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  1. Thanks everyone for the feedback and advice - after hunting about it seems the Airfix A4 Skyhawk is a nice kit for while I'm remembering ^h learning how to build... Cheers.
  2. Hi everyone, first build for a long time and even this kits absolutely handed me my backside! Lessons learnt - Prime and paint properly rather than try and over-wash to hide the sins - Find and put together my airbrush - Thank goodness for Mircosol & set - Test fit Chris you idiot!! saves hours of disastrous trimming and model putty - Don't plow on because you're annoyed - lots of things I want to go back and fix like the joins Feel free to savage it as it is terrible, time to try again and hope it gets better thanks for the help on the WIP thread.
  3. Hey everyone! A small break and quick update on this absolute yellow blob that is nearly "done"! I applied a bucket of super glue and the strength of Thor to get the wings to hold better to the fuselage and it kinda worked? I then got on with the cockpit window - I had a go with masking it and cutting it out. It went ok? but I was a bit distracted by an exciting sausage cooking so I rushed the back end a bit. Next it was time to check out my amazing tamiya yellow paint on top of my amazing base coat! As you can see - a blooming disaster. I don't have my airbrush found yet so I decided hideously covering in loads of brush coats would be the way! I also realised my fingers have semi-melted the plastic, the fuselage join is a disaster and I need to file down loads of places. Yikes! Never fear - filler and weathering to the rescue! I tried Vallejo Plastic Putty (I used to use Mr Surfacer 1000) and I really liked the Vallejo. In the absence of a proper wash I made up a 10:1 matt black : gun metal enamel wash and gave it a bit of a coat. I feel a little bit more confident it might be not completely awful?
  4. Yep - you’re spot on. The cockpit is in the right grooves as per instructions but it’s too high / far back for the wing assembly to settle well. I’ve gone back to file it down and had to use the dreaded super glue but it’s looking better, although still terrible. Pic to follow.
  5. Yep - I don’t have an airbrush anymore so it’s me and the cat and a brush. I used a tamiya fine primer which is actually quite dark grey and in the colour tests so far I get the combination of yellow and grey fusing into the exhaust of a diarrhoeatic camel. Im just sorting the filling then the great yellow quest will begin…
  6. Oh dear. I was hoping I could remember most of modelling but its seems I don't. I bought this starter kit cheap to see how it went, and its going... badly. Here's the kit: Im not really qualified to offer thoughts on the kit other than its a mile from the Tamiya bikes, but they cost about 5x as much so Mistake 1: Follow a youtube video and go mad: I found a great build video but my brain clearly works a different direction as I got lost in a mess very quickly. I'd found a good pattern and good way to approach kits before and following someone's else's script has not worked. Mistake 2: No build plan. Its taking ages and I didn't study the kit and work out a fun and satisfying way to build it in parallel. As a result its taking a long time and frankly is less fun. Ho hum. Mistake 3: No dry fitting. Yep, schoolboy error. As a result, this is the travesty so far: I'm thinking remove the wings, clean, cut and re-affix? For the seams and massive gaps its back to filling an sanding 101 to work out how to do it! Cheers everyone - hope I can rescue it!
  7. Hi Everyone! Modelling kept me sane as a kid, again ten years ago when my (ex) wife was pregnant and here I am again! I went from useless to terrible quite quickly last time so hopefully I can improve fast again this time. I'm in the UK and just back from Dubai so in temporary housing with a very modest model making gear. Oh, how I yearn for a shed Here is the new setup: I've retained my maturity whilst aging and have christened it the Always Nomadic Utility Station. So far its working quite well but am missing lots of fun tools.... Here is the team: Chloe likes to destroy. So far anything I build in Lego, my elaborate IPTV setup and the Nintendo Switch. Olaf we just shipped back to the UK from Dubai - he's 7.7kg and still gaining. As you can see from his facial expression he's still quite traumatised by leaving the 40'C desert to enter 6'C Camberley. His core contribution will be to bite me when I'm least expecting it. I'm going to be building a few cheap 1/72 planes until I get my confidence back and will post them in WIP. Tamiya acyclics hand painted until I can justify another airbrush. Wish me luck. Great to see this community is still here being awesome.
  8. Looks fantastic Oddball. A standard for me to aspire to!
  9. Meet Team Alcad! Ok so this weekend was "have a proper go at Alcad" weekend. Here's the team, prepped, pimped (proper expensive Alcad Black Gloss) psyched and ready for action. First task was spray the black gloss. This didn't go well, as someone had been using my airbrush and had left it barnacled, dry and crusty with various past cruddy efforts . I set the cat in the sink with some thinners to get the darn thing clean. About an hour later and it now sprays, but in a weird pulsing manner. Always one to do the dumb thing I thought "hey this is a good sign, lets keep going". The black gloss from Alcad was actually a weird metallic-y black, and really thick and sticky. My advice is to shake the heck out of it before using. Here's the frame glued together and gloss black. Next step - the Alcad itself. This stuff separates really quickly - I shake it like bajingo but immediately you can see it splitting, and this came back to haunt me with the model. It sprayed on fine - looks a bit gray while going on, but as the airbrush run out of paint it started to look horrific - yep - in the couple of minutes in the feeder sploonge (? not sure what its called) it had started to separate with the nice metally stuff out first, and the thinning skank on top. Decided not to worry about this and keep going, here's coat one: Surprisingly it looked pretty good! a lot better than my last effort. Left this overnight to dry. This morning it looked a bit duller, so I followed ze manual and gave it a very fine grit rub-over, and airbrushed the second coat. This would of been simple but obviously the bloody cat hadn't cleaned the airbrush from yesterday so I spent another hour taking it apart and mending it again. Here's the results of coat 2, dry for a couple of hours. To be honest - I think it came out pretty great! As an experiment I also semi-gloss blacked the brakes, and then gave them a coat of TS-17 (tamiya chrome) and that came out a lot more dull. Not sure if I'll get any more done today. Quick question - should I clear coat it?
  10. Oddball - great to see the build thread - hopefully I can pick up some new tricks as your other builds have been fantastic :worthy: Just a quick question - the picture of the sprue painted black - is that regular airbrushing? if so what kind of brush and psi are you using as its amazingly accurate - I normally have paint all over the darn thing. Thanks! Chris.
  11. Hi Steve, thanks for the advice. I've not done foiling before so no time like the present. I found this as a primer - http://www.finescale.com/~/media/import/files/pdf/6/7/d/foiledlightning1.pdf Is this all I need to know or any other thoughts to bear in mind with a bike for the exhaust? Seems I basically cut some strips, stick 'em on, and get burnishing? Doesn't seem like there's too much risk if I make a mess of it so I'll have a try and worst case go back to the Alcad. Im going to use last nights fishfingers kitchen foil though, rather than the posh stuff. Here's hoping foil doesn't pick up the latent odours of haddock with omega 3!
  12. Hey Folks, with #3 all finished its times to start a new beast. I've chosen the NSR 500 because it's quite cheap, so it seems pretty low risk compared to the other ones. It costs about £15 new so about half the price of the newer kits. Having now played with it - I can see why! There's no chrome so I'm going to have to have a better go at alcadding to make it pretty, and there is quite a fit of filing (file-ing?) to be done to get all the bits smooth. First tamiya kit I've had with any flash at all really. I was hoping to have my first go with photo-etch with this kit, but I went and bought the PE for the wrong kit it seems the Nastro Azurro NSR 500 kit is a different mould all together. Goals for this build are to get better with alcadding (hopefully getting a nice chrome finish), get a tidier build (filing / joins etc), and to make it less cripplingly slowly (hopefully try and do this chap in 6 weeks ish?). Team for the build is changed vs. the last one. First up is our Cat Leila, shown here enjoying her 5th birthday party: Next up is a new member of the team, Rupert who is just a little kitten. Sadly our other cat passed away from cancer earlier this year So far I've built the engine, which came together quite well. Here it is pre-wash, looking reasonably tidy. I think these are starting to look a bit better. More to follow in a few days. Cheers all, Chris.
  13. Ok, I'll calling time on this guy. I've got to the point where my "tidies" are making it worse. Only thing left to do is paint the wheels on the stand but I'll do that at the weekend. Here she is, followed by report on how finishing it off went. Putting it together at the end was horrible! basically I got something wrong somewhere (I still havent worked out where) but it meant the nose and the side fairings would not fit together. Basically, I ended up covering the joints in Tamiya Extra Thin, then Mr Surfacer, x many times, then I did a mask and respray. It didnt really work, as you can see the masking lines (just above the YZF logo). To be honest, it was this or take the whole thing apart so I went for it. The pictures are a mix of flash and unflashed so you can see this in different lights. Decals went on fine, and it's a very good looking bike (must take DAS and buy one...). Here's my thoughts on the overall Build. Overall: I took about 10 months, with about 6 months off in the middle, I did find that it took a very long time, which each subsection taking a weekend or two. On paper it was an easier kit than the past two I've built, but I found it a lot harder, probably because I tried to build it better and learn new stuff. It's one of the simpler Tamiya bikes to build but I would say it was still pretty tough (for me at least!). Given all that, and the fairings disaster, its still better than the last two I built, so I think I'm getting less pants with more builds. Stuff I tried for the first time with this kit: - Filling & Sanding: getting rid of the body joining lines (particularly the front mudguard / hugger / fender?) which had horrible lines in my first build. I found that the kit was good, but in actual fact almost every part of I could of filled to tidy and make the fit perfect, I guess that is natural to the experienced modeller but for me was a new realisation. - Alcad: This went ok, but didnt get the high gloss finish I wanted as I used the wrong black undercoat. One that should improve on next build. - Heat staining: sort of worked, sort of didn't. Used the tamiya clear paints in blobs with some thinner to get some partial mixing. I think next time I might try a pre-made stain? Things that went wrong / pants: - The discs look so unrealistic, and despite all the drilling look like crappy thick plastic wedges. - Exhaust / Carbon Fibre Decals, I need to learn how to do these, going to get some spares of ebay and practice - Sanding, when I was finishing the kits there were bits I could see all over it that would of benefitted from more sanding... guess Im only now learning to see it - The fairing fit (see above) What's Next? Well after a road bike it's back to a race bike, and here she is: For this one I will try photo-etch for the first time, and try to improve my alcad & sanding/filling/fit. Thanks everyone for your comments and help as I've gone a long. Cheers, Chris.
  14. Sorry Riggers - it's Halfords Vauxhall Sapphire Blue, Cheers, Chris.
  15. Just a quick update to say I haven't given up. Had a horrific problem to fix when getting the body together (I'd got something wrong earlier), but I'll write that up later. I'm currently doing tidy / touch up / decals, but here she is 95% done. Cheers, Chris.
  16. Just a quick update... am still soldiering through. 1. Carbon Fibre Fail = new bike Hunted the web and found a few blue R1's with this sort of "sapphire" exhaust so decided to build mine like these: 2. Exhaust Mending I used a Halfords spray (first time trying one) for the blue and that came out ok. Slight fail in that I kept the middle bit black like the original bike. I also drilled out the holes in the chrome mid support rather than trying to paint or mask. I think the effect came out ok? I then had a go at welding / heat stains. I used some green and yellow and it looks... well.. green and yellow. One to work on methinks! Also the chrome mid support didn't reach all the way around the exhaust so some mr surfacer was used (first photo below) then final (2nd photo below): 3. Nose All went together ok, very scary as the Mica Blue is a bit precious and i've already made a couple of small marks by mishandling the body (should I do a spray of clear before continuing building?), and here it is: 4. Two Wheels! With the exhaust done I had to glue it on - this was really tough, I ended up using CA glue as with one exhaust pipe in the others would pull out. I then put on the front wheel and spent some lovely time with tweesers trying to get the pipe routing right and here it is. Lots of tidy up still to do but the end is within sight!
  17. Well, I micro-sol'd and micro-sol'd and try to smoothen out the wrinkles and they crackled and split. Currently sulking. The blue model of bike I'm making actually often has a different exhaust with a metallic blue finish, so I might have a go at that instead and wimp out of the carbon fibre decals. Cheers, Chris.
  18. Hi Riggers, thanks for you help - a pint of micro-sol it is! have you got a build thread for the blackbird? Cheers, Chris.
  19. Hi Folks, was wondering if I can get some help / advice. I'm doing my first carbon fibre decals and they've gone wrinkling / skanky. Based on web research (tutorials and forum posts etc) here's what I did. 1. Let the decals get very loose / wet so easy to site 2. dap (drop) of microset on receiving surface (did not apply pressure, although some posts say to, most don't mention) 3. left to dry for 4 hours 4. Microsol brushed smoothly over the surface of the decals (again no pressure bar the brush stroke). 5. left for 24 hours. This is how it looks. I'm not really sure what to do next? Hunting around it looks like more micro-sol + hairdryer with pressure from a brush could be the solution? what do you think?
  20. Hey Folks, some more of my humble efforts! Here's where I lost the will to live on the front wheel discs. Next time I will build/use/buy photo etch as the cat nearly went to the sausage factory over this one. Basically I have concluded that probably the right way to do these is: 1) Drill them out 2) Sand 3) Prime 4) "Poke through" with smaller bit 5) Paint 6) "Poke through" again. Sorry if that's obvious, i ended up painting and poking in an endless circle. Here's the wheel anyway: Next is was time to have a go at Alcad... my second new thing to learn with this kit! I painted the exhaust semi-gloss black (mistake 1 - should of been gloss) and sprayed away! I have since bought a respirator as I nearly died of fumes, but apart from that I sprayed it all lightly twice, left for 5 hours, resprayed twice and ta da it looks like this: Yep - Im still working on the decal. What's weird is that the main thing I realised is how I forgot to properly sand down the kit when I started it last year (yep I'm into year 2 on this one). Anyway I think it turned out better than most of my first effort do, but still a bit pants, so overall I'm happy. Next up was the forks, and here I did have a fail. Basically the mid-fork-spacer-thing has to slide down the forks, and in the process it caned all the paint from the top of the forks. As per the below: I tidied this up a bit and here's the finished front bit. Followed by the back bit which is starting to look like a bike now. Thanks for looking / feedback, Cheers, Chris.
  21. Thanks ever so much everyone! Here's where's its got to now. I think (hope?) it's looking a lot better than the earlier pic! Cheers, Chris.
  22. Hello folks, Desperately trying to become a modeller! I have a few botches already in vehicles but I'm trying to improve by working through some Pro-Modeller DVDs. I'm on disc 1 . I've made my red arrow and filled all the cracks in with mr. surfacer, and then sanded away and it's ended up looking like the below: What I don't know is: (most things, but): Should there be any filler on the body apart from in the seems? How do I bring back to life a squadron leader sanding stick as they all go dead after 5 seconds? Are the wing to fuselage "cracks" filled in enough? or should I pile some more in there? Any general advice to move it forward ready for re-scribing panels line and painting other than for me to just keep sanding away? Cheers, any thoughts very much appreciated
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