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  1. The quads in 1/48 will go well with a chinook to make a cracking MERT diorama.
  2. Hi Paul I've been waiting for years for some decent british helo guns in 1/72. The only GPMG I've sourced are from a company called Aroclub. They are will need modifying for a modern version. As Jabba said the Chinook has an M60 on the ramp so look at some of the 1/72 Humvee modles for something, but again it will probably need modifying. Now for the good news! For Chinook door guns you can't go wrong with these beauties, http://www.armycast.cz/products4.html 1/72 mini guns. I got some of these and the quality is awesome. I highly recommend Armycast. Good luck Matt.
  3. I've decided on my base. I'm going to put it on the tarmac as in the above picture. After playing about with different ideas the chopper blended in too much with a desert/sand base. I know thats the idea of the camouflage but I prefer the contrasting look it has against the grey of the tarmac/concrete. Thankyou for all your comments and as most people seem to think the weathering is good as it is I am going to refrain from adding any more. Matt.
  4. Thanks for your comments Nobby. You are right about the tail rotor direction on the Mk1. By the time this helecopter was being used in Granby it had been modified. The model is base on this picture.
  5. I've noticed on another thread that I should have removed some of the counter measure lumps and bumps from under the side pilot windows.
  6. Adrian, you will find xtradecal at Hannants http://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X48110 lots of great examples to choose from. I've already decided to do the RM XZ612 with a fast rope for my next project. Will definatley need to do some scratch building for that.
  7. Great work. Looking foward to seeing the finished model. How did you make the sound proofing? It looks brilliant.
  8. Thanks for all your kind comments. Steve, for the intakes I used Tamiya Ocean Grey 2(RAF) XF-82. Do you have any build pictures of your Mk 1? Matt.
  9. After a few months of sporadic work I have finally finished my Desert Lynx based on the AH. Mk 1GT XZ221 J. I know this isn't a AH-7 but I was determined to build a model 'straight out of the box'. I figured there was going to be little alteration needed to do the Mk 1 from what is in the airfix box. The obvious modification with the scalpel was the rotor blades which were simply trimed down to a more square end. The tail fin is probably the only big error(please correct me if you spot more) but I didn't want to scratch build or buy aftermarket bits for this build. I did however end up makin
  10. Some great advise. Thankyou. I don't have a local model shop so will have to look on line for some thinners. In the mean time I have used a can of Halfords plastic primer. Easy and seems very effective.
  11. Thanks for your replys I didnt thin it at all so that is where I was going wrong. Does Mr surfacer have to be thined with mr color levelling thinner or can I use other thinners?
  12. Hi I am new to airbrushing and have finaly finished building an Airfix Lynx to try my airbrush on. I have never used Mr surfacer before but have read many build articles where it has been used so thought I would give it a try. On testing it through my airbrush it came out like candy floss and covered everything in a spider web type material. Any ideas why this happened? Cheers, Matt.
  13. Perfect! Thankyou very much Keefr22.
  14. Another appeal for help. Does anyone have any more pictures of the Fast Rope Frame. The one previously in this thread is great but I would like a picture or information as to how it is fixed to the helicopter. Thanks.
  15. I don't know if the MH53-E and a CH-46 are ever fitted with these but they are great quality model for door mounted weapons. http://www.armycast.cz/products12.html I'm sure someone with let us know. Matt.
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