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  1. Sorry but I'm out of here and out of the group build too.
  2. Same boat here. I went scribing this morning and couldn't find my dynamo tape, templates, dividers or pin vice. Some items might be here in unmarked boxes.
  3. ...and that's why the hatch moved from the relatively safe bomber position under the fuselage up to the side and into the path of the propellor.
  4. Numbers from a website are numbers from a website; they're not paint and they and the website didn't exist when the first F-4K was painted. There's objective for you.
  5. Well, it depends. Going by the lack of colourful tail markings, we could be looking at a 700P aircraft and a new and glossy finish might not be out of order. I get the impression, however, that Phantom Phactory Extra Dark Sea Grey was a bit light and the tiniest bit blue. Real EDSG has no blue in it when fresh.
  6. The T.7 is my favourite Meat Eater with the PR.10 the runner up and the F.4 third. The longer fuselage definitely improves the looks but it's not really a Meteor without that tail. Next T.7 I try will have a printed extension and perhaps a nose. The F.III is just held together with elastics so I think it will get some printed bits - a wedge, some internal bulkheads and perhaps a nose. I think a Meteor group build is in order - or at least a centrifugal compressor one.
  7. There's something very wrong with the Airfix Meteor. The fuselage is very parallel; too slim amidship and too broad immediately forward of the windscreen. I don't think the fuselage is boxy enough around the wing. I started hacking these about before I had a printer and both will benefit from a bit of re-hacking. That aside, I think it's fairly easy to see the bluntness of the FROG nose.
  8. I've had my first good hack at this in a couple of weeks. Wing to fuselage needed a fair bit of clean up after the fuselage surgery - which left the wing roots a bit thicker in places. The wings themselves have odd joints that don't sit together very well everywhere and I think I'll have to use a bit of filler near the tips. I used dichloroethane for construction and I'm really pleased how well everything has hardened up and how well the swelling has gone down. There's nothing worse than finishing joints and having them shrink afterwards and show up under a painted finish. I'd like to get
  9. It really was an appalling beast, significantly worse than more famous 'widow makers'. Recent theory tends towards canopy failure being a profound hazard - either injuring and disabling the pilot or ripping his oxygen mask off. F.4s were probably the worst.
  10. The move is still underway but my materials, tools and the Frankenstein Vampire are home. If I get a run at it and simplify my approach a little, I might yet get it over the line. I'm still alive and sane, so technically, I suppose it isn't too stressful. Neither bike is yet ready to move.
  11. Sorry about the delay... Big-can Halfords aluminium with some SNJ polishing, HB pencil and washes. Left to right: my first go at the Airfix Mustang, my belated first and last go at the Academy Mustang (which has the least work done on it) and my first go at the Revell Germany Mustang. The Revell Mustang was undercoated in Halfords white primer (as a base for the striping), the others in grey.
  12. Big-can Halford's Aluminium for 'High Speed Silver'. Big-can Halford's with a little bit of SNJ work afterwards for bare metal. I find Nissan a bit grainy and glossy. I absolutely hate applying any kind of varnish on 'silver' finishes but I have to by times. I'd like to try big-can Halfords with matt varnish and SNJ. [images later, if I get time]
  13. Wicked compressor surge, obviously.
  14. I seem to recall that the CAA asked them to change it as it was too hard to see against a blue sky. Maybe it was just a silly story.
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