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  1. WHAT?? So you like Major Eazy too? You remember the comic Battle? I've met the artist who drew Major Eazy few years ago. Did you know the artist sadly passed away?
  2. Major Eazy

    USS NIMOY, my own design

    That is really good. Normally you would not need two deflector dishes as one would do fine. But then again it would be nice to have one acting as a spare backup dish, as we all know that most Starfleet crew are famous for having a habit of using the deflector dish for something else other than its normal job, and as a result, they always burn it out! "Captain. We could modify the deflector dish to fire a pulse." "But we'll burn out the deflector dish, and then we won't be able to go to warp!" "Oh stop worrying captain! We have a spare!" But there's just a problem: Do you have one or two warp engine?
  3. Oh, very good. That's fantastic.
  4. Major Eazy

    Did german submarines had flag out while submerged

    I agree with you, but the one good thing about doing model kits and dioramas, is that we do not have to be limited to making sure it had to be authentic to real life. After all, we could be creative and follow the What if...? option, or have an alternative universe option. The OP could create a diorama of the submarine supposedly attempting to leave the harbour when suddenly and unexpected was attacked. Thus had to hurriedly dived while the bollard/aerial/etc., was still in risen position, barely had time to be lowed, and the flag still attached. Or that the bollard/aerial/pole was damaged in the attack and could not be lowered, let alone the crew wasting time removing the flag. Or even sunk in harbour while those still risen and flag still attached.
  5. Major Eazy

    Did german submarines had flag out while submerged

    Normally any crew (Germans, British, Americans, etc.,) would remove the flag and anything else from outside the submarine before diving. But in some cases, it is possible that the submarine is suddenly under attack, and the crew have no time to remove objects from the deck. Not even a coat or a cap, let along a flag which would take some time to undo. Thus, you are free to build your model with the flag still attached while underwater. If anyone spot it and try to tell you it is a mistake, just tell them that your model diorama is showing a moment when the submarine had to dive quickly with no time to remove the flag. You could if you want to, show some coats, caps, tool box, tools, spare parts, being washed off the deck, which seem to look like the crew were doing some repairs when suddenly they're under attack, and had to leave everything else, including the flag, to get below, close hutches, and dive.
  6. Major Eazy

    Tamiya 1-350 Bismarck.

    Hope you don't mind me saying, I like the tiger background, is that a blanket or duvet cover? I like it, looks really great. And in the meanwhile, hope your building of the Bismarck goes smoothly and trouble free. I can see from the photos, you seems to be doing really amazingly good.
  7. Major Eazy


    Deleted Deleted
  8. Major Eazy

    Rogue one diorama

    Really impressed that you have a shed for doing model kits. I wish I had thought of it years ago. No, not doing any model kits, haven't been doing model kits for years, just saw the link still in the browser's bookmarks, and forgotten about it. I figure to log on and catch up.
  9. Major Eazy

    Starbuck... what do you hear?

    The little REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT tabs is neat. Really good.
  10. Major Eazy

    1/48 English Electric Lightning F1

    I also saw some cockpits having some controls in different colours, but I never really thought about painting model cockpits with few controls in different colours. I guess, considering that many of my friends are not into aircraft and not into model kits, they would see my model kit, take one look and say "Wow! That's good." so maybe that's the reason why I usually just paint all the controls with one same colour, since nobody is going to look closer.
  11. Major Eazy

    Rogue one diorama

    I've been away from Britmodeller for longer than you, I think like couple of years or more. So, hello and welcome back to Britmodeller. HEY!! You got a shed for doing your model kits?? I am impressed!
  12. Well, box art like this is fine for kids who would not care about the goof, they would be busy trying to get their mum and/or dad to buy it. The box art don't look right, but it's just for kids. I agree with you about the size of the crew in the nose, and I know they didn't have the name Seaview painted on the hull in the movie and TV series. Hope it pans out fine and well for you, enjoy your fun.
  13. Major Eazy

    1/48 English Electric Lightning F1

    Looks really good to me. I tend to paint the controls with the same colour, it never crossed my mind that some controls would be in different colours.
  14. Hiya. Haven't been using Britmodeller forums for like a couple of years. This is my first posting since I kind of come back here. :-) Anyway. Model kits are flexible, thus there is no "hopefully it will be correct" about using parts from one manufacturer on a kit made by another manufacturer, you can have a go regardless. It is not like "Can I install my Windows on an Apple computer?" or "Can I pour petrol in my diesel car?" because with some skills, you could make it possible to put some Airfix parts on a Revell kit. Experienced modellers have been doing that sort of years and years, it's called "kit bashing" But if it is not about using parts from one kit on another kit that you are worried about, if you meant hopefully you could turn your Revell into a proper and correct GR4 using the Airfix parts. Well, in that case, if it went wrong, and the Revell kit do not look like a proper GR4, you could always go for the What If? option, by saying "What if the GR4 looked a bit different?" or a "What would it look like if it was a GR5?" Just have a go and enjoy your love for your hobby, don't worry about if it is correct or not. Just do your best, it is not like someone is going to judge you if the Revell don't look like a proper GR4. What matters is your enjoyment of doing something out of the box.
  15. Major Eazy

    Space Shuttle - Good or Bad

    The Space Shuttle had retired. I don't care if people have their good or bad options of the Space Shuttle, I don't care if people thinks it is a waste of money, I don't care if people thinks it is the best thing, I don't care if people thinks it should be grounded for good, I don't care if people thinks it should stay in service. I respect the 14 ones who died, for the families and friends of the 14 who lose their lives, my apologise, and my thoughts with you, but we do get car crashes, we do have accidents at home, a lot of things can just happen and we can get killed, we died in car crashes, train crashes, etc., etc., it is just life. It is my understanding that from what I read, those 14 knew they were taking a risk, but they went ahead anyway. Even if you could make the Space Shuttle 100% safer, there would be still some way an accident would happen. Okay so a couple of Space Shuttles blew up, but it would still happened sooner or later. Whatever people thinks of the Space Shuttle, good or bad, cheap or expensive, safe or dangers, useful or unless... the Space Shuttle had retired and will now be in history books, each of the last Shuttles had done their duty, she had done her jobs, let her have her rest. Forget debating the pros and cons of the Space Shuttle, debating on the pros and cons won't help improve the Shuttles as they're retried. I love the Space Shuttles but they have done their work and let them have their rests.