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  1. G-APEL was trialed as a freighter with a rail running downd the starboard wall. The forward airsatirs and interior were removed and screnns fitted to the windows which is what you see.
  2. Hi Nige Yes, The BEA Pionair had pax poor mods. The military ones with the small parachute/ pax type door were C-53. I do wish Aifix would make things clearer. The only clear thing seems to be Airfix trying to produce a new version by finding a subject that already matches some,but not all of the exisiting plastic
  3. Shows the plastic "cutaway" but not sprues. No airline seats http://airfixtributeforum.myfastforum.org/2014_Douglas_Dakota_1_72_about41273.html
  4. You asked for constructive criticism...OK here goes. You need to see a doctor and pop into Specsavers while you are about it....if you think there is anything wrong with this model That is a superb Trident. A faultless rendition an if I had made that I would be proud Yes F-RSIN are no shake and bake but with some work this is what you get. I can only echo the praise given above. Personally I prefer something like this rather than the put together in an evening with no gaps. You put something of yourself in it. Nice Job
  5. Deaux Pont doesn't mean two bridges. It means two decks. The French word is ths same for a bridge...a deck spanning two points Same on a ship...upper class deck...Pont Superior for example. I'm usually on Le Pont De Peasant
  6. Well, in a fashion it's real enough because that aircraft was painted like that. At least the American have good taste
  7. Like the Aeroflot Caravelle that appears on decal sheets, both sides when in reality for a film it was left side only.
  8. Yes...it was Aviation Traders, Air Charter, Channel Air Bridge that Laker owned. He didn't own BUA just managing director. He got disillusioned with BUA, left and formed his own airline. Air Charter merged with Transair, HCA and Airwork to form BUA but Channel Air Bridge initially remained separate with British United Airways on the tail. When Silver City was taken over and absorbed into the BUA group, it was merged with CAB and British United Air Ferries remained separate. Three airlines in the group stayed with their own identity. Air Ferry, Morton Air Services and Jersey Airlines. After objections from the IoM about Jersey Airlines Heralds operating the Blackpool IoM service, (fierce holiday rivals), Jersey was rebranded British United (CI) Airways. The Herald did the Jersey-Blackpool run on Saturday and remained on the Blackpool IoM all week with the return being operated by the Herald that had been there from the previous Saturday. The old Northern division of Silver City that operated the route using the name Manx Airlines had a Dakota based their all through the sixties, G-AKNB which was the only DC3 to wear the later BUA sandstone and blue livery. All the other Jersey Airlines DC 3 were either sold or transferred during the sixties to Morton alongside the carriers Heron 1 aircraft. Air Ferry used their existing aircraft plus the two BUA DC 6. A Superfreighter and a Carvair were at sometime operating in BUA livery/ Air Ferry titles. Air Ferry had their own Freighter 31 In 1967 BUAF was sold to Keegan and became BAF. at the end of 1968 Air Ferry closed and BU(CI), Manx and Morton were merged into BUIA (British United Island Airways). Separate to BUA and both owned by British and Commonwealth Shipping, they operated for a couple of years before BUA was sold to Caledonian Airways to form Caledonian//BUA, later British Caledonian and BUIA dropped the United and became BIA.
  9. She's looking really great and as you say not a bad kit for it's age. Forty years ago when it came out it was ground breaking. Even now, despite the different labels it appears under it retains the magic that FROG kits always seemed to have. Nice that the revel and Airfix cover the MR2 as this one can still stand up and fill the gap and be well worth it as this thread shows. Quite an inspirational build of an aeroplane with great character.
  10. The accounts nose wheel arrangent was peculiar and the cockpit did protrude but not like the Viscount. Tail, yes a bit like a Metro which in itself is almost embarrassing in it ugliness.
  11. Ratch...that's just it, you have to go with licence sometimes. Some pics labelled C-53 have C-47 type doors so either there were some amongst the sub marks or the captions are wrong. At least here you've made it different to your C-47 with the door option.
  12. Model here. Russian but auto translate gives you enough http://pas-decals.ru/forum/18--/255-convair-cv990-f-rsin-1-144
  13. Nice build Ratch. One query. I can't see if you have the single rear door making this a C-53. The Airfix decals used I thought were C-47?.
  14. With these old riveted kits, three coats of brush painted contempory enamel made them spot on. Panel lines are rarely recessed unless it opens. Raised detail is more accurate. The model trend of rescribing or moulding strong panel lines that are clearly seen is just plain wrong and never looks like a photo of the real thing. When the FROG Shackleton came out it was called a masterpiece. The only problem I've had on the four I've made was a short prop blade on one of the inner discs.
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