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  1. germans go crazy for recycling and deposits on bottles etc. can be a nightmare when like 10 diff coloured bins etc. i always got confused i agree, the boxes are crap,but i dont think this is down to recyling issue.
  2. Ta Dan. doing little bits when im not high on meds or bent over backwards with back ache. car should be sorted on Wed, so i can get your package weighed.
  3. geez, got to agree. i love the prowler, but the kinetc was out of my price range, so this takes the crap. esp as someone else says not been out long.
  4. Made one, the grey one and really enjoyed it, so dug out 2 more from the stash. grey one has metal front bumber added and resin cab cover but tried to make all 5 different, imade the rear cover myself, i think it should have been a little futher down the sides.. heres a load of fotos images
  5. looks good. wheels and tracks dont match the condition of the rest of the tank though. good you havent overdone it though.
  6. good points. i have some fotos of the rear trailer carrying a damn huge electrical generator, trying to squeeze through a factory gate, only just managed it. can see your points, but then the germans seemed to over engineer most things, cost wise and reliability wise
  7. no, in 32nd it would be right scale :-) its never perfect ;-)
  8. cool pics ta. gives me a good idea of the lenth of the bar between them. i have done all 3 slightly different, one has a large metal bumper, and half cover added at the rear (grey), one camo and open with full rea of bits n bobs, and a third, slightly differrent camo with a canvas cover with added foilage(although i dont think it looks right for some reason). i guessed the turret would be reversed. the middle FAMO has broken down itself, with drivechain problems and the removal of the main drive sprocket wheel. i have a FAMO book but doesnt show the detail i want,so will have to keep a lo
  9. HI. built 3 FAMO, as i want a little vinigerette of them pulling a tank, i cant find any real fotos. maybe they used a long rod on each? Also if they were pulling a tank back from the front that needed repairs, would they remove the tank tracks so it ran on the wheels or leave the tracks on? thanks
  10. nice fotos of my fave plane, seen lots of real DDR ones, and been to a place in W Poland once. i only drive to poland for the vodka, the fuel, the tobacco (and the girls)...i really need to see more aircraft though :-)
  11. check his other items for pavla , i got this last week, and a much larger Mig range. not sure about a mig 19 though http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=230602045625
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