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  1. Beautiful model indeed. You have done a great job! I have the CMK set for electronics bay and cockpit. It does not include details like the hydraulic lift arms, the canopy interior ventilation piping and those clasping clips (posed open) for the nose radome. Did you scratchbuild those details or they are from some other aftermarket?
  2. Are there any other magazines other than SAMI/SMMI which accept your built kit photos? I have tried some. They ask for build steps too. Then there are other who dont even respond to queries.
  3. What a horrible way of doing business. Any idea why they are like this? I had one publication back in Jan 2020. I m still waiting for the payment after two years. The payment they promised by sending me invoice.
  4. stalal

    From Perth

    Welcome! Do you guys know when will Australia open its borders? The whole world is open with restrictions but not Australia! Sorry the comment is out of context.
  5. How do you guys make article contributions to other model magazines? I never hear back Tamiya Model Magazine, AIR Modeler or AFV Modeler when I send them a submission but always hear back from SMMI (Scale Military Modeling International). Although SMMI did not pay me for my article they printed despite several reminders.
  6. Happy New Year 2022! The project that started in Feb 2015 is almost coming to a close. Decaling is almost done. Now its the rotor. The leading edge is painted with Surfacer 500. Then painted Gunze H-77 Rubber Black. The only decal left is the serial number which is horribly wrong in the kit. So I have used Xtradecal sheet 48044 to create the serial with correct lettering.
  7. So much is missing in this kit. Whats not missing is just plain wrong. You havent got to the deals yet. So just hang in there.
  8. I hope Minibase will produce kits in future other than just Su-33 variants. Like Su-25 or Su-24 at the same standard as their current kit.
  9. So after closing Wingnut Wings and breaking hearts of many modelers, Peter Jackson is now restoring WW1 vehicles!
  10. What will be the color for aircraft based in Cyprus?
  11. I m building a Wessex HU5 based in Cyprus. Its a rescue helicopter in green and gray. Done almost with building the fuselage, painting and decals. Its a long build, documented here on this forum. Now to the rotor. So the info in this thread has been very helpful. Few questions. Did the Cyprus based rescue helicopter have a yellow colored blade? Does anyone have picture of the leading edge of the rotor? It seems there is a thicker coating on the edge. I want to know what it is and its pattern.
  12. With the exception of a few touch ups, the painting is almost complete. I have used kit's camouflage pattern. I dont know how accurate (if at all!) this pattern is. But since I dont have a good reference, I will go by what I have. Its all freehand. No masks were used. These are kit decals. Barring a few, I dont intend to use this sheet. The decals have thick lettering and most of what you can make of the written words seems like a language from another planet. Even the RAF roundel color is so off! I mean, how difficult it is get the color right in today's world?! So I will borrow decals from following three sheets.
  13. With Monogram and Zvezda Hinds in the market, where does Trumpeter's Hind stand in terms of detail and quality?
  14. Thank you for the kind comments. Yes, this kit has been a test of patience.
  15. Need some help from experts here. I seem to have got the colors right, at least in the description. When I put them on, they seem to be a bit dark. Calling on experts to weigh in with their opinion.
  16. These struts keep breaking. The plastic is so brittle. After adding all little details, its now time to start the painting.
  17. Well, a 1/72 will do as well as 1/48. But 1/32 is too big! Thats a much better deal.
  18. https://www.themodellingnews.com/2021/09/preview-border-model-bombshell.html#more If for nothing else, I could buy it for its boxart. Amazing evocative painting. A 1/32 Lancaster although it sounds great but I wonder how many of us could it buy it, build it and then display it. It will not need shelf space. It will need a room to display. And I have tough time building 1/48th scale kits because I dont have anywhere to display them!
  19. Google comes to the rescue. I found some very good info on the version of aircraft Argentina is looking to buy. https://defence.pk/pdf/threads/jf-17-block-3-updates-news-discussion.594030/
  20. China does the marketing. Pakistan builds the aircraft. Except for the engine, the aircraft is manufactured in Pakistan. Its avionics too are designed in Pakistan Aeronautics Complex. All blocks of JF-17 come with Pakistan Air Force specifications. The aircraft has its own weapons suite. This weapons suite is built in collaboration with China. It includes smart munitions like GPS guided bombs, anti radiation missiles, anti shipping missiles, cruise missiles, WVR and BVR air to air missiles.
  21. Translation please for people like me who dont know Spanish https://www.zona-militar.com/2021/04/29/jf-17-vs-mig-35/?amp&__twitter_impression=true
  22. Is this real!! I cant believe my eyes. What a wonderful creation.
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