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  1. Tom R

    All the Hurricane questions you want to ask here

    I know it has been asked before several times but is there any information on Tac-R Hurricanes about. This discussion (like most of the others) soon wanders off into PR Hurricanes, which seem to be different. In this discussion the Morley Mowers book looks interesting. Can anyone say if it mentions the difference betwwen an ordinary Hurricane I and a Tac-R version Hurricane I? Theres a link in Post 10 but it is defunct. I suppose it may be that there are no photos or decsriptions of Tac-R Hurricane I's beyond "They may have has a vertical camera fitted behind the cockpit and they may have had an oblique camera looking thru a little window in the fuselage aft of and below the cockpit". Any advances?
  2. Tom R

    How do I post Pictures?

    Yes, or some weirdo without much English!
  3. Should this not be in the Work in Progress section. There is nothing new here. And, yes, see above, you will have to fix your own mistake!
  4. Have to agree with you that attaching the front fuselage parts to the rear fuselage parts then joining the two halves is easier. tried both methods and this works better than the Airfix instructions. Nice model and good research to go with it!
  5. Nice model with good back-story. Good job to make it more than "acceptable"! Okay, that's the one for the "Chief Fish" but is it possible to get more informations on the NKVD one?
  6. No, it looks like a really well done 1/72 scale model. It's quite exceptional! Excellent job.
  7. There is a post here http://www.aussiemodeller.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=14640 saying the Thorne-Atlas one should be blue and green. However the other schemes look nice.
  8. Tom R

    1/72 NMF B-29 with turrets?

    Maybe not........... http://www.b29-superfortress.com/b29-superfortress-variants.htm B-29 Superfortress "Silverplates" During World War II, the 509th Composite Group included 15 B-29s with special "Silverplate" modifications, and 1,800 men. The Silverplate B-29s had modifications necessary to deliver atomic weapons, which included an extensively modified bomb bay with pneumatic doors, special propellors, modified engines and the deletion of protective armor and gun turrets. and http://www.b29-superfortress.com/b29-superfortress-4427297-bockscar.htm The Silverplate Superfortresses Late in 1944, Army Air Forces leaders selected the Glenn L. Martin Company in Omaha to produce a squadron of B-29s codenamed "Silverplate". Martin modified these Superfortresses by removing all gun turrets except for the tail position, removing armor plate, and installing Curtiss electric propellers. The bomb bay doors and the fuselage section between the bomb bays were removed to create a single 33-foot bomb bay which could accommodate either the "Fat Man" or "Little Boy" versions of the atomic bomb.
  9. Tom R

    Password Problem

    At least I have got it to work now!
  10. Tom R

    a sea of blue.......corsairs

    They look a bit shiny but very nice.
  11. Tom R

    Password Problem

    I signed in on a computer that someone else was already signed in to Britmodeller on. Unfortunately it killed my password. I think I have got it back - hey, I am here! Is this an unusual or a common problem?
  12. Tom R

    Grumman F6F-3N VMF(N)-534

    Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the Hobbyboss kit practiclly the same as the Academy one? Anyway it's a nice model.
  13. Tom R

    "Dagwood" Phillip's Spitfire

    It's been said before - "Never trust a profile without a picture".
  14. Tom R

    Defiant 1/48 Trumpeter vs Airfix

    A friend of mine has built the CA and Trumpeter and is building the Airfix. He is somewhere between Jamie's Camp #1 and Camp#2. He started by removing all the surface detail on the Trumpeter which he didn't think was very accurate, apart from most of the shapes being wrong - specifically for Jurek, everything mentioned above and also the cowling shape. His overall rating is #1 Airfix, #2 CA, #3 Trumpeter
  15. Tom R

    1/48 Aeroclub ML Target Towing Winch

    I mean they might have a spare one.