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  1. https://www.themodellingnews.com/2021/09/preview-border-model-bombshell.html#more If for nothing else, I could buy it for its boxart. Amazing evocative painting. A 1/32 Lancaster although it sounds great but I wonder how many of us could it buy it, build it and then display it. It will not need shelf space. It will need a room to display. And I have tough time building 1/48th scale kits because I dont have anywhere to display them!
  2. Google comes to the rescue. I found some very good info on the version of aircraft Argentina is looking to buy. https://defence.pk/pdf/threads/jf-17-block-3-updates-news-discussion.594030/
  3. China does the marketing. Pakistan builds the aircraft. Except for the engine, the aircraft is manufactured in Pakistan. Its avionics too are designed in Pakistan Aeronautics Complex. All blocks of JF-17 come with Pakistan Air Force specifications. The aircraft has its own weapons suite. This weapons suite is built in collaboration with China. It includes smart munitions like GPS guided bombs, anti radiation missiles, anti shipping missiles, cruise missiles, WVR and BVR air to air missiles.
  4. Translation please for people like me who dont know Spanish https://www.zona-militar.com/2021/04/29/jf-17-vs-mig-35/?amp&__twitter_impression=true
  5. Is this real!! I cant believe my eyes. What a wonderful creation.
  6. I think Feb 27th 2019 skirmish over Kashmir has been a great advertisement for this jet. It shot down an Indian MiG-21 with its BVR missile. Nigeria recently bought a small number and now Argentina going for the block III version which has a AESA radar. Also, Zambia has been reported to be interested in buying them. Myanmar already has them. Malaysia also reported to be interested.
  7. PBS documentary on 737 MAX
  8. Can Kotare issue some of WnW's WW1 kits? If thats possible, it will be wonderful.
  9. AMK already provides this option for their F-14D in the same kit. Is AMK kit comparable to Tamiya's quality?
  10. With Tamiya, you never know if they will release the next perceived version. But dream on
  11. This is a great addition and detail looks quite good. I hope they also release a few versions of seated pilot.
  12. KH never took customer feedback and it showed with their oft repeated mistakes in decals, instructions and parts. So may be end was there anyway.
  13. Jan 2020 article but still good to read https://finance.yahoo.com/news/1997-merger-paved-way-boeing-090042193.html
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