not go through the insurance,and ask for cash,usually approx £200.Victims have been known to drive to an ATM to withdraw cash to pay these 'scutters'.They put pressure on the victim to pay,but the advice is to take photo's/video's of the damage and the crims(they don't like their picture taken for obvious reasons!).If in any doubt as to the validity of their claim,you feel pressurised,call the police.Apparently they are targeting young drivers who are frightened of going to their insurance company for fear of bumping their premiums up.They are also targeting the older generation hoping to confuse. Take care out there,stay calm...............Dave.
  2. Loads of thanks to all who turned up at show,traders,clubs and individuals that made the show a great success.Enjoyed meeting friends and acquaintances old and new, Pete in Lincs,great to meet and talk. Dave.
  3. I still take Scale Aircraft Modelling and Airfix Modelworld,both very good content IMHO.I also subscribe to Scale Modelling Now,an online modelling site which boasts a wealth of info for modelling aircraft amongst other subjects,with quite an extensive walkaround librarywhich for £15.00 per year represents excellent value for money. Dave.
  4. Frantically leaving the scene of a road rage incident???
  5. A week to go,so a bit of a bump.Web page and Facebook pages have been updated with latest trader and club attendees. Please note:CASH ONLY FOR ENTRANCE TO SHOW PLEASE. Thanks for your understanding. Dave.
  6. Just a small bump,and a notice that could clubs that are attending bring their own chairs as there has been an issue with the seating that is available.Traders will not be affected,but are more than welcome to bring their own chair,be it a recliner,small sofa,chaisee longue,etc etc. . PLEASE NOTE:CASH ONLY FOR ENTRANCE TO SHOW,the club has not the facilities to accept credit/debit card payments.Thanks for your understanding regarding these matters.
  7. Alfisti

    Model Shops UK

    Popped into B and H Models,7 The Strait,Lincoln yesterday.Fairly good selection of kits,good selection of paints/tools and other paraphenalia associated to modelling.They also cater for railway,diecast,RC and slotcars.Its a veritable little rabbit warren of rooms.
  8. Bit of a bump, CASH ONLY FOR ENTRANCE TO SHOW.this is only relevant for entrance to show and does not reflect on traders selling their wares,traders will have their own methods of payment for goods. In addition to the free parking on council run car parks,there are 12 electric car charging points on the Hill St car park that is situated to the side of the leisure centre.
  9. Club webpage has been updated with latest trader and club attendees. Please note;CASH ONLY ON ENTRANCE TO SHOW!!!The club does not have the facilities to accept credit/debit card payments.This does not mean that traders cannot accept your hard earned by these methods.
  10. The club web page has been updated to show the traders and clubs that have been booked into the 2023 show.Details are also on the Facebook page for the club. Dave.
  11. East Midlands Model Club would like to announce their show on Sunday 2nd April 2023.This will be at the Hinckley Leisure Centre,Argents Mead,Hinckley,Leics,LE10 1BZ. Doors open at 10.00 and the show ends at 1600. Admission prices are; Adult.....£5.00.Child (under 14)+ Concession.......£3.00.Family.......£10.00.Please note:Cash only on the door,the club does not have the facilities for taking card payments! There are ample FREE car parking areas around the centre,no charge in public spaces on Sundays. There is catering facilities at the centre,but there also cafes/snack bars/public houses around the show venue for those wishing to partake of these establishments. Futher details and booking in details for clubs and traders at the show can be accessed on the clubs website at www.eastmidsmodelclub.co.uk or their Facebook page.
  12. Alas there will be no competition at the show,this is due to unavailabilty of a stand alone room to hire and reduced resources. For those needing to fix the kit buying bent,and require cash,there are several ATM's dotted about the town near to the leisure centre. Big boys breakfasts (and lunches!) are available at the new 'Corner Cafe' which is just down from the centre,opposite the old corner cafe.The new establishment has facilities larger than the old premises better able to cater for the ravenous masses
  13. Alfisti

    COPD suffers

    I find that trimming the butterfly tree can really irritate and incur a reaction with my COPD.Everything else,including enamal and thinner fumes don't affect me,(no mask,love the smell!)reactions are down to the individual,and possibly the severity of the problem.I do find that I cannot walk as fast I was once able too,and if I walk into town,a distance of 2 kilometres,I have to have a few minutes respite approx half way through the journey. Dave.
  14. East Midlands Model Club is pleased to announce that they are holding a re-booted (the 30th year of the show) event on Sunday 9th October at Hinckley Leisure Centre,Argents Mead,Hinckley,LE10 1BZ.Times are 10.00-1600. Admission £4.50 Adult.£2.00 Child and concession.£10.00 Family ticket. Trade and club displays.Refreshments.Disabled access.Free convenient parking at and around the centre. Further details www.eastmidsmodelclub.co.uk
  15. Ah yes,Omni magazine,it was very good.I bought an issue in 1979 to read on a bus journey up to Sheffield and there was an illustrated article on Gigers Alien. Remember the Trigan Empire,but,IIRC I used to read it in Eagle,I may be mistaken,as I used to have The Eagle and Look and Learn in my younger days. Dave.
  16. Hi Nenad,great build progress.I'd be a little cautious in placing the stowage on the front glacis plate,it looks like it may be impairing the drivers vision slot. Dave.
  17. We have had to leave him at the centre for a couple of days so they can assess his injury and treat him accordingly.Through habit,SWMBO left out some hedgepig food last night,lo and behold,we have another hedgepig visitor.
  18. We have been in contact with a wild life rescue center in Nuneaton that will tend to the injured hedgehog.
  19. Near where I live there is a wildlife rescue centre.We have an injured hedgehog that requires some help.Have tried to contact the rescue centre.Its temporarily closed due to some total aholes shooting at the wildlife in the centres care.I just cannot comprehend how warped some people are.
  20. Alfisti


    Cripesamighty,just seen an Airfix 1:48th TSR2 starting at £140.00 + £15.00 postage.
  21. Got to agree with those sentiments.My copies have also arrived,top marks.
  22. There is a selection available in the Hinckley W.H.Smith store.
  23. Pom awake here.Ploughmans pickle is a sweetish relish that is great with cheese and cold meats.We usually use Branston pickle which is much the same,I like it on corned beef sandwiches.Piccalli has a sharper,tangier taste due to the mustard content and usually consists of more than one vegatable. Dave.
  24. Have received 2 SMS text messages stating that I have come into contact with someone who has tested positive for covid.The text states to order a test kit,and click on the link,which appears very genuine.The problem being,the 2 links are completely different,and I have never been active with track and trace,nor have any of my friends. Dave.
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