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  1. Experience tells me: Be patient - maybe until next year or some time later...
  2. What a large innovation. Just the 48 scale schemes scaled down to 72 but finally they have the depth charges and their carriers also in a regular boxing and not just in a "speciale italia" one and the Tamiya rebox. The V-leg oleo is wrong for Italian a/c AFAIK. EDIT: But they supply both types...
  3. Hi Bjorn, I like your Mils! I don't see any thick decals on the Mi-2 in the final result. I also have some decal sheets made by DF HeloStuff and keep in mind that they have (unlike large scale production decals) a continuous carrier film which covers the whole sheet. As mentioned in the handling instructions, every decal item has to be cut out individually 2-3 mm around the edge of each symbol.
  4. True, think I mentioned it earlier. But as stated above, the engine cowling is only the more bulgy one with HH-65A and B which used Lycoming engines. HH-65C have the standard dauphin Turbomeca turbines and therefore have standard "upright" engine cowlings.
  5. Why should they? AFAIK, the HH-65 Charlie models run Turbomeca engines instead of Lycoming with tha A and B models. Therefore, with HH-65C the engine housing is the same as with any other ordinary Dauphin.
  6. completely true - the three tone camo was and is only on a/c with low-viz titles, numbers and stencils. For the earlier scheme, most stencils are missing on the decal sheet. Have a look at www.df-helostuff.de!
  7. That wouldn't help that much as the AB-204 the Bundesheer flew has the original Huey fuselage, based on the short UH-1A/B/C and its variations. The kit represents a long bodied "Slick", a D and/or H model.
  8. We have discussed this earlier. I can agree on that. In his EBay auctions he does not mention the true time frame, you may be right. Though he states explicitly that one has to be patient and if you're not, he kindly requests not to do a purchase.
  9. Loads of stuff announced (also a Wasp conversion), let's see what we will get in the end:
  10. They tried to consider some of the differences with their PE parts. They include antennae, fuselage piping, some smaller other things, a rescue basket and hoist sling. Hoist, fuel jettison pipe and two other small parts are provided in resin. The modeller has to fill the port aft window and door panel lines of the AS-365 on his own. I haven't done any measurements so far but I think the stbd aft cabin window should be larger with a HH-65. The modeler needs to remove/cut away the civilian sliding door rails. The aft cabin is completely empty. The front seats are incorrect for a HH-65. IMHO major issue: Turbomeca engine housing and exhausts instead of the more bulgy lycoming engine tunnels and different exhaust section - not an easy fix. If you prefer a log nose HH-65C, then it's fine as long as you get a nose (Air Graphics - maybe soon) decals are provided for an overall international orange one from operation Enduring Freedom with the large shark on the stbd engine. Futhermore you have the chance to model an aircraft in the old color scheme. For this anyway you will need gear well doors (not included) and another "Coast Guard" lettering which was bigger and without "U.S" but which is missing on the decal sheet. Despite the fact that the sheet provides all station names and a set of numbers to model your individual a/c it's not very convincing. This applies one the one hand for the representation of the shark (there is also a second one with a better grey included on a small correction sheet) and on the offer hand it's because of the inclompleteness. Not only the wrong titles as mentioned above but also missing " Coast Guard" lettering for the lower elevator surfaces. All in all it's a good starting point and definitely better than any other attempt with Matchbox/Revell but one has to invest a little effort.
  11. An USCG HH-65A/B Dolphin with PE fret including rescue basket has been released. Decals are included for both red and red-white scheme. Moreover, a Chinese armed Z-9 is also available now.
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