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  1. I'm sure that once she goes into full operation status, she will have all aircraft with British markings on them.
  2. Plastic model kits is not "single use" You may be right in the fact that a model kit is built only once, but "single use" means you only use it once then discard it within a short time. But we don't actually build them then a few hours later, discarded them by throwing them away. After building once, we actually display them for many years to come, on our shelves, in a glass case, in a display cabinet, or even hanging from the wall. It will be still there for many years until either they got broken to pieces (thanks to the kids or pets) or we passed away and
  3. Oh? Well, I assumed that 3D printers needed heat to melt the plastic and shape it. And I assume that if those 3D printers needed heat, then they would draw some power, so I would assume they use anywhere more or less about the same electricity as a toaster or sandwich toaster, or maybe even a kettle. I would assume 3D printers are the sort of machines that needed a 13amps fuse, and usually anything that needed 13amps fuse are the kind that draws more power.
  4. I have been to the Land Rover Owner International Show in Peterborough back in Sept 2018, and saw something like that on display. A Land Rover, not looking the same as your model, but something like that. And I have to say that... Your models kit does look good, it does feel like it is what it would look like. You've even done well with the spare wheel on the engine hood, by painting it, as the one I saw does show the spare wheel covered up with netting. It is really good and well done job.
  5. We're all modellers (or fans of model kits), we're all in this together... Nobody should judge you on what scale you chose, you are free to be creative, you are free to chose your scale. As we're all fellow modellers, all we care about is looking at each other's models (regardless of scale) and say... "Whoa! Cool!" And I have to agree with @Pete in Lincs that it would just depends on your display space. See how much space you got in wherever you're planning on displaying your build, and figure on a scale that goes well with how much space you got
  6. Not a silly question, after all, that's what all various forums all over the Internet is there for. If anyone abuse you online for what they think is a naïve question, you have the right to report them to the website's owners. In answer to your question... Yes, but not always for sale. Some people would create a 3D file and upload it to the Internet for others (like you) to download and print. Most would just give the files away for free, to share with others, and most would charge you a cost for using the file. My advice is... First,
  7. It may. 3D printers need very hot heat, not just for the nozzle only, but also for the base too. They can be very hot, as hot as a sandwich toaster. In order to product that much heat, the machine would need to use more electricity. Chances are it needed more electricity than an inkjet printer does. I would guess that 3D printers are in the same league as kettles, toasters, microwaves, etc., The kind that needed 13amps fuse. Just my two cents.
  8. WHOA!! That is a great work!! Also, good idea using a blue-transparent-ish tub which looks a lot better. Really amazing work.
  9. It is a great What-If show. The idea of What-If the Russians were the first to land on the Moon, and not only that, but also weeks later during later Moon landing missions, the Russians also had the first woman on the Moon! Giving NASA eggs on their faces, forcing them to make an effort in the race to set up a base on the Moon. It's like watching a live-action What-If model kit!! Many of us tend to try turning our model kits into What-If subject, but to watch a What-If sci-fi show, that's amazing. Good thing I had Apple TV long before Apple TV+ service.
  10. What are the RGB colour codes for typical 1939-1940 RAF camouflage colours, of a Hawker Hurricane? Please note: I am not asking for paint colours, for model kits. I am asking for computer RGB colours for digital art. HEX codes would be fine, also don't mind CMYK colours either. As modellers, we tend to ask what is the nearest correct paint colour, when we are using another company's paints. We have an Airfix kit but use Tamiya paints, or we have a Tamiya kit but use Humbrol paints. So we ended up asking each other for advice on which paints is the best possible nearest
  11. You meant Gloster Meteor used by Martin-Baker? They would have been testing each new improved seats, anywhere from the Mk.1 to the Mk.10 or even later models. I don't think they were limited to the same one seat all the time. If building a model kit, you could have Mk.1 or Mk.2 or Mk.3, or whichever seat you chose, up until the last time they used those planes for testing ejector seats. I can't find out what was the last ejector seat model they tested. Try Google Gloster Meteor WA638 and check the result... https://www.google.co.uk/search?source=hp&ei=-L
  12. Thanks. Here's the board... https://www.pinterest.co.uk/temp47guardforp/whoa-neat-trick/
  13. @tc2324 That is a great work! May I post it in my Whoa! Neat trick! board on Pinterest?
  14. When I was a kid and had a small bedroom, most of the model aircraft would be hanging from the ceiling, to free up room on shelves for model tanks and ships. But sadly, all of my old models are gone. Broken up and ends up in the bin.
  15. Not a silly question, after all that's what forums al over the Internet is there for. There's no rules saying model aircraft should be with wheels down or wheels up. It is a matter of personal choice. I used to do either way depending on if I want my planes on ground or flying, or sometimes with some kits, I could not be bothered with that complex landing gear, so I just do a wheels up which is much easier and quicker to get over with.
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