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  1. Too many small parts that will eventually be insignificant due to being lost or not visible. Looks like another kit company in the spirit of Bronco. Bronco kits also have a high part count. Its not criticism at all. I m excited about this kit and look forward to build it.
  2. This is coming along very nicely. I will be buying this one too. I have two other Bronco Jeep kits in the stash. You can not have one Jeep kit. There are so many variations. I built by the book, following instructions. The build was intense as there are so many tiny parts. I later realized I could have made some variations. Anyway, this was very enjoyable build. When I was building this kit and added more parts on top of the engine head, I had trouble closing the hood. So I built the engine only up to this point in your photo. Just wanted you to know if you plan to kee
  3. Lockdown has given me time enough to finish two build projects in a year. I have never built kits at this speed! This is a Bronco Jeep kit number 35163. Its a tiny kit but its size does not represent how well detailed it is out of the box. Its trailer might look like just a box on wheels. On the contrary, its full of small details like side hooks in minute photo etch, brake lining, full wooden slatted floor and even a wrench which has its own photo etch stowage! The instruction also has a wiring diagram for routing the brake light wires of the trailer. The kit has so
  4. This is my latest build. It took me a while to finish it because the 'workable' tracks to me such a put off. The most time spent was putting together the tracks. Then all of that effort is virtually not even visible. However, overall this is a very nice kit. I have used some Live-Resin guns. Legend M1 Stowage set LF1163, Tamiya Modern US Military Equipment Set 35266 and Duplicata Rations and beverage set. The base color on the body is Gunze H313. As I wanted to show a well used tank, some layers of Tamiya Buff and Deck Tan actually change the color. Weathe
  5. Academy's 1/48 Phantom is perhaps the best kit of Phantom in the market in terms of details and contents in the box. I believe their 1/32 Phantom will be new tool. But surprisingly, the versions of Phantoms they have covered in 1/48, it looked natural their next kit will be F-4E in that scale. However, the F-4E is going to be 1/32. Thats strange!
  6. This is looking wonderful. But how you guys manage to build so many in a year!!!!? With job, family and home related commitments, I can barely finish two or maximum three in a year. And my stash of unbuilt kits keeps getting bigger.
  7. I have seen issues mentioned by members in instructions and decals in other Kitty hawk kits. With such detailed and numerous decal options in each of their kits in this series, does anyone know how good the decals are in terms of detail and accuracy?
  8. https://www.dw.com/en/boeing-737-8-max-engine-issue-forces-emergency-landing/a-56060936 Engine emergency issue during test flight. Can they name it 737-FAIL?
  9. I m tempted to say - if there are so many Bf-109 kits in the market, do we need another one? Well time will tell. Depends on what new manufacturer is offering.
  10. Airline pilots always fascinated me right from my childhood. So you are right up there in my list of icon roles. As if bring a pilot was not enough, you were flying a Jumbo Jet!!? For me, the most iconic commercial jet is 747. Its graceful flight, its size and its poise at landing and take offs is such a beautiful sight to behold. Alas, an era of flight is coming to an end as most airlines have now retired their Jumbos.
  11. There should be a choice for passengers to not take the flight if its 737MAX. Boeing has shattered confidence in this plane the way they have managed its safety.
  12. What colour is that Dark Green shade? Its does not look like NATO Green. Does British Army use its own shade of green?
  13. Then same happened with F-14D I guess. AMK announced their F-14D 200 years ago and made a mess of their marketing by giving release dates time and again and not keeping it. Tamiya came from nowhere, showed their F-14D in a show and it was out in a few months. Still, I would think AMK is a great kit and looks like what a modern kit should look like. Tamiya is typical in its style - great kit but its plastic molding stuck in 90s.
  14. This is a great news! Havent seen new tool Hasegawa in a long time. I had always thought Hasegawa stopped making any new kits.
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