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  1. Hi Andre It's the Hasegawa 1/72. Nice kit but the canopy hasn't fitted very well, so we'll probably set it open. Cheers Dave
  2. Here's where we stand. The decals are really brittle. The camera makes the top colour look greenish, but it's really dark grey.
  3. Guys, Cheers for the brilliant info. My 15yo lad, having finished school early and under lock down has taken over. I'll post a few phot's later. Dave
  4. Cheers for the advice guys, very kind Dave
  5. Hello guys, I'm trying to figure out correct colours for the luminous tip tanks? Any recommendations for an easy to spray paint? Cheers Dave
  6. Nicely done. I made this ears ago and it's a great kit. Dave.
  7. Looking good! Re the name, I think the general's wife had it copywrited hence the separate decals.
  8. Yet another stunner Tony! Cracking build and an excellent tribute. Dave
  9. Nicely done. These really are cracking kits. Dave
  10. I was in Videodrome at the weekend and they had only one DFD set left. I was sorely tempted but wrong side of payday......... Dave
  11. Great finish, love that base too. Dave
  12. Just jaw dropping! Welcome to BM Dave
  13. Nicely done omi. Whose paints did you use? Dave
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