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  1. I hope they do it right. KH has the the habit of cutting corners and hasten the sale leaving kit with some lazy mistakes while demanding a high price and having the modellers exasperated over those sloppy mistakes.
  2. Wondering how these Chinese companies do their product development so quickly. Before, we would wait forever for Tamiya to release a new kit and Hasegawa to repack their kits with new decals.
  3. Extremely well done. Bravo!! I have a very beaten down scheme in mind for a Middle East air force Su-22. This inspires me further to build that one.
  4. stalal

    737 Max

    This is such a damning article. https://www.npr.org/2019/05/06/720553748/boeing-knew-about-737-max-sensor-problem-before-plane-crash-in-indonesia How can such quality issues happen under same executives? Boeing had issues with 787 as well. So this is a question mark on their quality and reliability. But knowing Boeing, their long arms and their deep pockets, the will get through such sloppy stuff.
  5. stalal

    Rigging for a novice

    Wingnut has produced some beautiful WW1 kits and I m really tempted to build one. However, rigging seems very daunting to me and this challenge keeps me away. But I m going to take up this challenge soon.
  6. I have built one kit after another in last few years with too much work to do to fix little details. It does make our hobby exciting and at times meandering to boredom, for there seems to be no end in sight when I will see my effort displayed on the shelf Not being lazy or bored at it, but is there any after market resin available to fix the cockpit & intake inaccuracies of this kit?
  7. Truly inspiring build. I bought this kit for its unique chiseled nose. Then I found out about its issues mentioned in reviews so I thought of selling this kit. Now following this build, I m thinking of building it.
  8. stalal

    737 Max

    Its end of the line for Boeing 737. Its easy to criticize flight crew after crash but it has been found that the aircraft is difficult to operate. Too much compromise in 737 MAX to make old infrastructure in the aircraft design to support modern engines and avionics. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/08/business/boeing-737-max-.html
  9. I m trying figure painting these days and discovered its an altogether different genre! I will be watching the very closely as I want to learn techniques of realistic figure painting.
  10. stalal

    737 Max

    Reading through the articles on this issue, it seems Boeing wanted to hasten this plane into market. Boeing is a large corporation and has influence with regulators and government. So it did not fully test new systems and forced FAA to give it favorable ratings. The manuals from Boeing it seems did not fully explain the features and pilots were not fully aware of these new features. Its unfortunate but when a corporation's profits become bigger than many developing countries budget, its overwhelming influence invariably breeds corruption. A lot of issues came through in development of 787 as well. The most dangerous one was its lithium batteries overheating to a dangerous level.
  11. While I had been busy in modelling my Wessex, I had been re-modelling my work space alongside and the results are here.
  12. I have built single seat Revel Eurofighter. Its a challenging kit to build. The intake is too much work to get the parts fit properly and align. The wing join to the bottom of fuselage is another challenge. If you plan to build the kit with decals supplied in the kit, they are typical Revell decals - too thick and out of register. Then there are errors, usual in Revell kits, in instruction steps which is another to challenge to take care of. I built the kit over couple of years on and off. It was exhausting. So much that I sold the two seat version which I planned to build. Nonetheless, it builds into a nice kit if you like building kits which are not straight forward.
  13. Been slow over the holidays. Started adding smaller details to the port side of the fuselage Some more small details like grab handles and photoetch parts around the fuselage. Looking at the pictures for reference, this pipe like thing is a bit short. As far as I have observed, this part should end up at the front where it currently is. So I will need some Evergreen plastic rod ti fill this gap. Some more details added where they shouldnt be missing.
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