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  1. Hi all, What difference is there between this book and the 1st edition ?
  2. redwiper

    HMS Hood upgrades

    Hi Jamie, Up till now I've always built OOB, But as I've always wanted a 1.350 Hood so I thought I would make an effort . I'm going to get some replacement Turrets [ Which would you recomend ], a wooden deck [ same again as the turrets ] and railings etc. And I'll take a look at the Big Blue Boys set. Thanks for the advice. Roger.
  3. redwiper

    HMS Hood upgrades

    I've now got a Trumpeter 1.350 HMS Hood, I have been looking at the upgrade/wood deck/photoetch for this kit, there seems to be a vast aray of bits available, and I'm a bit confused as what to buy. As I have never worked with photoetch before, what would be the best way to improve the ship without going the whole hog with photoetch [ I've looked at the Lionroar set and thought "wow" ] Is a wood deck worthwhile or should I just paint the deck?, Is the turret/gun barrels upgrade worth it? I do not want a Museum quality model, just something thats an improvement over the basic kit. Roger.
  4. redwiper

    What RN WW2 1/350 kit you wish the most?

    HMS Royal Oak
  5. redwiper


    Deleted - 100 post rule, not the buy and sell area.
  6. redwiper

    MJW Models Customer Appeal!

    Hi Mike, Any chance of you selling the Flyhawk range? Roger.
  7. redwiper

    New Ship Related Releases

    Thanks Mike, I have ordered a set. Roger.
  8. redwiper

    New Ship Related Releases

    Who's the guy in the US selling replacement weapons for Ark Royal Mike ? Roger.
  9. redwiper

    Future 1/700 Trumpeter ship kits, request thread!

    Hi Mike, Any idea when TRU05795 HMS Warspite 1942 will be back in stock ?. Roger.
  10. redwiper

    Future 1/700 Trumpeter ship kits, request thread!

    Valiant has docked, thanks Mike. Roger.
  11. redwiper

    Aoshima 1/700 Ark Royal

    I see theres a standard kit on ebay now for £26, plus postage from Japan.
  12. redwiper

    Future 1/700 Trumpeter ship kits, request thread!

    Put me down for these, HMS Valiant (1939) HMS Queen Elizabeth (1941) HMS Belfast (1942) Roger.
  13. Hi Mike, HMS Malaya has docked, many thanks. Put me down for Belfast too. Roger.
  14. Hi Mike, Put me down for a Valiant when they come out. Happy New Year. Roger.
  15. Hi, I'de like 1//700 Battleship HMS Malaya (1943).