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  1. Update: This aircraft is still in service a the new "Zero G" ... here's a picture of the original aircraft in 2016
  2. today: IL-62M of Rossiya and many more
  3. a chinese Jumbo crossed my town to land at SXF these days and I didn't see it
  4. mine is on the table ... but still inside the bag ^^
  5. nothing done yet I gotta do something now to keep on the plan
  6. thanks I'll take a look at this page
  7. cool =) when is one of these airshows? I want to book the flight for 2 days before and the return flight one day after. Is it also in May? Because from June on we have just one airport here in Berlin (TXL is getting closed then) and they haven't started their summer flight schedule therefore yet
  8. sounds great, guys =) thank you very much for your hints!
  9. found some cheap and direct flights of RyanAir from SXF to STN =)
  10. cool =) doesn't RyanAir also fly directly from SXF to STN?
  11. Hi my english friends My dad and I want to visit Duxford in this year's summer. Our closes airports are SXF (Berlin-Schönefeld) and TXL (Berlin-Tegel) - from June just BER (Berlin-Brandenburg International) at Schönefeld. My questions are, which airport shall we fly to and if the airport is further away from the museum, what's the best way to reach the museum? And does anyone know a hotel nearby or in Duxford? Thanks, guys =) greetings from Berlin! Michael
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