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  1. I don’t really do 1/32nd scale but I might have to make an exception if this turns out to be something special.
  2. I'm thinking they might not bother with 1/48th scale given that Eduard will be doing a P-51B/C in the near future.
  3. Yes I noticed you could do that without an account, maybe I’ll do that and put them together in one PDF.
  4. Nice, though I tried to download it and it looks like you can't so I had a quick Google and came across this with pilots manuals and the EMI if anyone's interested http://pbycatalina.com/pby-catalina-canso-manuals/
  5. Nice photo. What colour do you think the cannon fairing is?
  6. Tbolt

    B17 assembly ships

    A few ideas "The Spotted Cow" Assembly ship "Green Hornet" hack aircraft. 41-9043 "Little Rock-ette" hack/assembly ship. 81-V hack "Silver Queen" Hack
  7. Very nicely done. I look forward to seeing your future builds.
  8. I was close recently to getting the Pavla PR.IV conversion set for the Airfix Mk.I. I still might get it since we are probably looking at a long wait.
  9. You might want to have another look then To me the wings are unpainted because you can see the rivets, look just forward of the flap and the gear door, you can see the rivet heads. You can't see any on the flap. So yes I believe the flap is painted, though it could just be ZC primer, though it looks darker than that, but we don't know what film/filters were used. Also with the wing on the left you can see the river head except where the aileron area has been painted. Like I said if the flaps are already painted then I would have thought they would leave them in place when they painted the wings, why remove them? You could argue that the skin were primed before assembly, but I didn't think that was done back then on military aircraft, but even if it was the flap and aileron area being darker would then be NG.
  10. If you are referring to my point, I'm not sure what you mean now there's a Vc kit? Like I said I was just thinking if Eduard are doing a PR.IV that the wing could be used on the Mk.IX fuselage if the fit was the same. Eduard could box it with camera fairing inserts to modify the MK.IX fuselage but if they didn't I'm sure a AM set would turn up. Of course a Mk.XI dedicated fuselage from Eduard would be the best thing if they would go to that expense.
  11. Yes but why I asked is because the PR.IV and PR.IX used the same D wing, so if the Eduard Mk.I series and Mk.IX series kits have the exact same wing fit then they could produce a IV and XI using the same wing mold.
  12. Okay, sorry I didn’t get that at first. Like I said that picture looks like painted flaps fitted on unpainted wings to me, but without some more pictures we will never know what they actually did.
  13. Tamiya do not mention any colour specifically for the flap linkages. I've always gone for NG or NMF personally but that's just a 'guess'
  14. I Love how you say "my opinion" and "I would say" and then go on to say there's a lot of 'seems' and opinions here! Don't get me wrong I think your opinion about the finishes of the linkages is the same as mine as that's what I paint them, but using a D-4 as an example doesn't tell us for sure how a factory painted D-30 was necessarily painted. It's just another 'seems', which is how most of this works with limited info. If you compare the earlier EMI's with the later ones you will see that the requirement was to use less primer on the aircraft, so it's hard to be sure about some things on later aircraft when comparing them with earlier ones. It probably wouldn't have made a difference to the flap linkages but unless we see a FAB P-47 from around that time we are just guessing. Reference the wings being painted without the ailerons and flaps, what info do you have on that? From this picture anyway it looks to me like the flaps have been painted separately and installed and going by the aileron area on the wing in the foreground which has been painted, it gives me the impression that they probably also paint the flap area on the wing before installing the flaps. So then I would have though the wing is painted with the flaps fitted rather than removing them again? https://digitalcollections.detroitpubliclibrary.org/islandora/object/islandora:216603/datastream/IMAGE/view
  15. I'm not sure how we got onto razorbacks, but most of the pictures I've seen are OD here for pre D-20 aircraft and NMF for post D-20 aircraft. There are a few pictures which look like they could have been painted something else and yes they could be repaired aircraft but, but no way of telling what that colour could be. I've posted this photo before and the colour under the canopy is the exact same OD as the rest of the aircraft. Now look at this picture of the same model from a different angle, the colour looks much closer here. But the difference is down to weathering. I've got other P-47's which are weathered differently and it hard to see a difference in the OD.
  16. That's what I meant when I said markings is the lack of variation in colour. Where quite a number of modellers would buy multiples of Eduard other kits that probably won't happen much with a Mk.XI, but I still think it would sell fairly well as it's still a Spitfire. Has anyone tried a Eduard Mk IX wing on the Mk.I, is it a perfect fit?
  17. Only they know what they actually think, but they did say the Mk.XI is high on a lot of peoples wish lists, so they realise there is a market, but Eduard obviously love to bring out lots of boxings with different markings and with the XI not have much of a selection may not suit them. However a dual limited edition PR boxing with a Mk.IV and Mk.XI would be fantastic, assuming the wing fit is the same on the Mk.I and IX.
  18. Reference the P-47M's if you look at photos there seems to be aircraft that were painted with the canopy closed, as they have NMF at the sides of the cockpit were the canopy masked it, so I paint these aircraft OD here. There is also M's that don't show this masking from the canopy so I assume that the canopy was removed for painting on these aircraft so I paint the camo colour, or black in the case of the 61st aircraft, here. Whether they masked the canopy rail area or just the rail itself I have no idea though.
  19. Yes it would be OD as this area is painted as part of the external finish, so the anti-glare is painted here or the appropriate colour depending on the finish in the case of RAF or FAB aircraft.
  20. Here's a picture of the sway braces and B10 bomb shackle. Here's another drawing from the Pilot's manual from 1945 and it shows forward fuel and pressure lines, with the rear ones being alternate lines. I can't find the forward ones in the IPC. Here's a drawing showing the line connection points which shows the forward lines on the 75 gal tank. Forward fuel link, sway braces and shackle. Here you can just work out the aft connection point in the fuselage for the fuel line. A couple of underside shots. Great job on the paint work by the way.
  21. Like Don f shows it's the mount for the M10 launchers.
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