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  1. I can't believe there's nearly a year since I went to Duxford to assist with Daks over Normady. My good friend was asked to Co-pilot N147DC whilst at Duxford so I went with him to assist in the engineering side. I managed to get one flight on her whilst there. I then had to blag a way over to Normandy to meet up with my family. Luckily the D-Day Squadron assisted. So here are some of my personal highlights from the gathering of DC-3/C-47's at Duxford plus my epic early morning flight across the English Channel courtesy of the fantastic crew of D-Day Doll and the D-Day Squadron. The cockpit shots are from my mobile phone but the rest was taken with my Nikon D300. Regards, Neil.
  2. Thanks for confirming my suspicions. I managed to find the Big Ed set this morning for £26 so it didn't break the bank.
  3. I wrote that article in Airforces Monthly many moons ago. I spent a considerable amount of time down on Salisbury Plain chasing after the two Hips and ended up with some great photographs. The photos were compiled into a photobook and all the British instructors bought a copy when the project was ending.
  4. Hi all, I'm trying to find the Eduard 1/48 C-47 Skytrain interior photoetch set that has the two sheets of PE Cat.No.: 49431 (one with the cockpit details and the other with the bulkheads). I've found this website that potentially has it in stock but it only shows the cockpit PE sheet. Would it have both as it's the bulkheads I really want? https://www.dersockelshop.de/eduard-models/edfe431/c-47-skytrain-interior-s.a.-trumpeter-1/48 Thanks, Neil.
  5. Any chance you could upload the photos again? I'd love to see what it looked like.
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