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  1. I remember Profiline talking about these as their next release. We can but hope!
  2. I am making this same kit at the moment. It is the Russian early war boxing with the rockets and skis but I have aftermarket decals for SCW. I've looked on with disbelief at all the mishaps you've been having. Anyway, I had literally just started making it when I set it down on a patch of my workspace I had tested my glue nozzle out on, accidently gluing it to my desk. You know what - I think this kit is cursed. Maybe some crazy babushka cursed the moulds the day she was fired from the factory.
  3. Holy cow! I have the Airwaves conversion set. Obtained it several years ago (cheap for around equiv GBP25) but always with the intention of copying the parts with my own scratchbuilt plastic bits and selling it on for what I paid for it. If there's a kit coming out there may not be a market for it anymore. Maybe its time to get off my chuff and get that Scout converted. Good idea! You've prompted me to do the same...
  4. I've just ordered a couple from Model Hobbies along with the Xtradecal set. Time to list my Cyber-Hobby one on an auction site...
  5. For anyone still keen on cannons, I've just noticed Italeri's fresh repop of the 1/72 MB-339A comes with an extra sprue containing a pair of cannon pods! Sweet!
  6. Aha, right I understand now. I still need Skunk Models to shrink their 1/48 French set!
  7. That's cool, but where oh where are the Armement Air-Sol Modulaire's???? I wish they had those instead of the Alarms which are out of service, or the AMRAAMS which seem to be in every set!.
  8. Hee hee. A classic movie that one. Think I actually went to the pictures to see it!
  9. Nice review, but just a minor thing: there is a control column, its just part of the front landing gear oleo (shown pointing down in the 3rd photo), and it comes up through the cockpit floor when you attach the landing gear.
  10. I just saw that Hannants have a future release listed that's described as 3 sets, sprues only without decals. (http://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AZM77002) Anyone know what that's about? It's actually not a bad idea, considering all the aftermarket decals available from Fireball etc.
  11. I think you are going to sell a ton of these. The XM-35 system is a nice addition, as well as the XM-158 pods - I'll no longer have to buy Hobby Boss UH-1s just to get these! I look forward to seeing them on sale...
  12. When I compare it to Paul's photo I think he's right about it not being bulbous enough. But I also compared it to a Fujimi kit and the nose on the HC.4 is a lot shorter - maybe that's it? (the Fujimi has the same shape though). Another gripe I forgot to mention is the instructions don't give any painting advice. There's a list of paints to use but none of the construction steps show where to put what colour!
  13. Here you go Giorgio, my kit arrived today (from a Hong Kong-based online store for the equivalent of 20 pounds + 6 pounds p+p): It's a really nice kit, but it's a real shame about the shroud cover and the cabin seats are ridiculously small. I may have some spare Italeri wessex ones somewhere I'lll try and use. I've noticed the instructions also have a few steps out of order. The whole Falklands theme seems to be a bit of a red herring - it's definitely a modern one. The decals are very much different (smaller roundels etc) to the 'VG' aircraft depicted in the Modedecal 66 set I have. I'l
  14. Because it has the.50 cal which was only fitted to the HC.4 in 2010 I'd say the kit is actually supposed to represent a modern-day one, and not a 1982 Falklands example. I have ordered one and plan to replace it with a FN MAG. I'm not sure about the aerials and RWR etc but I think I have a Modeldecal sheet lying about somewhere that may have decals for a 80s a/c. Its expensive yes but I've seen the conversion sets go for ridiculous prices on eBay in comparison.
  15. Excess

    Polikarpov R5

    Hi there, I just saw this thread the other night. I got a Fiat CR.32 kit just after Xmas and while trying to research the Spanish Civil War I found a copy of Frank Tinker's book 'Some Still Live' in the library. He often referred to the Rasantes and it took me a while to figure out they were R-5s. I found an eBayer in the UK who was selling these Pioneer 2 kits new for about £3.50 each so got one sent out to me. I have to say I am really enjoying this build. Its a very simple kit but goes together pretty well with a little bit of care. It's comparatively big too, especially beside a scale I
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