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  1. gone too fast.... hello Giampiero I am going on with my Bu-131 now on the delicate spaying stage of white winter overhall ... 2 things: 1) question : your (very nice) Bücker is which scale , 72 or 48 ? 2) remark : you're right in 'Luftwaffe im Focus 2006-N°10. you can find 3 interesting Photos of that plane and this is from afar the best doc on that subject The 3 different photos are > 1st :North Russia - April 1942 ( and NOT , mistake of the author, 1941 because that date is before Russia's invasion) with both 2/ JG-54 and JG-54 Ist Gruppe emblems on the plane > 2nd: in repainting aspect in a closed hangar , WITHOUT (and before re-application see 3rd) JG-54 Ist Gruppe emblem > 3rd: in winter 42-43 , with skis , close to a FW-190 ( so clearly later ) WITH (again) 2/ JG-54 and JG-54 Ist Gruppe emblems As reading Axel Urbanke's very intersting text , you can understand that : NO ! on the rudder , the victories signs have nothing to do with the as Hans Philipp but are only an indication of JG-54's cumulative victories from Russia's invasion till April (if correct) 1942 ! Good modelling christian
  2. hello Giampiero I am going on with my Bu-131 2 thiongs :1) question your (very nice) is which sc
  3. Buongiorno Giampiero I am so stupid ! I own all LIF (and even worked with Axel Uhrbanke on "Schlangen - Stukas" - see N° 7 you'll find my name , Christian Boehm as contributor) Actually I was troubled about it because I found pictures without the JG 54 Nürnburger Stadtwappen as well I just didn't look my LIF back issues ; I did and everything is clear and explained On Hyperscale , a helping colleague sent me these ones again, see: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/viewtopic.php?p=2808286#p2808286 Congratulations for your Bü ; very nice ! If my one is half so nice I would be happy As you are from Italy , see my CR-42 ( Rhodos) It is the Italaerei on but with Pavala wings (I found the structures too marked on the Italaerei) Have a nice sunday thanks christian
  4. Hello folks Does somebody own this book ? In this one there must be a picture of the BÜ 131 flown by Hans Philipp (KG-54 in Russia 1942) There are different interpretations of the painting Thanks a lot ?! christian
  5. Thanks Graham fort these precisions That brings me back at last spring as I built my second 1/72 Airfix Blenheim (Mk IV) I sent on August 25th 2020 a picture with 14th squadron markings but since that time I put it on a diorama with the name "Breakfast in the desert" It shows a meeting beetween a raid-returning LRDG team with desert Air Force crews Ok, ok, I know... This is quite a not very credible scene because LRDG 's missions were secret but I could not resist as, although I am specially an airplane builder, I waited a long time to find an occasion to built the Matchbox set and this rare resin mobile canteen on a dio. Specially note the shadowish extended dining room, "eggs & bacon" plates and the desert toilets behind the canteen ; I had pleasure to place many other funny details but I don't want to bore christian
  6. I agree Black Knight and, again, a case were there are 99 % chances that nobody would ever tell you your model is wrong !!
  7. oups ... ......the restaurers painted the nose art on both sides. .....
  8. Thanks Houston I know the restaured Fokker D.XXI at Sösterberg and yes , the restaurers p You can even have a walk around at : http://aircraftwalkaround.hobbyvista.com/fokkerxxi/fokkerxxi.htm It bears the "221" and 221 "is known" has having the nose art , but I'd like to find a picture of 1940 as a proof For the "214" the photo upside is a proof.... As well, as I know, no any right fuselage side war picture exists , as a proof Otherwise , and although I have much respect and even admiration for the museum managers and workers, the beige yellowish color of both Sösterberg's D.XXI and G.1 planes is a big subject of discussion Christian
  9. Hello alt 92 Thanks But I have proofs about both signs were applied (at least on some aircrafts , including the "214") ; many reports and modelling articles show the "221" bearing the same , but I found no proof ; see: 1) 2 painting scenes which are, as well , on your 1st link discussion but not together: this page (112) is issued from the excellent french book Fokker D21 Ed Lela Press by Peter de Jong ( I am sure you have it). It's in french but all picture comments are in english as well 2 ) the second one is not common (I found it nowhere else ) see : the plane 214 WITH both signs: That is obvious , not ? about the second link and the "yellowish" tone of the light cam color , much ink poured ; and the Sösterberg restaured planes carry this type of color but I based myself on many analyses of dutch files and IPMS Sweden color studies and samples (with FS or close FS codes) and I painted it with Hataka colors ( theses ones are often considered as believable) As some modellers say, it looks like a very light RLM02 What is certain is that on BW photos , it looks very, very pale , almost white have a good WE christian
  10. Hello Disappointed by the news about the Fokker G1 ( see : I stopped it; as I was on painting stage I started to paint the previous kit built, a MPM 72 Fokker D.XXI from 1st java in 1940 Can somebody tell me if the “three mices & pointed clog” nose art (which was painted on some planes) was applied on both fuselage sides? Thanks Christian
  11. OK good Nice done kit but I didn't dare to tell you the light color is false ( not ochre but a creamish grey green...) Sösterberg Museum's Fokker G1A and Fokker D21 are false as well on this point I learn it from several dutch written files Hataka did it well
  12. is the finished very nice model on the pictures upside yours ?
  13. ok Aleksander, thanks You're certainly right as well I personnally tried to place the wings higher on the nacelle fuselage ( you can see it with the 2 supports ( 1 front thick wire and one rear thick plastic strip, both to increase solidity) The inconvenient is now that some windows don't stay at the right places, but what to do ....? So when we all work together it's obvious how false is that kit And even I missed to tell the resin cockpit parts ( in the upgraded box) are : 1° not good fitting , have to be sanded a lot (as often) 2° as well fro some not accurate ; just one example : the pilot's rudder pedals are much too far away from the seat ; to reach them the pilot has to have 1.50 meter long legs !! And the rear post (quite always not occupied ) is poorly done So if the new kit is better only on some of these numerous points , it's already a big improvement And on the internet second market , a normal (pot upgrade ) MPM Fokker G1 costs beetween 80 and 100 € ! ; soon you will get one for a bargain price (well ,then specially nice only for boxes collectors....) Christian
  14. hello warhawk Yes I knew and studied for hours Rob Debie's guide He's right specially on the 1st point but it's not addiifcult to correct ; A big sanding work is needed about the plumpy ( worse than squarish) totally bad looking nose and nothing to do with the nice aerodynamic reality But I don't agree the 2nd point : no, the kit measures are not right ; many plans are wrong specially these from Czech Rep My first step was to start from real plane measures and to watch a credible 1/100 plan Then to upset to 1/72 , then to mesure the kit and the real measrues divided by 72 : results are: > booms are at least 6 mm too short ( also obvious when you look the too short distance beetween the rear edge of the nacelle and the stabilizer's leading edge ) > fins too narrow and width too small Not finished : catastrophical option with the landing gear nacelle : a plain panel with impossiblity to retract the wheels ! To open it and creating a totally accurate or credible LG nacelle is necessary To finish , yes, Rob's analysis is worth of following but , as I told at the beginning, his presentation is as well and unfortunaltely not ccompleted about the last stages of building here some of my construction shots (not always best quality photos) : See plan and booms + fin added plastis styrene parcels Let's see some of landing gear wells work ( underside LG legs totally inadequate and rebuilt as well with different diam wire , an,as as warhawk said with corected height Let's come to the actualpre-painting stage while I decided to stand by
  15. you read french alt ? if yes, it would be easy to get my humble help for an Albemarle building I don't know ? is it possible to send private messages on Britmodeller?
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