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  1. The instructions ask not to use glue to assemble the two tiles on the track links, You have to use glue or else they keep falling off. So now I dont have any tiles left. And if I remove the tiles, I will likely break them. I will try but it does not seem it will work.
  2. Yes, I heard that tan on Belgian kits is slightly different. Its not a SEA camouflage. Did some research. According to this link, I have used SEA camo colors. The lighter green and tan seem to be fine. Its the darker green which needs to be fixed. The darker green is FS34064 which I cant seem to find in Gunze range I have. However, looking back at DACO instructions, I found these are the recommended colors. Regardless, I will need to make some modifications in camouflage scheme.
  3. For the last 2 years, I had been building this kit off an on. I had been put off many times by the assembly of working tracks and how much fiddly, repetitive and boring this work is. Once I was done with putting together individual sets of the tracks, I laid them down in two parallel lines. Thinking equal track lengths is what I should be looking for, I was surprised when I had 7 tracks to fit together and run out of tiles! Rolling a completed track over the wheels, I found the track was longer by at least 9 individual tiles. This has been such a disappointment. The kit is ok, but comes with horrible instructions on putting together these tracks. They mention 81 links on each side. Would not it better if they had mentioned how many sets of track sets assembled on a jig need to fit on each side? That way, I would not have gone over the length. I was anticipating fun and excitement after I m done with tracks but now its seems the kit is destined to trash. Not just time but so much money also wasted.
  4. stalal

    737 Max

    Cracks have been discovered in 737-800 model wing roots. Qantas is one of the airlines to have reported this. Boeing says its not a safety issue as they said about MCAS after the MAX crash. I dont know how credible you will find RT but they give news which America mainstream media does not cover. This report has more detail about this issue.
  5. Very very nice. Thank you so much. The kind of advice I was looking for.
  6. If any of you know which is the best T-80 kit in 1/35. I m particularly interested in T-80U, the turbine engined version. There are several choices in the market - some variants from Trumpeter and a T-80U from a new entrant RPG-Model. I m looking for detail, quality of surface detail and how easy the kit goes together,
  7. stalal

    737 Max

    That to me is the regulator giving up its responsibility. And how would they not? Boeing is an extremely large corporation and its budget is bigger than the GDP of many countries. So naturally it has a lot of influence and say as also its a large defense contractor.
  8. stalal

    737 Max

    I have read this somewhere too.
  9. Surface detail out of the box is excellent. The parts on the sprues have no flash at all anywhere. This is not an exception, its the case with each and every parts tree. No flash, no sink marks Its a marvel of new plastic molding technology. The most outstanding piece in the kit is its engine hood, the engine covers with super detailed cooling vanes and the front see through grille. If you buy any of the Dragon Opel trucks and there are several variations like Maultier and ambulance, you will not be disappointed.
  10. Reconstructive surgery of the radar dish. It was broken in the package with its parts strewn in small pieces. So I cut a sliver from plastic card and bonded it to the bottom of the radar. Then filled it with glue and used Dremel tool to smooth over.
  11. The flak and its platform comes in the kit. Its a beautiful kit. First time built a Dragon kit and I have become a fan.
  12. This is a a Dragon German 3t 4x2 Truck w/2cm FlaK 38 (2 in 1), kit number 6828. Its a beautiful kit rich in details. Some scratch building in the engine compartment. Radio is from a Tamiya kit. Personal equipment is from another Dragon kit. The headphone and microphone is from Royal Model.
  13. stalal

    Rigging for a novice

    I have taken a plunge. Finally bought a WnW kit. WWI is a new genre for me and I always wanted to take this challenge. Rigging and the price kept me away. The kit hasnt arrived yet but I have not heard anything bad about their kits. Its a Hannover with relatively easy rigging. Lets see how it goes together for me.
  14. Yes! Reading through this topic here, I wondered if I could write a short article but my photography will need to improve.
  15. I was reading a story in The Telegraph. A British newspaper with a lot of pedigree. I never expected it. But there were so many typing and grammatical mistakes that I couldnt but type an email to the editor mentioning those mistakes. The editor did respond apologizing and promising to scrutinize proof reading methods. The mistakes were the types non English speaking would make not a British newspaper. Your point about outsourcing reminded of this.
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