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  1. Caracal sheet seems to have the one you are looking for http://www.caracalmodels.com/cd48170.html
  2. One of the best Bf-109s I have seen. Kudos.
  3. Deleted - read the pinned post regarding swearing
  4. A kind of similar thing happened with me recently. I sold a locomotive. I bought it brand new. I dont have any train set up. I wanted to start one for my son. But he was not interested. So I sold it unused, in its original packaging. The seller claimed one of the trucks of the locomotive was jammed and needed replacement. I told him what I stated here. He was into trains. To me, its a really easy fix. But no! He wanted full refund. I offered partial refund. He opened the case at my request as I was thinking eBay would step in and resolve it amicably. But I was so wrong. ebay insisted I made full refund and pay for return shipping of the item. EBay force issued refund and I refused item return as its no use to me. It was quite a loss. Thats why I say ebay is not a seller place anymore. You buy things there and prices on ebay are quite good, better than online or retail.
  5. Like you, I m a private seller on eBay. Considering all the extras you have quoted, I build that into price. If the item is not new, I sell it at a very heavily reduced price. I dont need money or do it for profit. I sell things I dont need. Most of them are plastic kits that I bought then decided not to build. Ebay has become a good place to buy in my opinion. Its not a good place to sell. I buy kits on eBay. The Chinese sellers are out there in heavy numbers. With the quality of Chinese kits going exponentially high, the prices you can have from the Chinese sellers cant be matched by local hobby stores. At times you get a discount of upto 50% or more! If you include 'free shipping', its a deal that cant be turned down. Granted, some of these Chinese sellers are fraudsters. But eBay covers you as a buyer. So its good place to buy, not to sell. In last 14 years I have been on Ebay, I have noticed private sellers like me are crowded out by sellers who have literary thousands of items on eBay store. This, compounded by rising postal rates and ever increasing ebay fees, is making it harder for private members like me and you to survive on ebay. In Canada, eBay also has a local listing site called Kijiji. Its totally free. You dont ship. You meet the buyer at some place and exchange item for money. There I have bought tons of stuff at very, very good prices and sold some stuff too without paying any ebay fee or shipping.
  6. Suddenly a flood of memories seeing this Airfix kit. This was one of the first kits I made. Airfix then had it in a plastic bag with that same box art picture on a folded sheet stapled on the plastic bag. That sheet of paper doubled as instructions and history.
  7. Very impressive work indeed. And very inspiring too.
  8. My first ever model was Hasegawa F-104 Starfighter in 1/72. I was a kid. Had no idea what it was. It included glue though. My uncle brought it for me back from his vacation. I made it with the help of my aunt. Ever since then, I developed interest in building kits. I was so young I used to read the box F-ten-4.
  9. Where to find wire for rigging is my question. Is rigging different for German and British aircraft?
  10. We could build it or not, but its an amazing kit with lots of research. Attention to detail is just awesome. Although all of this comes at price.
  11. I have one WnW in the locker. Its a Hanover. A beautiful kit with lots of research and details. What prompted me to buy it is WnW's great novelty of subjects. Whats stopping me to build it is so many unknowns like putting together two wings, wooden texture on propeller and the dreaded rigging. Your build though gives me confidence that it can be done.
  12. Nice to see the three color camo on a Eurofighter. The website has a design glitch though. When you hover over the 'Share' on the left side of the page, the Eurofighter icon revolves downwards. Figuratively, that is not a good advertisement of your product.
  13. Agreed. And I will add one more point. If Iran was attacking the US bases, it should have closed its airspace for commercial flights so that such tragic incident had not taken place.
  14. https://www.sampublications.com/webshop/scale-military-modeller-international/smmi-latest-issue/smmi-volume-50-january-2020/ Its now in SMMI latest issue.
  15. This is fantastic build. Would be really interested in what your camera set up is.
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